Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two convicting, inspiring video Messages

A powerful message, shared by Leonard Ravenhill, is shared at the URL link cited below: You will not want to miss this one! It applies to us all! God wants our whole lives! He wants us to be abandoned to His Son, Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).
The video portion shows to us the words being spoken by Mr. Ravenhill.
We only hear his voice; we do not see his face.
But his message is still quite powerful and very effective, to believers, and, it may be, also, to those who are (for now) opposed to Who YHVH God truly is.

Listen: and pray:

It can be found on the webpage cited below: (other messages are there, on video, as all as transcripts of the messages, there)

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On what used to be GodTube, which is now called "tangle," is another video, shared by Carter Conlon, at Times Square Church in Manhattan, New York City, NY, the Sunday after Sept. 11, 2001. It is a powerful message to us all. He shares a Scriptural message that you need to "run for your life." And I do, too. Please listen to his message. It is still appropriate, though it was not shared just this last Sunday. It still fits what we all need to do.

Listen: and pray:


The two men sharing these messages intend / hope to help you, and me.
Please take heed!

God is wanting "all" of us ... all my time, all my heart, all my motivations aimed at pleasing Him, all my giftings, all my abilities, all my studying, all my reading, all my movie viewing (if any), all my music listening time, ... all the services I render to others, all the love I have to give, all the things I call my own (which truly belong only to God, Who allowed them to be made, and is allowing me to use them, temporarily, ... for such a time as this), all the places I've ever lived, all the places I have traveled to, all the cars I've ever owned, all the friends I've ever had, ... all the prayers I've prayed, all the requests for healing I've ever made to God my Father in Heaven, and all the efforts I've made to do the right thing, including all the times I failed at it.

Though I've surely left out some areas of my life, I've made that list just as an example of most of the areas of a person's life that God wants.
He owns everything.
All that we have, and are, belong to Him, if we consider Him as our Father in Heaven ... and if we do not. All ... belongs to Him.
He made us.
He made all things.
He made all the resources in the earth, and in outer space (He made the entire universe).
He even owns all my time!
He made time, as something to help guide people whom He made!
He knows where all the gold is, all the silver, all the explosives, all the minerals, all the salt, all the best fresh water sources beneath the ground, and all the best rocks and materials man may need to build any necessary building.
He knows how best to use the bright light of the sun to produce "power" to use for the benefit of people, who trust in Him.
He knows where all the finest specimens of carbon (we know as diamonds) are, and where all the most valuable rubies are -- not to make us rich, but perhaps to be sold, to buy copies of God's Word, which will be read, and will (when used for the right purpose) will change men's and women's lives for eternity! ... or the rubies can be sold to feed and clothe the truly poor, widows, orphans, widowers, and the ill and those who need things they cannot seem to obtain, through other means.

But God what we need the most: Him.
We need His Love!
The only way to get / receive His Love is to ask Him for it.
He, then, will show us The Way! The Way is (through) YHVH God's only Son -- Yeshua haMashiach (Jesus Christ)! Yeshua is The only Way to Heaven, to God, to true Peace, to true, lasting Joy. (which most folks call ''happiness'')
We, then, will have found what we all want -- love we need, peace we can pass on to others, joy we can share.
What we give away is not what we lose. We gain what we give away (in another way)!
God knows how this works.

Why not give away that which we cannot keep, and gain what we cannot lose -- Jesus (Yeshua)! He freely gives us the gift of eternal Life! Why would we refuse to accept this free gift?

Please visit: to find out how you can find / receive this free gift.

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God bless you, in all you do for His glory! and for His Kingdom!