Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For Sale ! -- books, videos, DVDs, audio CDs, card games

There are 40 items, so far, listed *For Sale !* on the blog site -- Threads of Silver -- for those who are parents, & home educators, & teachers of children, young people (some call 'teens') and young adults, ... & grandparents.

All are either educational materials or ... are educational in that one can learn from them:

The youngest age for these items is toddler (age 2 to 3).
Other items are meant for high-school-age and college-age students to use while in their learning courses. (to refer to, or to use as part of their course studies)
Some items listed are intended as reference resources. (such as paperback dictionaries, synonym and antonym dictionaries)
Others are literature books for reading, or study. (some are for adults and some are for young people to read, from 6 years up through 18 years)

Others are readers for home educators to use while teaching elementary-age students.
We also have some educational card games *For Sale !*

**Important Note:** Since we will be adding more items, over time, please come back, again, and look, after you view the list the first time. -- !
You will see more and more items listed there.

Quite a variety of items will be listed there, including some paintings, and a numbered print, or two (one is of a the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, in KY), plus ceramic vases, and more ....

Some books are pre-1930 editions of good, the-information-never-becomes-out-of-date type books -- some cover school subjects such as trigonometry, or English, and more.
Though some of these much older editions of books have yellowed pages, we've not found them at lower prices than ours, except at charitable-organization or charitable-ministry stores. (such as Salvation Army)
The information, if copied by you (scanned and then put into a computer file, as a pdf), could be put up for sale, as an e-book, by you, to help others find that information which is still reliable and useable. We must not lose the "old ways" because these taught our parents and grandparents what they learned, and knew, and used for the good of others and for their own families, besides using the information in the life work they did, in years past.

Old books should still have a place in our lives, and in the lives of our children.
If we choose to let go of, or give up, our heritage of learning, from the past, we will have thrown away much good that others meant to pass on to us, for our benefit, and to bless our lives, and us in preparing for own life work.
So, we're listing these older editions, for those who appreciate and make use of them. We realize that they are still useful. We hope they will be used to bless someone's life.

Also, there will be some family-oriented videos and DVDs listed.

The link to find all these items *For Sale !* is at

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Update on our son's car situation

As some of you may have read, a few weeks ago, our son's car's fuel intake (?), I think, took in too much water, as he tried to start his car, ... seeing water, from a nearby, much-flooded creek (looks more like a small river; I've been there), was up to the bottom of his car's two doors. He had walked away, ... for a short time, rain began falling (a very hard downpour), and ... well, the rest is history (his story?). ;o)

Anyway, this update is here to let you all know that The Lord *is* faithful ! He comes through for us, even though there are times when we must wait a bit longer than we had thought we'd have to. God works in ways that are higher than our ways. And He thinks at a much higher level than we do (or can).

He is always working for our good, for our benefit. (... from Romans 8: 28, among other places in God's Word) We don't always see it that way. But even with our limited vision, God does show us, sometimes, that He will let us "see" with our spiritual eyes more of "what He's up to," if only we will do what He has commanded us to do, and listen to Him attentively.

Asking The Lord to "Go ahead and do whatever You want, (Abba) Father in Heaven," and having a willing heart to accept the results, and having a soul / spirit that is already sensitive to The Holy Spirit's promptings (through making the right responses to His promptings, in the past), will bring us wonderfully amazing blessings from The Lord.

He is always ready to "show Himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect (mature, fully grown) toward Him." ... from II Chronicles 16: 9

(wow! I sure am long-winded!) Here is the update: The Lord has chosen to "open a door" of "love" and "kindness," I call it generosity, among true believers we have come to know, only through the Lord's working, on our behalf. I cannot say we've been faithful, but just trying to be available and ready to serve. I would not say our motives are always pure, though I wish they were. We are human. God calls us His children, and has welcomed us with open arms, only because of His Son's Righteous Love, He showed us by His willing, obedient choice to redeem us, by His Blood and life He sacrificed for us, in our place, to pay the penalty and debt we owed to our Father God (The Creator, Elohim), on the Roman execution stake (the "tree"), outside the walls of Jerusalem, as The Lamb of God.

Anyway, The Lord has chosen, this past month, to pull together several resources, and some ingenuity, plus some time, and a very generous heart of a believer in The Lord, to provide a way for our son to have another car, to use, as he continues to work for other believers, in various locations in the U.S. The Lord seems to be blessing our oldest son, in a big way, and for that, we thank our Father in Heaven. !!! He knows God is doing this, because we've never been in a situation like the one we are now in.

God, our loving Father, Who has already given us the best, most hugely-wonderful Treasure we could ever ask for, has now chosen to have us in a financial situation in which we can do "virtually nothing" for ourselves. He's doing this just so He can, then, show us He will still provide "a way" for good things to happen. God is awesome!!

And He has been using our life situation (being in full-time ministry and depending more completely on Him for our sustenance than we ever had to, before) to arrange situations and people (who are also His children) who have the capability and the means, the "way" and the ability, ... to produce some amazing results, all of which give God some of the Glory His Name deserves! It is amazing to watch! The timing is something we see He is choosing so that, along the way, God is still teaching folks like me "more patience," and "contentment." ;o) Can you tell those are two areas of my soul that are not yet "finished?"

God has now made "a way" for our oldest son to have a car he needs, and it seems to be coming together this weekend. That's the time when he did need it. But ... he, and we, thought it might "come together" before this weekend. But God's arranging for the car to be made ready this weekend only proves that He is never late, but always 'on time.' We just need to realize what is God's "timetable." He is not on our timetable! And He should not be! But if I "stress" over when some anticipated activity will occur, ... or when some goal will be reached, ... I will only have negative results in my health, and maybe the health of others around me. ;o( So, He is teaching me, through this "special provision" (for our oldest son), that my choosing to trust in God does require me to "tell Him my request," and then, leave it with Him, as if laying it down upon His altar, and then going back home, to wait for Him to answer my request.

God is able to see deep into my soul, much further than I am able to see, myself! He knows what lessons I need to learn. He waits for me to do the right thing, as He has taught me, ... in His Word. He waits for me to show the correct (spiritual) response to each "event" along the way, that He allows to occur, in life. He watches to see if I will do what He has commanded me to do, which will "open the door" for Him to, then, bless me.

As I see what's going on, I can see that, as our son has made some wise, unselfish, sacrificial and very mature choices, in his life, in recent years, and has gained more of a servant's heart, ... for The Lord, God is now bringing him some of the many (possible) blessings He has planned for him. (Wow!) That's exciting!! Hallelujah!!

Until "the rest of the story" is finished being "written," I will leave it at this, ladies and gentlemen. ;o) Please check back, to find out what "the rest of the story" is.

God is so good! Before He brings forth your "next, big blessing," please go ahead and praise Him, and thank Him, for the good things He is doing (though we cannot yet see them with our human eyes), and is working on, which He will manifest soon, in His timing. The Lord Almighty is ever working on what we might call "projects" meant to encourage, exhort, edify, help and heal us! And He manifests these things in His timing.

Keep praying! Keep trusting The Lord! He knows what you need! He knows how to lift up your heart and how to strengthen you! He wants you to praise Him, so He can, then, reveal to you "the victory" He wins only as we praise His Holy Name!

He knows I tend to want to see the results, before I praise Him. But He is teachin' me to praise Him long beforehand, because His Word says He dwells in the midst of our praises! And He fights our battles *for* us, as we praise (aloud) His Name (haShem Adonai Elohenu)! Remember the battle of Jericho? Remember the other battles the Israelites fought, in which Yahovah (YHVH; Jehovah) God won as a result of His people praising His Name, loudly? He says "the Joy of The Lord is your Strength." (Nehemiah 8: 10b)

And He has shown us that He will use our willingness to praise His Name to increase our Joy in Him, so that we "delight (ourselves) also in The Lord, and He will give (us) the desires of (our) heart." (Psalm 37: 4) So, I'm again applying His teachings on 'praising His Name' ... as I leave with Him my requests. And though The Lord works out many miracles without my having asked Him, or having been faithful to pray, He is using my prayers to bring about some things that I can only explain as being "of God." Only He could have brought these amazing results!! So, He gets all the glory and all the praise for them! So, I can testify to you that The Lord El Elyon is truly The Most High God, our El Shaddai, our All-Sufficient One. And He is fully able to do such awesome acts that no human could ever claim to have brought about, as YHVH Yireh (Jehovah Jireh, The Lord our Provider).

And as I see Him show He is being so lovingly attentive to our prayer requests, especially for others (including many on the mission field and many who home educate their children, from the southern U.S. to Canada, and England, New Zealand and Australia ....), I see Him showing Himself as YHVH Shammah (Jehovah Shammah).

Remember, Daniel 10 -- The Lord begins bringing the answer to our requests the moment we pray. So, keep asking, seeking and knocking! He is there to answer you!

... for those interested in news about the Third Temple


"Temple Institute announces manufacture of golden sensors"
(this is the title for the actual article on the "Prophecy in the News" website) (UK)

Written by Chris Perver

(posted on) Thursday, 04 June 2009

Chris Perver shares that Rabbi Richman is announcing that the making of two golden censors (British spelling is sensors) for the upcoming Third Temple, to be built in Jerusalem, has been completed.
(wow! I am excited to hear this!)

These censors are to be used by Jewish priests who will be serving The Lord, according to what they understand should be done, using information that has been passed down to the men dedicated to the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, for generations.

The Temple Institute is in charge of the making of the instruments to be used in the Third Temple. And they have "reconstructed" many of the "instruments," already.

We should pray for these men, who do not yet realize that The True Messiah, Whose Name is (in Greek) Jesus, (and in Hebrew, it is) Yeshua.
We can pray The Lord will bring them to a saving knowledge of His Only-begotten Son, Yeshua (Jesus), so they will know The Truth, as we do.

** To read more of this story, please click on the link I shared above.
A close-up photo of the sensors (British spelling of censors, I believe) is next to the article Chris wrote, which is posted on the website, at: "Prophecy in the News"

The article contains a good amount of information about some other aspects involved in the journey toward the rebuilding of The Jewish Temple.