Tuesday, July 14, 2009

... as we walk along this pathWay ...

Life continues to surprise me!

Does it surprise you, thrilling your heart, when YHVH God does something you can only describe as amazing, or awesome, or wonderful, on your behalf?

Well, I must share with those of you who read this blog that The Lord Adonai YHVH God has chosen, in His mercy, and in working through those who are true believers, to do some amazing things on behalf of our family, as we continue to support other ministries, … day by day, from week to week.

He has chosen to use an anonymous donor to donate a good-quality automobile to our family ministry (!). We praise God for His merciful, loving, kind-hearted, and patient Spirit! We thank The Good Lord for showing Himself strong on our behalf as we have kept trusting He would remedy a situation that has been one version of spiritual warfare, involving more than one believer in the community. But God is faithful! He is able to overcome any obstacle! Hallelujah! Let’s praise His Name together, and rejoice that He will provide, as He has promised, … when we continue to show Him we are willing to serve, as He opens the doors.

Our ministry includes the teaching / apologetics ministry done by our Life in the Bible Institute … to enable us to “get around” to places where we already go –

a nursing home,

soul winning,


youth projects,

Bible class (Sundays),

puppet ministry (done mostly by our children who are under age 18),

one, in our family, having a willing heart to bless the lives of others by playing piano in church and, when possible, at nursing homes we visit,

and one, or more, of us singing, in church, or … “on the mission field” (as part of a missions trip to the Philippines, as happened earlier this year), … or as part of a group of 5 to 6 young people, harmonizing together for God’s glory, to encourage believers in The Lord,

singing as a family of 8 … wherever someone asks us to come sing,

opportunities to help others by writing quotes or names in calligraphy, for specific individuals,

and more — one of our adult family members ministers to a lady in a nursing home.

… I hope to begin, soon, Lord willing (as He opens the doors for this) to help lead some monthly meetings / fellowship / learning times for the benefit of some young ladies in this community, as well as beginning some monthly fellowship opportunities with moms who teach their own children at home, and older ladies (some who are widows; some are not). Ladies’ teas are a delightful way to encourage women, especially widows, and those who would like their daughters to learn some of the Christian social graces, that build Godly character, and … uplift the soul. They serve as blessed times of fellowship, for ladies, also.

We stay quite busy, being asked to help with a ministry here or there, or else we’re teaching … or helping with someone else who is, ….

But, without a real car for over 2 months, now (a car that works / runs), it has been quite tricky to find ways to get to places we’ve been asked to get to, around the community where we’ve been living for just over a year, now.

There will be many opportunities to use this car. We do pray it will be used to bring God glory to His Name, because it’s His car! All that we ‘own’ actually belongs to God! We give all our ‘things’ to God, so He is The One Who watches over them, and takes Good care of His things!! Amen!

He is The One from Whom all Good things come, … He made all the metals (from where they were mined, from the ground, and then refined) and plastic (from petroleum), and leather (thank you, dear cows!, designed by God in Heaven), plus the rest of the materials that go into the making of a car, as well as the man hours, the labor, and … the effort and energy they must do, to produce a car that runs well, and is made well, ….

The next time you drive your car, please praise The Lord our Maker, Creator, Who designs all things perfectly, praise Him for Who He is (YHVH; El Shaddai; El Elyon; YHVH Yireh / Jehovah Jireh), and praise Him for His mighty Power to turn things that seem to go wrong, into things that produce Good!

He is perfect! He is Almighty! He is El Elyon — The Most High God! He is our Provider, our Protector, our Hope, our Strength, and our Joy! He does all things excellently, and uses all circumstances to produce / bring about Good, for those who are “the called” according to His purpose. — for the glory that is “due” to His Name!

While we awaited His Help, with regard to providing a car for our family, He was building in us a more humble, more meek, attitude. I pray He will continue to develop that attitude in my own heart, as He teaches me more about “abiding in Messiah Yeshua.” (abiding in Christ)

One day, all people of all nations will bow their knees, and admit / acknowledge the Truth that He is Lord of all! — YHVH God, and His Son, Yeshua the Messiah, The Anointed One of God, the Holy One of Israel. (see Romans 14: 11 and Philippians 2: 10)

And … please praise The Lord Adonai YHVH God, Who has seen fit to give us a car to be used in service that will bring praise and thanks to His precious Son’s Name — Yeshua haMashiach (Jesus Christ)!

And … please thank Him for what He has done in providing food and water for you, as well as clothing you need, each day! He promises no more, but He does provide much more … than just food and clothing!

We have waited, and … have hoped in Him alone Who is able to do all things well! And He has kept His promise to hear the prayers of His true children — you all, and us.

We are not special (compared to other believers) or better than anyone else on this earth. We are merely “forgiven” by The Lord God Almighty, because of our belief in, and trust in, His only-begotten Son, Yeshua (Jesus), Who gave His Life in our place, to pay the penalty for sins we committed, thereby redeeming us. As The innocent Lamb of God, Yeshua took upon Himself the sins of all the people who have ever lived on this earth! He paid it all! — by willingly sacrificing His precious Body and Blood on the Roman execution stake, outside the gates of the city of Jerusalem. Why? Because He loved us … long before we knew or loved Him! That is how much He loves you and me! Hallelujah!

But in God’s eyes, we are His children, because He has engrafted us into His Vine, and has delivered us out of the power of darkness and into The Kingdom of His Dear Son (Yeshua)! (the Kingdom of Light, eternal Life and Love) (see Colossians 1: 13) Yeshua says He calls us His friends, if we do whatsoever He has commanded us (to do). (see John 15: 14)

(below is my version of Matthew 7: 7-8):

Ask, and keep asking, and it shall be given to you.

Seek, and keep seeking, and you shall find.

Knock, and keep knocking, and it shall be opened unto you.

For each one that asks receives, and the one that seeks finds; and to the one knocking, it will be opened.

We are not special people, you all!

We are just people who have been workin’ for The Lord, as you all are, who are true believers in The Lord, and in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ), who sometimes work also for companies, or individuals, … to earn income, and then, we get to serve pastors or missionaries, … or encourage other believers, by singing, or teaching, or sharing, or helping with some project they’re working on. ;o)

Life can get challenging!

I believe God is opening the door for more ministry, by providing a car with which we can “do it.”

If you are reading this, and if you believe in The Lord Adonai YHVH God, as we do, and (especially) if you believe in and trust in His Son, Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), for deliverance from eternal damnation, and into His Kingdom of Light, Life and Love (of YHVH God; agape Love — His unconditional Love He showed us when His Son voluntarily chose to come to earth, be born here, live, suffer and die, to pay the penalty for sins we committed, though He was entirely innocent of those sins, … and God raised Him up on the third day, according to The Scriptures, as prophesied by the Old Covenant / Old Testament prophets, and now, He is alive, and sits at the Right Hand of God the Father Almighty, in His Throne!), please pray for us — M, K, A, A, E, B, M, and M. Yes, without exact names, that’s all 8 of us. ;o)

We do appreciate your prayers!

God is at work! In us, in you, for us, for you, through us, through you! That, by itself, is amazing! He accomplishes it by His Holy Spirit! Bless His Name!

God is so generous! And He is teaching us to show generosity to others! When He uses another believer to show us His generous Spirit and Love, we are so thrilled! (in our emotions) … and we are joyful! (in our spirits) … and we are built up in our Christian walk, in Him, Who is our All in all, to tell others and to share more about The Love of His Son, Yeshua, so others can ”gain” eternal Life!

Let’s praise The Name of The Lord together, for ever and ever! … beginning now ….