Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For Sale ! -- books, videos, DVDs, audio CDs, card games

There are 40 items, so far, listed *For Sale !* on the blog site -- Threads of Silver -- for those who are parents, & home educators, & teachers of children, young people (some call 'teens') and young adults, ... & grandparents.

All are either educational materials or ... are educational in that one can learn from them:

The youngest age for these items is toddler (age 2 to 3).
Other items are meant for high-school-age and college-age students to use while in their learning courses. (to refer to, or to use as part of their course studies)
Some items listed are intended as reference resources. (such as paperback dictionaries, synonym and antonym dictionaries)
Others are literature books for reading, or study. (some are for adults and some are for young people to read, from 6 years up through 18 years)

Others are readers for home educators to use while teaching elementary-age students.
We also have some educational card games *For Sale !*

**Important Note:** Since we will be adding more items, over time, please come back, again, and look, after you view the list the first time. -- !
You will see more and more items listed there.

Quite a variety of items will be listed there, including some paintings, and a numbered print, or two (one is of a the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, in KY), plus ceramic vases, and more ....

Some books are pre-1930 editions of good, the-information-never-becomes-out-of-date type books -- some cover school subjects such as trigonometry, or English, and more.
Though some of these much older editions of books have yellowed pages, we've not found them at lower prices than ours, except at charitable-organization or charitable-ministry stores. (such as Salvation Army)
The information, if copied by you (scanned and then put into a computer file, as a pdf), could be put up for sale, as an e-book, by you, to help others find that information which is still reliable and useable. We must not lose the "old ways" because these taught our parents and grandparents what they learned, and knew, and used for the good of others and for their own families, besides using the information in the life work they did, in years past.

Old books should still have a place in our lives, and in the lives of our children.
If we choose to let go of, or give up, our heritage of learning, from the past, we will have thrown away much good that others meant to pass on to us, for our benefit, and to bless our lives, and us in preparing for own life work.
So, we're listing these older editions, for those who appreciate and make use of them. We realize that they are still useful. We hope they will be used to bless someone's life.

Also, there will be some family-oriented videos and DVDs listed.

The link to find all these items *For Sale !* is at