Sunday, July 12, 2009

60 "Books & more," so far, are listed "for sale" ...

... at under "Books & more for sale, page 2," in the right side bar ... under "For Sale !"

The actual link is below here:

Soon, I should have 80 items there, for sale.

My posts, here, dated June ____, has an explanation of the items included in the sale.

Some items are textbooks, and some are curriculum materials, offered to those who educate their own children at home, in the USA, and elsewhere.
So, though anyone may buy the hardback, collector's books, published before 1940, some of the other books are much more recent, and are meant to be used by teachers, and home educators, as well as private tutors, who work with students who want to excel.

Come back, from time to time, to see what "disappears" on the "For Sale !" list (those that sell), and also to see what has been added (new items I list there).

And you are welcome to share a link to the page on *Threads of Silver* with books, DVDs, audio tapes, educational card games, children's books, music CDs and audio cassettes, and collector's books and antique books, for sale, so that others can find the page, and look to see if there is anything they can use, there ....

One man's trash is another man's treasure.
These items I do not consider to be trash.
But I no longer need them, because The Lord has been bountiful, once again, to provide many other books we can make use of.
I simply want to pass on to someone else these good books and other items, so that someone else can benefit from them, or by obtaining one or two (or more) to pass on to someone they know, who will enjoy them.