Saturday, December 26, 2009

a note about the season

I must share something from my heart, below. Am not "a writer," so please bear with me. This is not intended to be offensive, or to be taken wrongly, by anyone who misunderstands my intentions or my heart. Will trust that anyone who reads this will read it with an attitude of a believer in The Lord, and with good, spiritual discernment and understanding "in" The Lord.

Though I do not personally believe ( personal conviction ) that our Dear Lord Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah (the Anointed One; Christ), was born during a time of year when the shepherds, in the hills around Bethlehem, could have endured the very cold winds and more harsh weather conditions, late in a month such as December, ... I do hope you all had a very joy-filled time, with your families (together again, during your special holiday time), enjoying doing things together as a family, as you remember that God, our Loving Father, thought of all that was needed, and planned far ahead, and made everything happen just as it needed to happen, ... down to the details (which I, if I had tried to arrange it all) would have "royally" messed up, ...
... to bring His willing, obedient, and servant-hearted Son, Yeshua (Jesus), to earth, conceived by power of The Holy Spirit, the seed of YHVH God, to be born of a virgin, born in humility and poverty, in a town whose name brings to mind "house of bread" and also, using the other way to pronounce "-lehem," as "la Chaim," it could even refer to Him as our "Life," as we know Him to be, in truth. He was welcomed with the heavenly host, a multitude of angels, and also by poor shepherds, but not in late December!

Though, to me, Yeshua, my Lord & Redeemer, was born closer to the end of September, or early October (on "our" calendar), according to the time of John The Baptist's time of conception and birth, as told in the Bible, ... we "can" celebrate that our Loving Father in Heaven loved us so very, very much (more than we know, or fully understand), that He made the way for His Son's Birth to occur, arranging everything perfectly, fulfilling all the prophecies perfectly.
... He brought His Son, to earth, to live as Emmanuel, "God with us," so we could see that God did, indeed, choose, freely, to "tabernacle with us," as Emmanuel, as Yeshua. Amazing! He came to die for our sins, and for the sins of all people who would believe in and trust in Him, as God's only-begotten Son, and our Deliverer, and kinsman Redeemer.

Though to me it does sadden me to know that so many, in America (as I have, myself, also, for most of my life), have been deceived into thinking that near the end of December our Lord could have been born and would not have frozen to death, in an open stable, or even in a more closed-in cave of some sort, being used as a stable, ... outside of, or near to, or on the edge of, Bethlehem, in Judaea, ...
... I "do" know that so many who love The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) dearly, and have trusted Him as Lord & Redeemer, "do" wish to celebrate His Birth, because we rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory in Him, because He has bought for us (who believe) eternal Life!

Yet, I must share that I have, bit by bit, come to know this information, about our Lord's actual time of Birth not being even possible near the end of December. But more serious than that is the utter deception so many of us (Americans) have "fallen for," out of lack of knowledge, which is so very changed from what the Puritans, and most likely, the Pilgrims, knew. The Puritans knew that they must, to be true to our Lord, welcome our Hebrew roots, and that we must not mix paganistic or "traditional" (as we'd call them) ways of celebrating the first coming to earth of Emmanuel.. with The Truth. We must be true to our Lord, Who is Truth! At least, for me, now this is an even stronger conviction than it was during the past several years of my life!

So, if anyone wants to learn more about this, I will try to find some online sources for others to read about ways we can celebrate the coming of Emmanuel. And, after I've done more research on this topic, I will try to share here what I find. Did not realize (before) the Puritans rejected the celebrations of birthdays and of our Lord's birth (especially as it was being done, in their era, in late December, to replace a pagan festival known as Saturnalia; many symbols we Americans think are "Christian" or are "okay" to include in our family's celebrations of our Lord's Birth, are also pagan in their roots, and I was revolted and repelled by learning more about this recently). I guess that shows how little I know or have been taught while in "government schools," many years ago. hmm.... Wonder if "they" did not want me to know about this. But ... now I do. And for me, this is important (to know). I'd like to explore this topic more. So, I will....

That is one reason I am writing this: sometimes, we get to a point in each of our lifetimes, when we just see we need to change something, and tell others about our new-found "discovery." For me, this is one of those times.

*And I just trust you will not be offended by my sharing this here, with you all.*
I care very much about you all, who come here to read something helpful, who are looking for encouragement, and for helpful website recommendations, or for information on home educational materials we've found to be useful and good for our family.
I care very much about those of you who come hoping to find advice or help on some topic you seek information on, and hope that I will share what wisdom I have learned from others, and especially from God our Father in Heaven!

And I don't want anyone else to miss out on knowing something that might prevent them from doing something they'd regret, later. So, am sharing this, now, for that reason.

Am not young any more. Am over 50. This time in my life, with the world looking to be so much closer than it ever was to our Lord's "call" from the clouds for us, to take us to be with Him for ever, ... I want to share what I can to help a younger mom, though am already quite behind at doing that, on some other topics, ....

Will do more research and see what I can find that will better explain what the reasons are that so many, in previous centuries, did not celebrate, in late December (and some never did at all), ... our Lord's Birth. They, instead, rejoiced in and celebrated His Death ... as He said to do ... until He comes.
He *was* born to die, to take away our condemnation and to be the Propitiation for our sins! He willingly did it all for us -- He paid it all !
Thanking God for the Gift of "salvation" in Yeshua (Jesus), by His Grace, ... is our daily joy!
I want to live as if I am as thankful as I can be, ... to Him, ... for the awesome gift of deliverance Yeshua bought for me with His Body & Blood He shed in my place, to deliver me from my deserved punishment, for the redemption He paid to clear me of the sin-debt I owed to God, my Father.

He has put our sins as far from us as the east is from the west. -- from Psalm 103:11-13

Maranatha! Come, Lord Yeshua!
He comes soon for us! Let's rejoice in Him every day!
He has come to be Emmanuel, God with us! What a huge blessing that continues on, for ever!
Hallelujah! Let's praise The Lord, for He is Good, and His Mercy endures for ever!

meant with Love to you all....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

my thoughts on modesty, part one

Modesty is a topic that includes several areas to explore, in thought.

I am a lady. I see things from a believing female point of view, and was raised by certain parents, in a certain area of this country, & came to believe in The Lord Yeshua as my own Redeemer & Lord, some years ago, through understanding that I was much in need of a Saviour / Deliverer from the penalty I deserved, from The Lord, for my sins and iniquities. So, this is written from what I have learned, so far, in my “walk” (life path) with The Lord, through some side roads I’ve taken, though not knowingly, at the time each ‘turn’ was taken. This is also written from my own personal convictions which I believe God’s Holy Spirit has given me, to apply to my own life.

This is not written to condemn anyone, or to sound as if I know more than most, or many. It is also not written as if I were some authority on this topic. It is merely my understanding, from the level of understanding I am at, now, … on the topic that most (in general) call “modesty.”

Modesty is a matter of the heart. Our hearts motivate us. I would generally refer to ‘the term’ *heart* as my mind. It can refer to other areas of my soul, in some cases, but for this article (which may be written in several portions), I am referring to “the mind” when I used the word “heart.”

Modesty is something most children naturally have. Some demonstrate this in appearing to be somewhat shy, in what they do in public, or among strangers. Some demonstrate it even among their own family members, when they are dressing or … bathing.

Some ways most ladies (and men) demonstrate modesty are seen in:

(1) how they clothe themselves, and

(2) how ladies use “accessories” such as jewelry or make-up, as well as

(3) how they adorn or arrange their hair, including how long it may be worn.

Much of the language I will use will refer mainly to ladies, women. That is because this is my focus, for the sake of this article.

Modesty is something The Lord has been teaching me about over many years. He began when I was around age 5 or 6, when I first became aware that my dresses my mom had sewn for me … as I wore some to the government school I attended, … had to pulled down, to keep them “long enough” to cover my knees while sitting down. The short length of my dresses and skirts or jumpers made it difficult to sit, for long, in a school-desk type chair, without feeling like someone was looking in my direction.

I did not realize it, at the time, but these were (I believe) some of the first signs of God’s Holy Spirit making me aware that how I dress does, indeed, have an effect on others. He was making me aware that I should “do something” about making the whole experience “decent” and "honorable" for both them and me.

While young, I was not the one choosing my clothing. (just so you know)

When I was 11, my mom began letting me learn to sew, a little at a time. Soon, I was able to read a sewing pattern well enough to sew some of my own clothes. It became easier, over a few years’ time, so I sewed a good number of clothes for myself, during that time, being allowed by my mom to choose patterns (styles of clothing I liked), fabrics and colors I liked, at the time.

As I was choosing patterns to use to sew garments to wear, I was becoming aware of what “covered the body” more and what did not. I believe, though am not sure I was aware of all that The Lord wanted me to learn from this process, that He was teaching me, in it, … to choose more modest clothing, as the years progressed.

After I finished high school, and began some college training, I continued to sew garments for myself. Once I had met my future husband, and our parents gave their consent for us to be married the following year, I decided to sew my own wedding dress. That was fun to do. It cost only about $50 for the entire garment! (I really like "a great deal," financially speaking. Am a frugal thinker.) Found out it is not very hard to sew a wedding dress. I had chosen a design I liked very much, and yet, I kept things simple, in how I wanted the final wedding gown to look. So, perhaps others would spend much more in sewing their own wedding dress, nowadays, but I believe I could show a young lady how she could spend much less, and still be happy with what she wanted. But the final decision is hers, as it was mine, over 30 years ago. (by the way, my parents gave me permission to make these choices myself)

After some more years went by, and God, each day, was still faithfully teaching me more and more about dressing more modestly, … the styles of clothing I was wearing began to change, again. I had been raised to think that girls and young ladies wearing “pants” (girls’ style pants, they were called) was okay, even approved. I’d wear dresses, or jumpers, or skirts & blouses to church, or ladies’ style “suits,” with jackets and skirts, plus a blouse, to church, … but we were allowed to wear pants to middle- and high-school, and we might wear shorts in hot weather, in public places, or while riding bicycles on neighborhood streets and public roads (for all to see). Yes, I could hear The Holy Spirit talkin' to me, at times. Did I always listen and make the right response? No. (... I regret to say)

Though a parent may approve of a certain style of clothing as acceptable, or even okay, or good, or “just fine,” that does not mean that our Heavenly Father fully approves of it. My Lord was building within me a different, set-apart understanding of what “modesty” means.

I have left out a lot of details, so (if you want more details, I plan to write more about this topic in a second article, on this blog / journal / newsletter to ladies) please bear with me. Am speaking somewhat in general, just to introduce this topic, of modesty, because I must make you aware of at least some of my background, to help you better understand “some things, from my past,” that had an affect on my thinking, and influenced me, even as The Lord was at work, in my spirit, teaching me about modesty, by His Holy Spirit’s methods.

God is able to use most anything to teach us, His children, what important truths He wants us, each, to know, and live by. He knows how to do it in a way that He blesses and will benefit us, by how He does it. He has been amazingly merciful, loving and patient with me!

In my own life, He used my family, my relatives, school “dress codes,” fashions being promoted during my years of life from age 11 to 18, and the media, as well as my own heart, to let me learn lessons He wanted me to learn. I must say that not all "those" things I have named had a positive effect on me. Not all of those influences in my life led me to do what glorifies God. And that is why I write this. To help someone else, so they will make wise decisions, and not have regrets, later in life. And some would say even my personality profile affected the choices I made, in clothing.

But God is so rich in Mercy, and so Patient in teaching us, … He helped me along, on His Path of Life in a Loving and Gentle way, never pushing me, or fussing at me. Just talkin' with me in my heart and working in my spirit to lead me along to a better "place" of understanding, which has brought me much Peace. Thank You, Lord!

He wanted me to learn to do things in a way that *He* calls modest, as it relates to how a lady clothes / covers her body, both in public and at home! He wanted me to learn it well, so I could pass on the truths He was teaching me to my own daughters, after He let me get married. And He has used the lessons, mistakes, disasters and good examples He provided to guide me, so I would be prepared to help my daughters along, … once they were born. And He has been faithfully continuing to teach me more lessons, since then.


The link just above here will take you to an “article” I wrote on a blog (not this one; I copied it here, though) I began before this one, for another purpose — it is meant to benefit moms who home educate their children, for The Lord’s purposes. The dates on it may seem a bit odd, but I had copied it from another blog I had shared this article on, … when I chose to delete that other blog. You may wish to read more using this link, on the topic of modesty, before reading any more here.


If modesty is, indeed, an issue (a matter) of the heart, then each of us, as ladies, must decide what kind of “heart attitude” we want others to “see” when they see us. This includes our own personal family members.

Our decisions will also be somewhat affected by our age, and our weight, and our body “type.” But I am speaking only of the overall issue, topic, of modesty.

If I wish to give others the impression that I am a happy-I-belong-to-Jesus (The Lord Almighty, God’s Son), then I should dress my body in a way that I truly believe He would be pleased to see, with His Pure, Holy Eyes. That’s my personal belief. No one had taught me this, on earth, while I was growing up. I was, however, taught that when we “are getting ready” to go to our family’s congregation we fellowship with, for worship, each week, we should “dress in our best” for The Lord. Maybe that was one lesson along the road my Lord put me on.

If modesty is important enough that parents do discuss it, and dads care about what their daughters "dress like," especially when children are moving from being “little children” to “older children” to being “young adults,” then some moms may, before their children reach that age, wish to learn from other, older moms, some reasons “why” those older moms may dress more modestly than some other, younger moms dress.

This is an important issue. The next generation will be affected by our example leading the young ladies to dress in a way that covers them “more modestly,” or in a way that does not. I was very much affected by all the influences in my life — home life, and standards, friends, “school life,” ladies at churches I attended, and relatives, as well as printed & visual media and images in books I was exposed to, or that I chose to read or look at.

What influences do we want our young girls, our older girls, and our young ladies / young adults to have in their lives, as they grow as believers in The Lord Jesus (Yeshua)?

What kinds of thoughts do we want men, young or old, even boys, to be thinking when they see us, in public, at a fellowship meeting of believers, or at home?

Do we realize how men and boys are affected by how women clothe, and cover, themselves?

Do we have to dress like ladies from another century, or like frumps, to be clothing our bodies modestly?

Do we have to look like we're wearing sacks, or we're fat women, or wear loose clothing that looks too large for us, in order to be dressing in a way that pleases The Lord?

Does it make sense to study the culture in the time of Yeshua, or before that, to get ideas about what God seemed to approve of, among His people Israel, … as far as what we can find, to learn from? Would that mean we should dress like women dressed in Bible times? Or can we find ways to adapt that mode of clothing oneself to our day and time?

Are there ways I can clothe myself modestly, without looking “olde-fashioned?” Do I need to fit in with the culture in which I now live?

What will my husband think? my dad? my brother(s)? my friends? (ladies) my casual acquaintances? (men, if I am single) my pastor? his wife? my neighbors? (yes, they do look at ladies when they are at home and can be seen) other folks who see me in public? my business associates? (if I am in business of some kind)

How should I approach changing how I clothe my body? Can I make changes gradually? Will my family think we have to dress like Laura Ingalls and the ladies / girls in her family dressed, in the late 1800s?

How can I wisely discern the best way for me to clothe myself modestly??!

God does have plenty of answers and wise guidance for us to glean from. Ultimately, each of us must decide how we should clothe ourselves in modest apparel. We will each be held accountable, responsible, for how we did clothe ourselves, when we see Jesus (Yeshua) face to Face. We are wise, now, to learn about ways we can deal with this issue of modesty, so that we can “get on” with our lives, and not be “caught up” in the world’s plan to pull us toward its magnet of “fashion” and “style.”

Fashions change, according to what fashion designers wish to achieve, and according to styles and trends they want to "bring in" or have an affect on. Their designs and styles and trends these influential people develop come from their basic beliefs and values about life, and about God. What they believe will affect the standards they use as they develop clothing designs, that you may later see in clothing stores in the U.S.

If you do not sew, you will be limited to which pre-made clothing is available in stores in your area, or online. It will help you to learn to sew, first of all. That offers you more choices that will be modest, by design (your design). Even if you use a pattern company’s patterns / styles, for sewing your own clothing, you still have much freedom, with some sewing experience, to alter the style so that it is modest, and meets the standards you believe The Lord would have you live by.

For those who do now sew clothing for themselves, take heart. God has provided modest clothing through others who sell it at consignment shops and at thrift stores, as well as through church clothing giveaways, and yard sales. (in the U.S.)

Rest assured: God has your best benefit in mind. He knows you. He knows what you want, and what you like. (in clothing) He also knows what He wants and likes. He will guide you. He won’t take anything good from you. He will offer you more options than you may have imagined, when you began pondering this topic! Just follow Him. You can trust Him. He is the first clothing designer — in the Garden of Eden. He made clothing for Adam and Eve, when that became necessary.

I will continue this in the second part of “my thoughts on modesty.”

a website link you can share with others

Please go to the link I share, below, to view a most wonderful, truthful documentary, expose' about the plans of radical Islamists (though it warns you it has images that are both disturbing and violent, and not appropriate for anyone ... under age 21, according to parents' discretion [my wording]).

It is quite long, but over two days' time, I did view it all.
Yes, it is explicit. It has much violence, shouting, hateful (very hateful!) and racist words that are shared by Islamists, who are leaders among their fellow adherents.
However, this is truth we all need to make ourselves aware of, if we have not yet done that. (I am referring to we who know The One, True God YHVH {YHWH; Jehovah; The I AM}, The God of Israel, and The God of Abraham, whose true son was Isaac {Yitzhak}, and not Ishmael (the son of the bondwoman; not the son of promise, as Isaac was).

Please view it alone or with your wife or husband.
But it needs to be passed around to all you know and love.
Americans must make themselves aware of this, not to spread fear; not at all.
But to inform ourselves, so that we can see The Lord may be calling many of us to learn ways to share, to reach, those who now live among us, in our country, but whose beliefs are that "global jihad" is "their goal," and they are working to find ways to kill us (Americans), kill the Israelis (in Israel and wherever else they live), and kill the British (in the UK).

I consider myself a sister, spiritually, to Hebrew & Israeli people, and by God's Grace, am an engrafted child of YHVH God, The I AM, The God of Israel.
I consider myself to be regenerated, a true believer in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ), who was of the tribe of Yehudah (Judah), and was born in Israel, in Bethlehem, the city of David, as the Only-begotten Son of YHVH God, our Father in Heaven, the Maker of the universe and of all people who have ever lived, The One, True God.

I consider allah as the moon god, the false god, the demon spirit, that met with Mohammed (Muhammad), in a cave outside Mecca, many years ago, ... as "an angel of light." We true believers know that that is how satan can appear. We are not deceived by what Islamists say is true. It is false. Islam is a false religion, a lying, hate-filled, propoganda-pushing, dictatorial, oppressive, murdering belief system, that needs its leaders to be filled with the devil's (his name means deceiver; therefore, those who follow him are truly deceived by satan, into believing that what they think is "right to do," is truly right, to the one whom they call god. But it is a lie. Satan is the father of lies.
It is interesting that, once Mohammed (Muhammad) met with that "angel of light" in that "cave," he tried to convince the nearby clan leaders in his area that "his (new) god" was the true god that they should worship. They ran him off, because allah was simply his own tribe's / clan's (false) god. They rejected this false god. They had their own gods, already. And that is what happened, leading to him going about killing, trying to subjugate (which is what the word Islam means -- submission; surrender, in my dictionary) everyone, trying to force them to believe in and submit to his (new) god. He had a lot of folks who rejected his ideas and plans. But, after a while, those who were afraid of him, and his violent ways, ... did (not sincerely, I believe) "submit" themselves to him, only to avoid death. But this is not how to gain followers! (if anyone were to ask me, personally)

Anyway, ... Islam is a lie. The Koran (Qu'ran) teaches its adherents to tell lies, to get what the Islamists want. They lie on camera. They lie to those who follow them.
They are like their father -- satan, who himself believed the lie that he could be God (YHVH), but he only wanted The True God's (YHVH's) power, and not His Compassionate Heart, His agapa Love toward all people, His Servant's Heart of long-suffering & patience, and the other facets of God (Adonai's) pure character that we know YHVH "is," in essence.

Anyway, view the movie, and ... share it with others, as The Lord leads you.
Subjugation, submission, surrender, from an Isalmist perspective only mean that if they don't submit to allah, they will die, and will deserve death, ... not in a heroic sense (like the suicide bombers think they are attaining -- a hero's death; that is also a lie; a true hero, from YHVH's perspective, will not blow himself up or hate people of other religions! YHVH is Truth, just as Yeshua is Truth!), but in a shameful sense. They'd be traitors to their (false) god.
Islamists want all other nations, especially the US, and the UK and Israel, to submit, surrender, to the Islamic god, allah.
It will never happen willingly.
But they will be glad to maim, murder, rape violently (gang rape), and perform many other hideous, hateful crimes, against anyone who is American, British or Israeli, or who speaks against the Koran, or against Islam, or against allah.

The measure of a true belief system, that stands the test of time is this: how many people in it can say they are truly free and you can tell they are "filled" with a Love that is beyond human Love. True believers do things that Islamists do not understand; they forgive their offenders & those who attack and try to kill them. That is not something a human can do, on their own. Only those who are filled with, and know, The Love of God, and The Peace which passes all (human) understanding, can forgive someone who has tried to kill them, or a relative of theirs. True believers know (as a fact) that, when they die, they will be united, once for all, with their Maker, their Redeemer, their Lord and King. Islamists only have promises, but look at their eyes, and the pain on their faces -- they have no assurance, because their "leader" is buried in a grave (Muhammad), and they can only hope in the promises made to them, by those who tell lies, even to them. They do not value human life. They are unwilling to show tolerance toward anyone who believes in any other God, even The One, True God, YHVH. And they scream / yell "death to America!" and "kill the infidels (Jews and Christians)!"

Their plan is global.
If we do not make ourselves, as parents and grandparents, aware of the real threat & crimes these terrorists have planned to impose upon Israel, and on the UK, and on the USA, then we will find ourselves quite regretful (as people in Europe and in England were, when A. Hitler "came into power" in Germany, long ago, ... and should The Lord allow us to remain longer than some of us believe we will be, here on earth, before He calls us into the clouds, to meet The Lord (Yeshua) in the air.

... keep thinking ....
and learning what The Lord would have you learn.

encouraging posts you might like

Below are website links to take you to two “posts” on the site known as *Stablishing Hearts.*

I must say both of these “posts” support modesty of heart and moderation, both in matters of clothing and in spiritual matters.

You may reach your own conclusion, but I happen to agree with what is shared by the posts’ author.

Since I consider the two topics educational, am sharing these with you here:

“An Evaluation of Culottes”

“The Christmas Spirit”

The Lord wants an attitude of moderation, a pure heart and Biblical (worldview) attitude & spirit, working in each of His true children. Philippians 4:4-5

If I allow a worldly attitude any open door into my soul (mind, in this case), I will be affected by what “comes in.” I must stop the enemy at the door, & resist the temptation to follow the way of least resistance (from the world, or friends, or relatives who do not walk closely with The Lord, and who do not understand that a worldly attitude can turn our hearts from The Lord, before we realize it has happened, if we are not vigilant and alert and attentive “enough.”).

If we “work” (not a works-based religious attitude; but if we “make an effort”) to follow The Lord as closely as we can, though we do make mistakes in life, The Lord will give us the spiritual Discernment He wants us to have, to keep us from building up satan’s kingdom, though we would (in our will) desire to build up God’s Kingdom of His Son, Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Messiah).

By “work” I also mean we lie down at night (and awaken) thinking about The Lord, verses we are learning from His Word, and in a prayerful attitude. The Lord’s Spirit dwells in those who are YHVH God’s true children, through faith (belief & trust) in The Lord Jesus Christ (Messiah Yeshua), by Grace. He is our Teacher! He guides us (believers) into all Truth; He is The Spirit of Truth. — John 16:13 The Holy Spirit uses the Bible verses we are studying, reading, learning, to teach us what our Father in Heaven wants us to know, to guide us and help us “along” on our journey on earth, until we come Home to Heaven.

It is good to read posts in which other believers share truths that all believers need to think over seriously. These are not preferences. In my case, they are convictions, personal beliefs.

May The Lord richly bless you as you walk with Him each new day!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

"news" & "views" links re: various topics of interest

( an article re: Rifqa Bary -- Looks, to me, like she's being treated worse than a criminal ! )


( re: Senate healthcare debate )

Is it just me? "Healthcare," as such, is not "in" our Constitution. Therefore, it is "not" the business of our legislators to do "anything," about "healthcare," at all, period. ... it is their business to do what the citizens of this country want them to, or tell them to do! That is what the writers / composers of the Declaration of Independence, and our U S Constitution have written about. The idea of "big gov't" was mistrusted and rejected. The states and the citizens "do" have rights, under our U S Constitution!
Hear, hear, legislators!


(re: this is a Ron Paul video related to health care -- Operation Health Freedom)


People need to look under "Take Action On The Issues" to find what they want to read about on this main webpage.
(above is the general website, for folks to go to)
( H1N1 info., here, is usually on pages with the word "CODEX" on them; see the right side bar for that word )

Please read and decide what you think.

(title for this seems to be--) "HR 2749 (HR 875 / S 425 Farm to Fork Food Fascism Comes to America")

Please read and decide what you think.


These 3 links, here, have to do with "global warming" -- it is truly a hoax, and that has been revealed. Too bad not everyone reads "news" from "trusted sources" on the internet.


This is a link to a page about the "Mars spectacular," as she calls it. (the author)
A very interesting "event" to be sure to "watch" for.
Be sure you are willing to go where city lights cannot reach. or else you will need a decent, though not fancy, telescope to really enjoy seeing this night-time "display."
The planet Mars.
Many have written about it.
Now, we will get to see it a bit more closely, if we can.


( This one is regarding the mutating of the virus that some are calling the swine flu virus. This was all part of "the plan," I am sorry to report. Have read enough truthful reports about all of this to know that this is not only something demonic, but that this virus is being used, and will be used, to try to "wipe out" as many people as possible, by the one-world-ers. Then, who will they rule over? Only those who will go for "their agenda?" I doubt it! If they only wipe out 4% to 6% of the world population, then they will still have quite a few to try to subjugate. )
You decide what you think about this issue.
The Lord, alone, knows all the Truth.


( re: "The Fed" )
( re: Ron Paul )


( re: 200 diseases caused by substances like aspartame )
Very informative article!
Please read and decide for yourself.


( title: "The Rising Darkness in Children's Games" by Berit Kjos )


( title: " Giving Thanks to an Unknown "God"? " by Berit Kjos )

Monday, November 16, 2009

"why sports teams?" (for homeschoolers)

Friends (who home educate),
(I suspect that this post will bring up "an unpopular topic"
to some, but may clarify, for others, something that many, or
most, of us, as parents, must make decisions about, for our
own children)

I have a series of questions I'm pondering. You may wish to
ponder them along with me. (that is up to you)

Parents who are convicted to home educate their children often
end up getting their children involved in local-area sports associations,
or forming "homeschool sports teams." (or they let their children
join already-formed "homeschool" teams)

My question is: When we were convicted to home educate our
children, looking at the benefits in the lives of those (from England,
France, Germany, and other countries, as well as from the U.S.A.)
whom we know as famous inventors, scientists, doctors, and medical
missionaries, as well as others, who became presidents in the U.S., and
legislators, ... and ministers of The Gospel, besides other worthy
professions, ... why, then, would we later find that we felt the heritage
of The Lord (our children are called that, in the Psalms, especially, by
David) should be directed to participate in a form of worldliness that
includes playing sports, week after week?
These "teams" do require practices, so that they can "win."
The practices do take families away from more spiritual activities,
that The Lord Yeshua haMashiach (Jesus Christ), did command
us to participate in (to do), such as soul winning, helping the poor
and widows, and helping the fatherless.

Is "involvement in team sports" an effort, through us, as parents,
to look for a positive way to provide some beneficial exercise for
our children's growing bodies? Are there not enough "chores to
do at home" for some good, physical exercise? Maybe our children
could be volunteering to rake leaves, or sweep a porch and walkway,
or driveway, of an elderly person, who lives very near, ... who "needs"
the help. The list of possible ways our children could be "getting
some good exercise" abound!

Should we let the children "learn" (consider themselves to be a part of)
the ways of thinking that are a regular part of the lives of the unsaved, by
"doing what they do?" Don't take offense. This is an honest question.
Your grandparents, or our great-grandparents, did not "all" have sports
on their minds, when they were growing up, even in the city. They did
chores, they worked at home, or for others, near their family's home,
and ... they "did" get plenty of exercise, unless they purposefully avoided
doing that. It's a choice, like so many things in life on earth.

If God calls us to be "separate" and not regularly associate with those
who "live" in "darkness," then why would we, as God-fearing parents,
want to allow our children to do this? (with local-area childrens'
sports associations, who offer "teams" the children can "play" on)

Are there not any families (near enough to where each of us live) who
will regularly "get together" for a simple (no special preparations that
would need to be made, or set up), and friendly game of some sport
that the families could enjoy "playing" together?

This has been thought about, and written about before, by others, but
am wondering if anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog has
thought deeply about this. That's, by the way, not an insult, but just a
question. Have we all thought "deeply" about this, before? Really?

Just wondering......

Perhaps there are a few families "out there (in America, I mean; but
anywhere, where home-educating families live)" who have pondered
this topic, and have determined that they will think very seriously
about this, in the future, and will make wise choices for their children,
regarding any participation in "organized sports teams."

Personally, we have had quite a challenge finding other home-educating
families who are willing to get together, regularly, to play a "friendly
game" of most any sport that they like to play, with more than one
other person. (who is a true believer) Not for competition, but for
fellowship, and for the enjoyment of the more physically-active members
of each family.

We are to live a "set-apart" life that pleases God. It does not mean
we don't do anything with anyone else, ever. It means we are to live
at a standard, spiritually, that is "higher" than the world's standard,
for things such as sports. Honestly, there were no official sports
that so many great men and women participated in "on a team"
back in the 1600s, and 1700s, and 1800s, and 1900s. So, why do
parents now think that their "home-educated" children "need"
a sports team to join?

Does getting our children 'signed up' to play on an "organized team"
truly benefit them, or the family, in their relationship (that they are
growing in) with The Lord, ...
with all the costs involved in that, and the schedules that often make
life "rather hard" for those who have babies in arms, or young
toddlers, ... or ... others who would like to do something they enjoy,
but these "other members" of the family cannot pursue "those other,"
worthwhile pursuits, because "the family" is, each week, or every
few weeks, at "the game" that one, or two, of the family's children
are "playing at" *with their team.* (ouch!)

Is anyone else concerned about this? I continue to see others
pursuing trying to get their home-taught children onto local
public-school sports teams, just because the parents are already
paying property taxes which support the local school district's
pursuits of any kind, but including sports that the local school
participates in.
By the way, what year did "sports teams" first become a
"regular part" of the public school system? Do you all know?
There are many, many years, in America (the USA) in which
men and women were found attending public schools where
The Bible was taught, each day, and ... there were no "sports
teams." Just some food for thought.

We are to live in moderation, doing things that give God glory.
We are to pursue peace with other believers.
We are to dwell among others "in agape love," which is "love
in action" but according to God's Ways and not our ways, as
humans. His Ways are higher than our ways. His Thoughts
are higher than our thoughts.

Am just thinking.
I know you are, too.

God bless you all in all you do for God's glory!!
... am hoping to share some links to information about the
lives of those who are known worldwide, but whose lives
did not include them playing on "sports teams" regularly
as part of their overall educational program ... of the "school"
they attended.

... and by the way, in my earlier years of life, yes, I actually
did run sprint races on foot, and played tennis, and ... swam
whenever I could (but not on a team), water-skiied (Dad
had a boat), and ..., in my 30s, learned to snow ski, and
much more. But do these things have to be done "on a team?"

Can we not consider these "sometimes events" when we get
to take time out, after our other responsibilities are as
fulfilled as can fulfill them, ... and "rest" (?) by playing some
physical game, that's not unhealthy or wicked, ... with others
who are believers? ... just for some enjoyment, out of doors?
... or, in the case of ping pong, or carpet ball, we can "play"

Let's provoke one another unto good works.
Our young people are actually inspired to get together, and
join in a voluntary effort to rake leaves in an elderly neighbor's
yard! Or help them with laundry or dishwashing, or simple
meal preparations, when an elderly neighbor, or church
member, is ill and needs help with this.
Do we want to work in cooperation with The Lord to develop
"a servant's heart" in our own children?
If not, then why did we choose to home educate them?
The kind of "work" I mention, with regard to helping an
elderly person "does" involve physical effort. But, the
spiritual aspect, of taking the opportunity to do something
that blesses the other person, is worth more than gold to
our young people's hearts and souls!

... keep thinking .....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

regarding how to protect your family's health & yours

We all live very busy lives. We do want to make good, wise decisions.
Regarding vaccinations, and "the swine flu scare," we all need to know the facts.
Below are a few more website links, and several videos, which should help you in decisions you will need to make.
These websites were shared by folks who are very well informed about this area of information and knowledge. This has to do with American vaccines. If you are in another country, I do not know what is being done in your country. These may help you, but these should be of interest to people in America (the United States, for as long as we may continue to call it that).

Not sure who else is very much aware already of the various medical personnel who are strongly against vaccinating, but ... thought you may want to know about the first link (below) to a webpage with several videos on it.
Some of you may already be aware of this. For those who had not yet become aware of this information, am sharing it in hopes it will help someone make a wise, informed decision.

Below is another link with a video which is quite informative.

(yes, I do realize the subtitles are in Spanish. But the speakers on the video do speak in English.)

Below are links for two pages on the website of an organization (Natural Solutions Foundation) that has been sharing very helpful, accurate medical information, keeping many informed about the swine flu "scare."

Please read what you can benefit from on these, for your better health and for the protection of your children.

Some of these sites contain information I would not endorse. Please overlook what you disagree with (with regard to requests for money you don't have, or are not able to send; they are only trying to defend each person's legal right, under our U. S. Constitution, to choose whether or not to be vaccinated. It is not legally necessary for anyone to receive any vaccination, even those which are supposedly "the law" in many, or most, U. S. states. This is true.
For the most part, what is shared (medically and regarding informed consent, and making one's own medical decisions oneself) on these websites has been proven by other evidence, from others, to be accurate and truthful.

Just wanting to help you and your family.

There are many other informative websites & youtube videos on this topic. These were recent ones.
Those who disagree (on this "issue"), please take it to The Lord on your knees. He alone has all the wisdom any of us needs, to do the right thing.

May God bless you in all you do for His glory!

Knowing the truth will only help you to make a decision you will not regret.
Thinking you have no "other" options, when someone tells you you "need" to be vaccinated, is not the truth.
Please do all you can, by using all available resources you trust, to do what you believe is right, about you and your family's health decisions.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Read David Wilkerson's devotional for Oct. 28, 2009

The devotional I want to share with you can be read, online, at the link below.
I wish I could copy it here, in its entirety. I would need to obtain permission to do that. (sorry!)

I can't wait.
So, am sharing the link to his "blog" below, so you can "go there" and look for the Oct. 28, 2009, devotional he wrote.

David Wilkerson is the pastor at Times Square Church, in downtown New York City, USA.

Please, when you get to David's blog site, read the devotional about "having failed" ( will check the correct title ) and consider what he shares there.

Take heart! You are not alone!
The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah did go through much, emotionally, that we are not aware of. He truly "is" able to empathize with any negative feelings we experience while trying to follow Him, doing His Will from our hearts, for His Glory and Praise!

Remember He looks at your heart, your motive-ator! He knows "why" you were endeavouring to accomplish something for Him, for His Kingdom, for His glory! He does not see what you've done as a failure. He knows what the potential is, and whose life was positively affected by your efforts. And He knows how you prayed, before, during and after what you did "for Him."

Keep trusting. After a farmer has sown his seeds, he must wait on The Father in Heaven, Who sends the good rains, ... until the little plants begin to grow. Sometimes we do not see "the fruit" of our labors, until much later, ... or maybe, not ever (on earth). But wait until the true Harvest Time, in Heaven! That is when we will see the truth about what came about, as a result of our prayers, the vision He gave us, and what we did with the vision.

He understands! He "is" Understanding!
He "is" Compassion!
He loves you with an everlasting Love!

Friday, October 23, 2009

two bits of information for you re: "pandemic triumph & eugenic threat"

This link (below) should take you to a webpage you can read an update on, that I received after my former post, plus some more information you will need to know. Please read this prayerfully!

The pressure on the administration in Washington, D. C., seems to be working,
but we cannot become complacent!
Please, please, continue praying, crying out to God, and doing what you can, to spread the word
that this is not over yet.
This is only one battle.
The "other side" will not give up.
We cannot.
God is on our side!

He never loses even a single battle!
We fight battles in prayer, on our knees!
He takes it from there, and does all the rest!
The battle "is" The Lord's.

More details about the results of the "Stop the Shot" efforts of the Natural Solutions Foundation can be read at:

"pandemic triumph and eugenic threat" shared by Natural Solutions Foundation

Please visit the Natural Solutions Foundation website, using the link below:

"Stop the Shot" Federal Case (was) filed Friday --

You will find enough information there to keep you informed about what is going on with our healthcare, and specifically, with the (planned beforehand; before there was any outbreak of "the swine flu," so-called) H1N1 "swine flu" vaccine.

You may sign up to receive free, email newsletter updates, also, if you like.

Below is an email alert, that I was asked to share with everyone who will read it.
It does include an appeal to support this effort to keep our legislators "under fire,"
so they will "beware" that what they do does affect them, and everyone whose life
they intend to affect. We must hold these men (and women) responsible for their
actions, as "our" legislators!

Please read, and pray, at the very least!






How Push Back IS Working:

First we announced Push Back at the NY rally for licensed health care workers threatened with job loss if they refused the shots:

Then We Filed the STOP THE SHOT complaint in Federal Court:

Next we filed the Motion for Injunction:

And then we declared victory when HHS Sec. Sebelius admitted
the "Swine Flu" was already "peaking" and the vaccines wouldn't be
ready "in time" ... Pandemic canceled!

Now, on the heels of our success, we're moving ahead with a
Health Freedom Money Bomb!

EUGENOCIDE: Death By Decree
Coming Soon to A Doctor Attending You

However, if you think the war is won because we won this battle, you are mistaken. Click here,, to read some disturbing information on the UK/US plan for "cost cutting," Nazi style eugenocide in the UK AND the US! Genocide through eugenics means putting sick people to death with narcotics, falsifying death certificates and telling us that we should be glad that health care costs have been reduced. Health? Freedom?

While you are at it, take a look at these Florida Statutes, quoted without alteration from Florida Public Health Statutes General Provisions which turn bureaucratic decrees into judicial findings without due process, judge or jury, just as the Natural Solutions Foundation has been warning:

81.0015 Presumptions. -- The authority, action, and proceedings of the department in enforcing the rules adopted by it under the provisions of this chapter shall be regarded as judicial in nature and treated as prima facie just and legal.

381.0025 2nd Degree misdemeanor for not complying with test, treatment, examination, quarantine or vaccination...

381.0025 Penalties. -- (1) Any person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter, any quarantine, or any rule adopted by the department under the provisions of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
[This appears to mean a mandatory prison sentence. That's the way I read it: 60 days. - Ralph Fucetola JD]

(2) Any person who interferes with, hinders, or opposes any employee of the department in the discharge of his or her duties pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, chapter 386, chapter 513, or chapter 514, or who impersonates an employee of the department, is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

(3) Any person who maliciously disseminates any false rumor or report concerning the existence of any infectious or contagious disease is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
[This means that a "Pandemic Deny-er" becomes a criminal. First Amendment, anyone? - Ralph Fucetola JD].

MUST SEE Featured Video:

Here Are Important, Effective Action Items to Alert and Motivate Everyone You Can Reach -

Fill in once for each member of your household:

Demand CDC Recommend Vaccine Exemptions!

No Forced Vaccinations!

I am not a Pharma Serf!

Ask each person to fill it out once for each member of their household and pass it on as widely as possible. Share this Health Freedom Action eAlert with every person and organization you can reach.

Health Freedom Money Bomb!

Checkout Our Funding Thermometer!


Now that we forced the FDA to cancel their immediate plans for medical fascism and the induction of a pandemic, we have a long, hard battle ahead of us. We won this round, but we are far from a permanent victory over the depoulationists and fascists. In celebration of this extraordinary triumph of sanity and collective Push Back, please CLICK HERE to make a tax deductible donation of $1 for each member of your family who has been spared the dangers of this untested, unsafe and unnecessary vaccine! No squalene in a syringe poisoning you and your loved ones. Now we have to fend off whatever they have in store for the next go around AND prosecute the law suit which will challenge the entire vaccine approval process.

Isn't that worth a donation in honor of you and each of your loved ones? If you can donate using a multiple of $5 or $10 or more for each person, please do. If not, then please make your donation at the $1 rate. It all adds up and we've got a war to finance, here!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Educational websites you will benefit from

Below are some of the many helpful websites The Lord
has let me find.
Hope they will also inspire and help you, as you endeavour
to educate your children to walk in the Way of the Master,
Yeshua the Messiah, our precious Lord, Saviour, Best Friend,
and Redeemer and King!
He is wonderful, awesome and miraculous in power, in Love,
in patience, in Mercy, in Grace He gives us each day, and in
The Shalom Peace He gives which passes all understanding!


Ornament Publications
many good materials for teaching Godly
character and games that are wonderful!
We love all that this lady offers!


The Utmost Way Magazine
a home education online-only magazine
(our family's main website)
with many links to other sites, a research library,
articles on What They Don't Want You to Know,
links to modest clothing sewing ministry,
links to Utmost Ministries,
to a Biblical Approach to better Health,
links to Frameable Media,
links to Utmost Designs website design business,
links to an International On-line Homeschool Book Fair
open all year long, no entry fees, no parking fees,
just lots of websites to go and find what you need
to meet your home education needs


The Foundation for American Christian Education


Systematic Mathematics
This math program is one of the best!
I really like it!
Very well designed and thought out!

Making Math Meaningful
from David Quine, of Cornerstore Curriculum Project.
We know this man!
His math program is also wonderful to use!
He tells the instructor what to do, & what to say.
It has some very enjoyable lesson pages for our
young people to learn with! What fun!
Thanks, David!

The Institute for Creation Research -- you must visit
this site! They share with us their wonderfully-designed,
free, online version of their "Acts & Facts" magazine. I
love it! Technical, and understandable, but always inspired
and useful, for those of us wanting to know more about
God's creation, from a truthful viewpoint!
Please visit their site!

Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, TX
This is Dr. Carl Baugh's educational website!
Many good materials & books for educators to
learn from and use!

Answers in Genesis
This is Ken Ham's educational website.

Dinosaur AdventureLand
and Creation Science Evangelism (Pensacola, FL)
Dr. Kent Hovind's ministry
When you go to this site, through the link here,
look for the book store area. He offers many
helpful, educational materials & books! Even
high-school and college-level books on specific
scientific subjects! Check it out!


Visual Manna
Visual Manna's Sharon Jeffus has done it again! She is
a wonderful art teacher!, but ... She has written and
developed a phonics reading program, using art!! It is
called Artsy Animals. Please visit her site and see what
she has to offer, to help you teach your children art at
any level / age, or to help you teach phonics, or English,
or science, or about the Renaissance period of history,
or ... ! It's all there! You won't want to miss this great
website! Their materials are so easy to use, and so inspiring!
I have not found any better art materials, and we have
been home educating our children for over 15 years!
Check out her "Links" page! It's great! Not a long list, but
a valuable one!
( we know Sharon personally )

You can also find "free" art lessons on the Visual Manna
The approach to art that Visual Manna "takes" is so use-able,
so practical, and ...a blessing to use! You will like it! Give it a
try! She also offers hands-on art lesson workshops!
Contact her, through the website, about one of these!


Institute for Excellence in Writing

Andrew Pudewa's brilliant writing curriculum and his
spelling (and other) educational materials! wow! What
would homeschoolers do without him to help us along?
He is such a blessing!

Knowledge Quest Maps is Terri Johnson's amazing
geographical treasure chest, to me! She has materials
I wish I had had in the 1990s, when I was teaching our
first 3 children! oh my! Now, I can use what Terri has
designed with our next 3 students! Praise the Lord!
Her blank maps ... are great fun for all 3 of my children
to write on. With copies we make, we can use them over
and over, even including different land features, or other
information, for other studies, such as our family travels,
in some cases! And the maps with the names for cities or
rivers, or other geographical information filled in, ... bring
a big smile to a teacher's face! They are so easy to use,
along with most any curriculum or history book! I have
not found such helpful maps elsewhere in this format!
Please visit her site, and also visit her blog, for more ideas!
Terri is a generous lady, offering great deals on her thorough,
helpful materials, that help in teaching both world and U.S.
history !
Thank you, Terri, for doing such a good job at what you do!


Grace and Truth Books
(this is copied from Dennis' main webpage; it sums up
what Grace and Truth Books is about)
"At Grace & Truth Books, our focus is: To bring the rich
heritage of character-building books of past centuries to
this generation of Christian families! And as you train your
children, remember to nourish your own soul on the Word
of God! For the great need of our children is godly parents
whose own souls are well-fed and strong in the Lord."
I very much appreciate the work Dennis and his family have
done to produce and offer so many wonderful, high-quality
books to parents who educate their children at home, and
anyone else who appreciates God-honoring books.
(we know Dennis personally)
Thank you, Dennis !


Heart of Dakota Publishing

a very well-done, and do-able (for busy mommas)
curriculum, using literature studies to enhance
your "teaching time" ( I call it )
For example, in her "Hearts For Him Through Time:
Creation to Christ," you will find the following:
She includes daily lesson "plans" written "for you"
with readings from living history "spines" (she says),
and she includes "poetry, math, science and
all areas of language arts" "scheduled for you"
allowing you "to do the subjects in any order."
This will save you much time! She has done
the work of planning it out "for" you!
Check out this curriculum!

A great site for those of us who home educate our children!
Please visit this one!
Go to the link below (copy and paste it, yourself) to find the
great links she has, for ...

"Our Favorite Homeschooling Resources & Websites" ...

Above is the link for Diane Flynn Keith's website which
shares ways she has found help to teach children "good
things" while you are in the car with them. Many educational
learning moments can happen, while you are driving somewhere!

Karen Andreola's site dedicated to sharing about her way
of home education, using the Charlotte Mason method.
The link takes you to a page on her site sharing about
"Living Books for the Mind and Heart"

Catherine Levison's "Charlotte Mason Education" practical
method site for those who home educate their children and
prefer using the Charlotte Mason method

At this link, you can find a good offer for ...
... well, Cynthia says it best, on her webpage:

"Book of Centuries is a history timeline in a book or notebook.
It is a terrific tool for making history come alive for your
students, as it helps them to see the connections between
the various people and events that they study. It will pull
together ALL of your history lessons and can be used with
ANY curriculum!

My new ebook Step by Step: Book of Centuries will
guide you through creating and using a history timeline
notebook, but it will also do SO MUCH MORE! In fact, it
contains lots of information that will help you with teaching
history in any format!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Anne Elliot's "Anne's School Place" has a great list of website
links for you to find, at the link I have set up, above. ;o) You
will like all that she has on her site! So helpful! Visit her site
and you will be glad you did!


Tomorrow's Forefathers
(Mally family ministry to families and fathers)
When you go to this site, through the link above, click on the
"Store" portion, which should take you to where they offer
books, CDs, DVDs, and an area for education info. for Dads
and for those who have young ladies who want to grow up
to become virtuous, God-fearing women, whose lives glorify
The Lord -- using the Bright Lights materials they have put
together to help families trying to raise Godly generations.


Heart of Wisdom Publishing
a Biblical, more Hebrew method of education,
using the Bible as the foundation


Titus2 ministry (Steve and Teri Maxwell)

(I include this website link, because this family
offers a well-designed "system" to help large
families get more organized in "daily scheduling"
of learning times, activities, and lessons (such
as music lessons and practice times), in a way
that many have found more workable than other


Education PLUS (Inge Cannon)
Many helps for home educators, and help with
high school transcripts!


The Sycamore Tree
"making home education easy since 1981"

Shekinah Curriculum Cellar's discount homeschool
book and curriculum "storehouse." wow! They sure
have lots of choices, of materials, books, curriculum
and related "stuff" that all of us can use! Choose to
receive their free email newsletter, and you will be
glad you know, ahead of others, about their monthly
specials and any other helpful information, about
what they offer!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

thoughts shared by Isaiah, in chapter 64

The book of Isaiah, to me, becomes more and more a very sure word from God, my Father, Almighty, for me to ponder (meditate on), as I read it.

Chapter 64, of the book of Isaiah, seems to me to be a veery good source of some great encouragement, because God does treat all His children much as He has dealt with His people Israel.

Below, I have typed out chapter 64 of Isaiah. I trust God's Words will also encourage you and cause you to ponder His Truth, and His mighty ways.

"Oh that Thou wouldest rend the Heavens, that Thou wouldest come down, that the mountains would flow down at Thy Presence,
As when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth the waters to boil (sound like a volcano?), to make Thy Name known to Thine adversaries, that the nations may tremble at Thy Presence!
When Thou didst terrible (awesome) things which we looked not for, Thou camest down, the mountains flowed down at Thy Presence.
For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, not perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside Thee, what He hath prepared for him that waiteth for Him.
Thou meetest him that rejoiceth and worketh Righteousness, those that remember Thee in Thy Ways: behold, Thou art wroth; for we have sinned; in those is continuance, and we shall be saved. (delivered)
But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.
And there is none that calleth upon Thy Name (haShem; YHVH), that stirreth up himself to take hold of Thee: for Thou hast hid Thy Face from us, and hast consumed us, because of our iniquities.
But now, O Lord (YHVH), Thou art our Father; we are the clay, and Thou our potter; and we are all the work of Thy Hand.
Be not wroth very sore, O Lord (YHVH), neither remember iniquity forever: behold, see, we beseech Thee, we are all Thy people.
Thy holy cities are a wilderness, Zion is a wilderness, Jerusalem a desolation (at the time of Isaiah's life on earth).
Our holy and beautiful house, where our fathers praised Thee, is burned up with fire: and all our pleasant things are laid waste. (at the time of Isaiah's life on earth)
Wilt Thou refrain Thyself for these things, O Lord? (YHVH) wilt Thou hold Thy Peace, and afflict us very sore?"

Isaiah pleads with his Father in Heaven, His Deliverer, to come and ... though he realizes he and his fellow companions, the Israelites, are not deserving of God's deliverance, he asks, nevertheless, for God to bring His "salvation" forth, on their behalf, because ... he acknowledges that he, and all others who are God's children, are "the clay" and God, our Father, is "the Potter." He, alone, knows what to do to "shape us" into the "vessels of honor" that He designed us, originally, to become.

To me, this passage is a reminder that God will, ultimately, and even during our lifetime on earth, reward those who "wait on Him," and He will "meet" (with?) him "that rejoiceth (continually) and worketh (produces, or does) righteousness (continually)," ... if we believe in Him, as our Father in Heaven, and as The God of Israel, and as The One Whose only-begotten Son, Yeshua (Jesus), chose (voluntarily, willingly) to come to earth to live (fulfilling over 350 prophecies made by God's true prophets in the Tanakh, the Old Testament, some call the Old Covenant), suffer,
die (as a result of taking upon Himself all the sins of all the people who have ever lived on this earth, ... at one point in time, ... while He was 'hanging' on the 'cursed tree,' the Roman execution stake, which most call "the cross"), and then, be resurrected to His glorified Life (eternal) on the third day, after He was dead in the grave, ... according to God's Word (the Scriptures). (according to the Old Testament prophets' words)

He promises to "meet" those "that remember Him in His Ways.

He realizes "we are all as an unclean thing...." Yet, He still chooses to offer us, and cover us, with His (unconditional) Love. ... if only we will believe in Him, trust in His Name, and surrender our lives to The Lord of all, Who made all things, and Who designed us to praise & glorify Him. Since this is in complete agreement with how we were designed, in our mother's womb, then it "fits." Yet, so many resist.

He says, of us (before we trusted in Him), that "all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags." Even after we have trusted in The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) for salvation (for deliverance from the punishment / penalty, and the power of sin, from the punishment we deserve for our iniquities), all the best that we could do, are as filthy, to the Holy God (YHVH, The I AM), as "filthy rags" which are to be cast out and burned, because they have no further value to anyone.

However, He then "rescues us" from "the depths" and chooses to love us, instead, though we were as good as dead, and the best we could do is no better than the rubbish in a garbage dump. Why? Because to love is His Nature. (His true character "is" Love)

We are "the work" of His Hand. Let's live as if we believe this thought! He cannot lie. It is the Truth.
He has formed us, as a potter forms clay to be a vessel of honor.
He has all Wisdom and all Knowledge.
Even if we are ungrateful, He has still chosen us, and designed us, to work in cooperation with Him to produce good, and to do what He calls "righteousness." If we do, our lives will bring glory and praise to His Holy Name. That, then, will bless us, in our souls. We will rejoice (in Him, alone)! And His Name will be exalted!

The Word of The Lord inspires me!
I trust it inspires you, also.
May we study it, and learn from it, every day, so that He can build us up "in Messiah Yeshua (in Christ Jesus)!" We are complete in Him, if we have trusted Yeshua (Jesus) as our Deliverer, Redeemer, Saviour and Lord. But to "walk with Him," and "abide in Him," we must realize the Truths that Isaiah shares with us, in this passage, along with many other Truths God has to share with us, using many men to get those thoughts / truths into our souls.

Only when I realize what God says is True, and apply it to my own life, and leave behind my old ways of thinking, and my wrong attitudes, will I do what God sees as "righteous." I want to live in harmony with my Maker. Don't you?

... this week, I plan to walk in His triumphal victory march, as mentioned in II Corinthians 2: 14. Let's do it together, so His Name is glorifed! He is Lord! He deserves all our praise! We are learning to shine as lights, reflecting His true Light, upon anyone who will look to see it. If our lives have integrity, by yielding our rights and expectations to Him, then we "will" shine.

Daniel 12: 3 shares
"And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to Righteousness (shall shine) as the stars forever and ever."


thoughtful words in Jeremiah 51:15-19

A passage in the book of Jeremiah, chapter 51, from verse 15 through 19, speaks some of the Truth God likes to use to teach us more of His Wisdom. I trust it will encourage and inspire you to prayer, and to see some things God still wants us to remember are true.

Some, on this earth, think that the chosen people of God (His people Israel) are not "His people" any more, but this is due to a sad misunderstanding. God has never abandoned His chosen people Israel. He has never forsaken them.

I find that, when I disobey, God has to let me go through (what I'd call) "consequences." These are seen, in our lives, as negative circumstances -- sometimes trouble, suffering, loss of blessing of some sort, or loss of income, and more possible options. Only God, my Father Who loves me more than I know, is wise enough to know what will turn my heart back to Him, to trust again in Him, and obey His Word, again, after a time when He has had to chastise me, in some way.

His usual aim in chastising His children (of Israel, and also His children by faith like that of Abraham; they are called the children of faith, in the book of Hebrews) is to open their (spiritual) eyes to see what He wanted them to see: that if they, or we, would obey Him, He would bless us and be with us in a special way, working on our behalf, to cause our enemies to shudder, to cause fear to rise up in the hearts of God's enemies (as He did when Gideon believed YHVH and obeyed His Word / command to Gideon and his men), ... and to prosper us, spiritually, in our souls, and in our lives, as well, so that His enemies are shown to be who they truly are. (fakes, failures and deceivers)

The Lord uses His people Israel, over and over, to show us what we are also like, if we are children of faith, believing God's Word like faithful Abraham.

Anyway, wanted to share this passage, from the book of Jeremiah, so ... here it is:

"He hath made the earth by His Power, He hath established the world by His Wisdom, and (He) hath stretched out the Heaven by His Understanding.
When He uttereth His Voice, there is a multitude of waters in the Heavens; and He causeth the vapors to ascend from the ends of the earth: He maketh lightnings with rain, and bringeth forth the wind out of His Treasures.
Every man is brutish by His Knowledge; every founder (who makes molded or carved things) is confounded by the graven image: for his molten image if falsehood, and there is no breath in them.
They are vanity, the work of errors: in the time of their visitation they shall perish.
The portion of Jacob is not like them; for He is the former of all things: and Israel is the rod of His Inheritance: The Lord of hosts is His Name."


God's Word always becomes True, sooner or later.
He chooses when His Word will "come true." (in "historical time")
He chooses how to bring it about.
He knows all things, and is present at all times in what we call the history of this world.
Because He is God Almighty, and does not dwell "in time," but dwells in eternity, He is able to tell us things which are True, but which we do not, yet, understand, or see with our physical eyes, but which will come about, in time.

Keep trusting in The Lord Almighty, The God of Israel. He will cause His Will, for His chosen people, and for all who have been grafted into His Vine (Israel), by His Hand, and by His Power, to come about.
And, some day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) is Lord (Adonai, Master), to the glory of God The Father.

Philippians 2: 9-11
"Where God (The Father) hath also highly exalted Him, and given Him a Name which is above every name: That at The Name of Yeshua (Jesus) every knee should bow, of things in Heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) is Lord, to the glory of God The Father."

"Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (!):
They shall prosper that love thee."
-- Psalm 122:7