Saturday, October 31, 2009

regarding how to protect your family's health & yours

We all live very busy lives. We do want to make good, wise decisions.
Regarding vaccinations, and "the swine flu scare," we all need to know the facts.
Below are a few more website links, and several videos, which should help you in decisions you will need to make.
These websites were shared by folks who are very well informed about this area of information and knowledge. This has to do with American vaccines. If you are in another country, I do not know what is being done in your country. These may help you, but these should be of interest to people in America (the United States, for as long as we may continue to call it that).

Not sure who else is very much aware already of the various medical personnel who are strongly against vaccinating, but ... thought you may want to know about the first link (below) to a webpage with several videos on it.
Some of you may already be aware of this. For those who had not yet become aware of this information, am sharing it in hopes it will help someone make a wise, informed decision.

Below is another link with a video which is quite informative.

(yes, I do realize the subtitles are in Spanish. But the speakers on the video do speak in English.)

Below are links for two pages on the website of an organization (Natural Solutions Foundation) that has been sharing very helpful, accurate medical information, keeping many informed about the swine flu "scare."

Please read what you can benefit from on these, for your better health and for the protection of your children.

Some of these sites contain information I would not endorse. Please overlook what you disagree with (with regard to requests for money you don't have, or are not able to send; they are only trying to defend each person's legal right, under our U. S. Constitution, to choose whether or not to be vaccinated. It is not legally necessary for anyone to receive any vaccination, even those which are supposedly "the law" in many, or most, U. S. states. This is true.
For the most part, what is shared (medically and regarding informed consent, and making one's own medical decisions oneself) on these websites has been proven by other evidence, from others, to be accurate and truthful.

Just wanting to help you and your family.

There are many other informative websites & youtube videos on this topic. These were recent ones.
Those who disagree (on this "issue"), please take it to The Lord on your knees. He alone has all the wisdom any of us needs, to do the right thing.

May God bless you in all you do for His glory!

Knowing the truth will only help you to make a decision you will not regret.
Thinking you have no "other" options, when someone tells you you "need" to be vaccinated, is not the truth.
Please do all you can, by using all available resources you trust, to do what you believe is right, about you and your family's health decisions.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Read David Wilkerson's devotional for Oct. 28, 2009

The devotional I want to share with you can be read, online, at the link below.
I wish I could copy it here, in its entirety. I would need to obtain permission to do that. (sorry!)

I can't wait.
So, am sharing the link to his "blog" below, so you can "go there" and look for the Oct. 28, 2009, devotional he wrote.

David Wilkerson is the pastor at Times Square Church, in downtown New York City, USA.

Please, when you get to David's blog site, read the devotional about "having failed" ( will check the correct title ) and consider what he shares there.

Take heart! You are not alone!
The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah did go through much, emotionally, that we are not aware of. He truly "is" able to empathize with any negative feelings we experience while trying to follow Him, doing His Will from our hearts, for His Glory and Praise!

Remember He looks at your heart, your motive-ator! He knows "why" you were endeavouring to accomplish something for Him, for His Kingdom, for His glory! He does not see what you've done as a failure. He knows what the potential is, and whose life was positively affected by your efforts. And He knows how you prayed, before, during and after what you did "for Him."

Keep trusting. After a farmer has sown his seeds, he must wait on The Father in Heaven, Who sends the good rains, ... until the little plants begin to grow. Sometimes we do not see "the fruit" of our labors, until much later, ... or maybe, not ever (on earth). But wait until the true Harvest Time, in Heaven! That is when we will see the truth about what came about, as a result of our prayers, the vision He gave us, and what we did with the vision.

He understands! He "is" Understanding!
He "is" Compassion!
He loves you with an everlasting Love!

Friday, October 23, 2009

two bits of information for you re: "pandemic triumph & eugenic threat"

This link (below) should take you to a webpage you can read an update on, that I received after my former post, plus some more information you will need to know. Please read this prayerfully!

The pressure on the administration in Washington, D. C., seems to be working,
but we cannot become complacent!
Please, please, continue praying, crying out to God, and doing what you can, to spread the word
that this is not over yet.
This is only one battle.
The "other side" will not give up.
We cannot.
God is on our side!

He never loses even a single battle!
We fight battles in prayer, on our knees!
He takes it from there, and does all the rest!
The battle "is" The Lord's.

More details about the results of the "Stop the Shot" efforts of the Natural Solutions Foundation can be read at:

"pandemic triumph and eugenic threat" shared by Natural Solutions Foundation

Please visit the Natural Solutions Foundation website, using the link below:

"Stop the Shot" Federal Case (was) filed Friday --

You will find enough information there to keep you informed about what is going on with our healthcare, and specifically, with the (planned beforehand; before there was any outbreak of "the swine flu," so-called) H1N1 "swine flu" vaccine.

You may sign up to receive free, email newsletter updates, also, if you like.

Below is an email alert, that I was asked to share with everyone who will read it.
It does include an appeal to support this effort to keep our legislators "under fire,"
so they will "beware" that what they do does affect them, and everyone whose life
they intend to affect. We must hold these men (and women) responsible for their
actions, as "our" legislators!

Please read, and pray, at the very least!






How Push Back IS Working:

First we announced Push Back at the NY rally for licensed health care workers threatened with job loss if they refused the shots:

Then We Filed the STOP THE SHOT complaint in Federal Court:

Next we filed the Motion for Injunction:

And then we declared victory when HHS Sec. Sebelius admitted
the "Swine Flu" was already "peaking" and the vaccines wouldn't be
ready "in time" ... Pandemic canceled!

Now, on the heels of our success, we're moving ahead with a
Health Freedom Money Bomb!

EUGENOCIDE: Death By Decree
Coming Soon to A Doctor Attending You

However, if you think the war is won because we won this battle, you are mistaken. Click here,, to read some disturbing information on the UK/US plan for "cost cutting," Nazi style eugenocide in the UK AND the US! Genocide through eugenics means putting sick people to death with narcotics, falsifying death certificates and telling us that we should be glad that health care costs have been reduced. Health? Freedom?

While you are at it, take a look at these Florida Statutes, quoted without alteration from Florida Public Health Statutes General Provisions which turn bureaucratic decrees into judicial findings without due process, judge or jury, just as the Natural Solutions Foundation has been warning:

81.0015 Presumptions. -- The authority, action, and proceedings of the department in enforcing the rules adopted by it under the provisions of this chapter shall be regarded as judicial in nature and treated as prima facie just and legal.

381.0025 2nd Degree misdemeanor for not complying with test, treatment, examination, quarantine or vaccination...

381.0025 Penalties. -- (1) Any person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter, any quarantine, or any rule adopted by the department under the provisions of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
[This appears to mean a mandatory prison sentence. That's the way I read it: 60 days. - Ralph Fucetola JD]

(2) Any person who interferes with, hinders, or opposes any employee of the department in the discharge of his or her duties pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, chapter 386, chapter 513, or chapter 514, or who impersonates an employee of the department, is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

(3) Any person who maliciously disseminates any false rumor or report concerning the existence of any infectious or contagious disease is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
[This means that a "Pandemic Deny-er" becomes a criminal. First Amendment, anyone? - Ralph Fucetola JD].

MUST SEE Featured Video:

Here Are Important, Effective Action Items to Alert and Motivate Everyone You Can Reach -

Fill in once for each member of your household:

Demand CDC Recommend Vaccine Exemptions!

No Forced Vaccinations!

I am not a Pharma Serf!

Ask each person to fill it out once for each member of their household and pass it on as widely as possible. Share this Health Freedom Action eAlert with every person and organization you can reach.

Health Freedom Money Bomb!

Checkout Our Funding Thermometer!


Now that we forced the FDA to cancel their immediate plans for medical fascism and the induction of a pandemic, we have a long, hard battle ahead of us. We won this round, but we are far from a permanent victory over the depoulationists and fascists. In celebration of this extraordinary triumph of sanity and collective Push Back, please CLICK HERE to make a tax deductible donation of $1 for each member of your family who has been spared the dangers of this untested, unsafe and unnecessary vaccine! No squalene in a syringe poisoning you and your loved ones. Now we have to fend off whatever they have in store for the next go around AND prosecute the law suit which will challenge the entire vaccine approval process.

Isn't that worth a donation in honor of you and each of your loved ones? If you can donate using a multiple of $5 or $10 or more for each person, please do. If not, then please make your donation at the $1 rate. It all adds up and we've got a war to finance, here!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Educational websites you will benefit from

Below are some of the many helpful websites The Lord
has let me find.
Hope they will also inspire and help you, as you endeavour
to educate your children to walk in the Way of the Master,
Yeshua the Messiah, our precious Lord, Saviour, Best Friend,
and Redeemer and King!
He is wonderful, awesome and miraculous in power, in Love,
in patience, in Mercy, in Grace He gives us each day, and in
The Shalom Peace He gives which passes all understanding!


Ornament Publications
many good materials for teaching Godly
character and games that are wonderful!
We love all that this lady offers!


The Utmost Way Magazine
a home education online-only magazine
(our family's main website)
with many links to other sites, a research library,
articles on What They Don't Want You to Know,
links to modest clothing sewing ministry,
links to Utmost Ministries,
to a Biblical Approach to better Health,
links to Frameable Media,
links to Utmost Designs website design business,
links to an International On-line Homeschool Book Fair
open all year long, no entry fees, no parking fees,
just lots of websites to go and find what you need
to meet your home education needs


The Foundation for American Christian Education


Systematic Mathematics
This math program is one of the best!
I really like it!
Very well designed and thought out!

Making Math Meaningful
from David Quine, of Cornerstore Curriculum Project.
We know this man!
His math program is also wonderful to use!
He tells the instructor what to do, & what to say.
It has some very enjoyable lesson pages for our
young people to learn with! What fun!
Thanks, David!

The Institute for Creation Research -- you must visit
this site! They share with us their wonderfully-designed,
free, online version of their "Acts & Facts" magazine. I
love it! Technical, and understandable, but always inspired
and useful, for those of us wanting to know more about
God's creation, from a truthful viewpoint!
Please visit their site!

Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, TX
This is Dr. Carl Baugh's educational website!
Many good materials & books for educators to
learn from and use!

Answers in Genesis
This is Ken Ham's educational website.

Dinosaur AdventureLand
and Creation Science Evangelism (Pensacola, FL)
Dr. Kent Hovind's ministry
When you go to this site, through the link here,
look for the book store area. He offers many
helpful, educational materials & books! Even
high-school and college-level books on specific
scientific subjects! Check it out!


Visual Manna
Visual Manna's Sharon Jeffus has done it again! She is
a wonderful art teacher!, but ... She has written and
developed a phonics reading program, using art!! It is
called Artsy Animals. Please visit her site and see what
she has to offer, to help you teach your children art at
any level / age, or to help you teach phonics, or English,
or science, or about the Renaissance period of history,
or ... ! It's all there! You won't want to miss this great
website! Their materials are so easy to use, and so inspiring!
I have not found any better art materials, and we have
been home educating our children for over 15 years!
Check out her "Links" page! It's great! Not a long list, but
a valuable one!
( we know Sharon personally )

You can also find "free" art lessons on the Visual Manna
The approach to art that Visual Manna "takes" is so use-able,
so practical, and ...a blessing to use! You will like it! Give it a
try! She also offers hands-on art lesson workshops!
Contact her, through the website, about one of these!


Institute for Excellence in Writing

Andrew Pudewa's brilliant writing curriculum and his
spelling (and other) educational materials! wow! What
would homeschoolers do without him to help us along?
He is such a blessing!

Knowledge Quest Maps is Terri Johnson's amazing
geographical treasure chest, to me! She has materials
I wish I had had in the 1990s, when I was teaching our
first 3 children! oh my! Now, I can use what Terri has
designed with our next 3 students! Praise the Lord!
Her blank maps ... are great fun for all 3 of my children
to write on. With copies we make, we can use them over
and over, even including different land features, or other
information, for other studies, such as our family travels,
in some cases! And the maps with the names for cities or
rivers, or other geographical information filled in, ... bring
a big smile to a teacher's face! They are so easy to use,
along with most any curriculum or history book! I have
not found such helpful maps elsewhere in this format!
Please visit her site, and also visit her blog, for more ideas!
Terri is a generous lady, offering great deals on her thorough,
helpful materials, that help in teaching both world and U.S.
history !
Thank you, Terri, for doing such a good job at what you do!


Grace and Truth Books
(this is copied from Dennis' main webpage; it sums up
what Grace and Truth Books is about)
"At Grace & Truth Books, our focus is: To bring the rich
heritage of character-building books of past centuries to
this generation of Christian families! And as you train your
children, remember to nourish your own soul on the Word
of God! For the great need of our children is godly parents
whose own souls are well-fed and strong in the Lord."
I very much appreciate the work Dennis and his family have
done to produce and offer so many wonderful, high-quality
books to parents who educate their children at home, and
anyone else who appreciates God-honoring books.
(we know Dennis personally)
Thank you, Dennis !


Heart of Dakota Publishing

a very well-done, and do-able (for busy mommas)
curriculum, using literature studies to enhance
your "teaching time" ( I call it )
For example, in her "Hearts For Him Through Time:
Creation to Christ," you will find the following:
She includes daily lesson "plans" written "for you"
with readings from living history "spines" (she says),
and she includes "poetry, math, science and
all areas of language arts" "scheduled for you"
allowing you "to do the subjects in any order."
This will save you much time! She has done
the work of planning it out "for" you!
Check out this curriculum!

A great site for those of us who home educate our children!
Please visit this one!
Go to the link below (copy and paste it, yourself) to find the
great links she has, for ...

"Our Favorite Homeschooling Resources & Websites" ...

Above is the link for Diane Flynn Keith's website which
shares ways she has found help to teach children "good
things" while you are in the car with them. Many educational
learning moments can happen, while you are driving somewhere!

Karen Andreola's site dedicated to sharing about her way
of home education, using the Charlotte Mason method.
The link takes you to a page on her site sharing about
"Living Books for the Mind and Heart"

Catherine Levison's "Charlotte Mason Education" practical
method site for those who home educate their children and
prefer using the Charlotte Mason method

At this link, you can find a good offer for ...
... well, Cynthia says it best, on her webpage:

"Book of Centuries is a history timeline in a book or notebook.
It is a terrific tool for making history come alive for your
students, as it helps them to see the connections between
the various people and events that they study. It will pull
together ALL of your history lessons and can be used with
ANY curriculum!

My new ebook Step by Step: Book of Centuries will
guide you through creating and using a history timeline
notebook, but it will also do SO MUCH MORE! In fact, it
contains lots of information that will help you with teaching
history in any format!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Anne Elliot's "Anne's School Place" has a great list of website
links for you to find, at the link I have set up, above. ;o) You
will like all that she has on her site! So helpful! Visit her site
and you will be glad you did!


Tomorrow's Forefathers
(Mally family ministry to families and fathers)
When you go to this site, through the link above, click on the
"Store" portion, which should take you to where they offer
books, CDs, DVDs, and an area for education info. for Dads
and for those who have young ladies who want to grow up
to become virtuous, God-fearing women, whose lives glorify
The Lord -- using the Bright Lights materials they have put
together to help families trying to raise Godly generations.


Heart of Wisdom Publishing
a Biblical, more Hebrew method of education,
using the Bible as the foundation


Titus2 ministry (Steve and Teri Maxwell)

(I include this website link, because this family
offers a well-designed "system" to help large
families get more organized in "daily scheduling"
of learning times, activities, and lessons (such
as music lessons and practice times), in a way
that many have found more workable than other


Education PLUS (Inge Cannon)
Many helps for home educators, and help with
high school transcripts!


The Sycamore Tree
"making home education easy since 1981"

Shekinah Curriculum Cellar's discount homeschool
book and curriculum "storehouse." wow! They sure
have lots of choices, of materials, books, curriculum
and related "stuff" that all of us can use! Choose to
receive their free email newsletter, and you will be
glad you know, ahead of others, about their monthly
specials and any other helpful information, about
what they offer!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

thoughts shared by Isaiah, in chapter 64

The book of Isaiah, to me, becomes more and more a very sure word from God, my Father, Almighty, for me to ponder (meditate on), as I read it.

Chapter 64, of the book of Isaiah, seems to me to be a veery good source of some great encouragement, because God does treat all His children much as He has dealt with His people Israel.

Below, I have typed out chapter 64 of Isaiah. I trust God's Words will also encourage you and cause you to ponder His Truth, and His mighty ways.

"Oh that Thou wouldest rend the Heavens, that Thou wouldest come down, that the mountains would flow down at Thy Presence,
As when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth the waters to boil (sound like a volcano?), to make Thy Name known to Thine adversaries, that the nations may tremble at Thy Presence!
When Thou didst terrible (awesome) things which we looked not for, Thou camest down, the mountains flowed down at Thy Presence.
For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, not perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside Thee, what He hath prepared for him that waiteth for Him.
Thou meetest him that rejoiceth and worketh Righteousness, those that remember Thee in Thy Ways: behold, Thou art wroth; for we have sinned; in those is continuance, and we shall be saved. (delivered)
But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.
And there is none that calleth upon Thy Name (haShem; YHVH), that stirreth up himself to take hold of Thee: for Thou hast hid Thy Face from us, and hast consumed us, because of our iniquities.
But now, O Lord (YHVH), Thou art our Father; we are the clay, and Thou our potter; and we are all the work of Thy Hand.
Be not wroth very sore, O Lord (YHVH), neither remember iniquity forever: behold, see, we beseech Thee, we are all Thy people.
Thy holy cities are a wilderness, Zion is a wilderness, Jerusalem a desolation (at the time of Isaiah's life on earth).
Our holy and beautiful house, where our fathers praised Thee, is burned up with fire: and all our pleasant things are laid waste. (at the time of Isaiah's life on earth)
Wilt Thou refrain Thyself for these things, O Lord? (YHVH) wilt Thou hold Thy Peace, and afflict us very sore?"

Isaiah pleads with his Father in Heaven, His Deliverer, to come and ... though he realizes he and his fellow companions, the Israelites, are not deserving of God's deliverance, he asks, nevertheless, for God to bring His "salvation" forth, on their behalf, because ... he acknowledges that he, and all others who are God's children, are "the clay" and God, our Father, is "the Potter." He, alone, knows what to do to "shape us" into the "vessels of honor" that He designed us, originally, to become.

To me, this passage is a reminder that God will, ultimately, and even during our lifetime on earth, reward those who "wait on Him," and He will "meet" (with?) him "that rejoiceth (continually) and worketh (produces, or does) righteousness (continually)," ... if we believe in Him, as our Father in Heaven, and as The God of Israel, and as The One Whose only-begotten Son, Yeshua (Jesus), chose (voluntarily, willingly) to come to earth to live (fulfilling over 350 prophecies made by God's true prophets in the Tanakh, the Old Testament, some call the Old Covenant), suffer,
die (as a result of taking upon Himself all the sins of all the people who have ever lived on this earth, ... at one point in time, ... while He was 'hanging' on the 'cursed tree,' the Roman execution stake, which most call "the cross"), and then, be resurrected to His glorified Life (eternal) on the third day, after He was dead in the grave, ... according to God's Word (the Scriptures). (according to the Old Testament prophets' words)

He promises to "meet" those "that remember Him in His Ways.

He realizes "we are all as an unclean thing...." Yet, He still chooses to offer us, and cover us, with His (unconditional) Love. ... if only we will believe in Him, trust in His Name, and surrender our lives to The Lord of all, Who made all things, and Who designed us to praise & glorify Him. Since this is in complete agreement with how we were designed, in our mother's womb, then it "fits." Yet, so many resist.

He says, of us (before we trusted in Him), that "all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags." Even after we have trusted in The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) for salvation (for deliverance from the punishment / penalty, and the power of sin, from the punishment we deserve for our iniquities), all the best that we could do, are as filthy, to the Holy God (YHVH, The I AM), as "filthy rags" which are to be cast out and burned, because they have no further value to anyone.

However, He then "rescues us" from "the depths" and chooses to love us, instead, though we were as good as dead, and the best we could do is no better than the rubbish in a garbage dump. Why? Because to love is His Nature. (His true character "is" Love)

We are "the work" of His Hand. Let's live as if we believe this thought! He cannot lie. It is the Truth.
He has formed us, as a potter forms clay to be a vessel of honor.
He has all Wisdom and all Knowledge.
Even if we are ungrateful, He has still chosen us, and designed us, to work in cooperation with Him to produce good, and to do what He calls "righteousness." If we do, our lives will bring glory and praise to His Holy Name. That, then, will bless us, in our souls. We will rejoice (in Him, alone)! And His Name will be exalted!

The Word of The Lord inspires me!
I trust it inspires you, also.
May we study it, and learn from it, every day, so that He can build us up "in Messiah Yeshua (in Christ Jesus)!" We are complete in Him, if we have trusted Yeshua (Jesus) as our Deliverer, Redeemer, Saviour and Lord. But to "walk with Him," and "abide in Him," we must realize the Truths that Isaiah shares with us, in this passage, along with many other Truths God has to share with us, using many men to get those thoughts / truths into our souls.

Only when I realize what God says is True, and apply it to my own life, and leave behind my old ways of thinking, and my wrong attitudes, will I do what God sees as "righteous." I want to live in harmony with my Maker. Don't you?

... this week, I plan to walk in His triumphal victory march, as mentioned in II Corinthians 2: 14. Let's do it together, so His Name is glorifed! He is Lord! He deserves all our praise! We are learning to shine as lights, reflecting His true Light, upon anyone who will look to see it. If our lives have integrity, by yielding our rights and expectations to Him, then we "will" shine.

Daniel 12: 3 shares
"And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to Righteousness (shall shine) as the stars forever and ever."


thoughtful words in Jeremiah 51:15-19

A passage in the book of Jeremiah, chapter 51, from verse 15 through 19, speaks some of the Truth God likes to use to teach us more of His Wisdom. I trust it will encourage and inspire you to prayer, and to see some things God still wants us to remember are true.

Some, on this earth, think that the chosen people of God (His people Israel) are not "His people" any more, but this is due to a sad misunderstanding. God has never abandoned His chosen people Israel. He has never forsaken them.

I find that, when I disobey, God has to let me go through (what I'd call) "consequences." These are seen, in our lives, as negative circumstances -- sometimes trouble, suffering, loss of blessing of some sort, or loss of income, and more possible options. Only God, my Father Who loves me more than I know, is wise enough to know what will turn my heart back to Him, to trust again in Him, and obey His Word, again, after a time when He has had to chastise me, in some way.

His usual aim in chastising His children (of Israel, and also His children by faith like that of Abraham; they are called the children of faith, in the book of Hebrews) is to open their (spiritual) eyes to see what He wanted them to see: that if they, or we, would obey Him, He would bless us and be with us in a special way, working on our behalf, to cause our enemies to shudder, to cause fear to rise up in the hearts of God's enemies (as He did when Gideon believed YHVH and obeyed His Word / command to Gideon and his men), ... and to prosper us, spiritually, in our souls, and in our lives, as well, so that His enemies are shown to be who they truly are. (fakes, failures and deceivers)

The Lord uses His people Israel, over and over, to show us what we are also like, if we are children of faith, believing God's Word like faithful Abraham.

Anyway, wanted to share this passage, from the book of Jeremiah, so ... here it is:

"He hath made the earth by His Power, He hath established the world by His Wisdom, and (He) hath stretched out the Heaven by His Understanding.
When He uttereth His Voice, there is a multitude of waters in the Heavens; and He causeth the vapors to ascend from the ends of the earth: He maketh lightnings with rain, and bringeth forth the wind out of His Treasures.
Every man is brutish by His Knowledge; every founder (who makes molded or carved things) is confounded by the graven image: for his molten image if falsehood, and there is no breath in them.
They are vanity, the work of errors: in the time of their visitation they shall perish.
The portion of Jacob is not like them; for He is the former of all things: and Israel is the rod of His Inheritance: The Lord of hosts is His Name."


God's Word always becomes True, sooner or later.
He chooses when His Word will "come true." (in "historical time")
He chooses how to bring it about.
He knows all things, and is present at all times in what we call the history of this world.
Because He is God Almighty, and does not dwell "in time," but dwells in eternity, He is able to tell us things which are True, but which we do not, yet, understand, or see with our physical eyes, but which will come about, in time.

Keep trusting in The Lord Almighty, The God of Israel. He will cause His Will, for His chosen people, and for all who have been grafted into His Vine (Israel), by His Hand, and by His Power, to come about.
And, some day, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) is Lord (Adonai, Master), to the glory of God The Father.

Philippians 2: 9-11
"Where God (The Father) hath also highly exalted Him, and given Him a Name which is above every name: That at The Name of Yeshua (Jesus) every knee should bow, of things in Heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) is Lord, to the glory of God The Father."

"Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (!):
They shall prosper that love thee."
-- Psalm 122:7

Monday, October 5, 2009

another update on our son's car

By God's Mercy, our son has a new car -- new to him, and working well, though not perfect.

Life continues to be used of The Lord to remind me of my own imperfections. Cars, and people, don't have to be perfect, from what we humans "think" the word "perfect" means (by definition), to be used to do much good. God wants us to see that if we don't look, think, act, speak or live "perfectly," we can still do much good, if only we will (as fully as we are wiling to) live, for our Dear Lord, in submission to Him and His Word and His Will.

The word "submission" means we are lining up our life, as we live it daily, and and our plans, thoughts, words and actions, "behind" The One Whom we are following.

If I call myself a disciple, or follower, of The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) The Messiah, I must also realize that includes an attitude of full submission to Him, in every way. If not, then I did not make a full commitment to follow my Lord, but maybe I only committed (in my heart and soul) to follow Him "when it's convenient" or "when I *feel like it.*"

So, if I chose to admit I do believe that Yeshua (Jesus) came to earth to die in my place, why did I not also choose, as I grew in Knowledge of Him, to re-commit my life to living fully submitted to Him, to His Word (His commands), and to His Will?
In my case, I have, but (at times) slip back into wrong thinking.
This indicates a "stronghold" has been built in my soul, with my permission (though unwittingly; I was not alert to what was going on, ... and it occurred without my conscious permission; nevertheless, it did occur, and does affect my thinking and my actions), giving the enemy of God "ground" to affect my thoughts, attitude, and actions.
This can easily be "stopped." I just need to pray to my True Lord (Who is ever Patient, Merciful, Loving & Kind), telling Him (agreeing with His Truth) I realize I was wrong, mentioning specifically what I did, and then asking Him to forgive me, ... then, asking Him to build in my soul His Truth. (from His Word) I can mention a particular verse He has brought to my attention, that day, as a thought (of His Truth) from His Word, to focus on. It might be a Truth statement about His character, which I desire He build in my soul, to replace the wrong thoughts and attitudes which had been affecting me, ... because of that former stronghold that was there.

Anyway, as our son drives this car, he is (again) using it to do good, working for a ministry that teaches many, affects thousands across this world, ... as well as helping those who are in prison and in the military, as well as their families. He also uses it to come and visit us, and this time of year we celebrate his moving from one age to the next year's age. ;o) We thank God for this son, because God is using him to bless our family in a mighty way.

And we thank God for allowing him to receive a car to use, for serving those he serves, in ministry. (and others, who are in business) God is good! He knows our needs better than we know them. He may have us wait, as our son had to wait, for this car, ... but He is not ignoring us, or making us suffer. Most of our suffering is of our own making. (from my understanding, anyway) Some of it is meant as an attack to discourage or hurt, or even destroy our faith, by the enemy of God, of course.

The Lord only allows as much "trouble" or "suffering" as He knows we can, through His Strength, Help and Grace, glorify His Name through, with the deliverance He will bring to us, ... once we've gone through a (temporary) time of suffering.

Our son has been very patient, during this "trial" of suffering, which was not entirely of his own doing. God did allow it, because He knew He could us it to both encourage and edify those who know our son, as well as others who read (before) about how his other car was "destroyed" by spring rains that came so fast, and with so much volume, that that car's intake valve became water-logged. (which led to his former car's "death") Then, The Lord allowed another person, who dearly wanted to provide a good car for him to own, ... to never be able to finish fixing a car he hoped would work well for our son. Our son invested a sizable amount of money (from our limited resources) in this other possible car. (when one has very little money, any amount of money, over one's bill-paying resources, can seem quite sizable) That never worked out.

We all saw that was something God was allowing to happen, not for evil, but only for Good. It was something God now has used as another lesson in both humility and trusting belief. Forgiveness was another exercise we needed to "give," because there were some involved who, though they tried to help our son, simply were not allowed, for reasons we do not understand, but God knows about. As God continued to allow things "not" to work out, over quite a few months' time, we did realize that (and never lost hope that) God would work something out for our son to, again, have a car he could own and use.

So, now, it is a blessing to me to be able to report to you that God has not only done miracles in providing (as YHVH Yireh / Jehovah Jireh, The Lord Who continually provides for us) a "new" car for our son to own and use, for ministry work he does for Him, but God has also chosen to allow him to register and license it, and get other coverage he needs, to keep it "under authority." Hallelujah!! God be praised!! May His Name be glorified by all these things He continues to do, to uphold us, carry us through, and show others His mighty Power He uses on behalf of His children, ... to show the world that God is, indeed, alive, working in and through submitted men (and women), and ... though we don't always do our part, or honor Him with all our being at all times, He is ever Faithful, and does His part completely!

Yeshua (Jesus) is Lord! He is Faithful and True! Let's praise His Name together, for He is Good, and His Mercy endures forever!