Monday, May 5, 2008

Elisabeth Elliot Gren's website, with updates


If you are like me, each day keeps you challenged, as to what to try to do today, to uplift someone else, or to get as many of the tasks on your TO DO list completed. Well, today, the Good Lord reminded me that someone had recently said that Elisabeth Elliot (Gren) does, indeed, have a website online now. Apparently, Lars (or she) began setting one up, quite some time ago, but I (alone ?) did not find it, until now.

Here is the link to it.

Please click on the link in the box on that "page" that begins "Update! ..." That link will take you to the Ramblings from the cove ... pages, and those are the "news-y" newsletters, that will share with you some things they are "up to."

I deeply regret not living near her. I know that may sound silly to some. But I do believe she and I have quite a few things in common, in how God designed us. hee hee! From all her writings that I have read, so far, she just seems to be wired somewhat as I am:
She says things I tend to say something similar to, but she does it with much more God-given wisdom!
She thinks in much the same way as I do, but with very different life experiences to draw from, and (as a result) with much more life experience leaning more fully on God, and in trying to make the most of one's time for the glory of God and for choosing, beyond the circumstances of life, to trust more fully in God, as much as her faith, understanding and determination, are able to reach to.

Hats off to Elisabeth Elliot Gren! She has learned much and has shared much, in her books (!), and on her former radio broadcasts, which one can read the transcripts of, on "Back to the Bible" 's website, under her name.
I will dearly miss her, when she is home in Heaven. But I will hope that that will still be some time in the future! In the meantime, you can visit with her and Lars on their site, online. Hope it encourages some of you ... and that you take time to listen to, or read the transcripts of, her former radio broadcasts! I gained much wisdom from those! And I believe you will, too.

Elisabeth, thank you for sharing what God has taught you!

May God bless you all (my friends) abundantly, in all you do, and as you continue to lean on His strong shoulders, and come to know His Loving, Kind, Merciful, Humble and Meek heart, more intimately!