Monday, July 20, 2009

*opening* "our borders" is "next" ...?

If you are a strong believer in The Lord Almighty, you were not happy when, long ago, Mr. George Bush (while Governor of Texas), worked to get NAFTA passed. It was not "good news" for those of us who, while living in Texas, voted "against that" legislation!

Well, friends, now Mr. BHO and his "co-horts" (co-traitors to our U.S. Constitution; my wording) are, again, "up to" no good, at least in my personal opinion.
He, and they, have no idea Who they are up against!
However, He may allow them to let those borders open, which will do much more harm than our former U.S. President did, with regard to that same issue.
We, God-fearing, God-knowing, American voting citizens, that is, will never approve of our nation being part of an NAU "region" in the "one world government" hope of those who are lost souls.
(By the way, Mr. BHO is not a "citizen." He won't prove it. So, it must be true that he either has dual citizenship, which disqualifies him from serving as a U.S. President, or worse, he truly was born in Kenya, and he does not want to be "found out" ... until a lot more time passes by....)

Anyway, besides this man's evil audacity (BHO) to do what he is either being told is "the agenda," or else what he (personally) wants to do, the understanding of the majority of American citizens is being ignored! We do not want to be called the NAU. We do not want any (!) one-world-gov't system ruling over us! We do not want any socialistic or communistic ideologies being "played out" in our land! We don't agree with that way of thinking! Never did! Never will! ... especially those men (and women) who fought in wars on behalf of the U.S. in the past, who are now in nursing homes, or sick at home, and who did not get to vote, this last time, for President, ... and for others whose doctors gave them prescription drugs which have damaged their brains, or ... they otherwise have mental conditions which prevent them from voting, though they are "of age," ...
... and when children are asked "who" they would vote for, for President (before Nov. of 2008, when asked in 2008), those who have been informed of the real truth about the various candidates ... certainly would not vote for a man who won't even admit "what country" he was born in. It's "on record!" But he has paid lawyers well over $900,000 (of campaign money, I read; hope that's correct) just to "cover up" the real truth. What a man! (I'd call him a mouse, if I were to get to.) He is a coward. Won't admit the truth that his own Kenyan people readily admit, quite often, in fact!

We had borders.
Congress has cut funding, more than once, for building a fence to protect landowners on our side of the border of the U.S. with Mexico.
Because "they have a plan."
And I am ashamed to say I voted for George Bush who also did the same thing.
He did not keep putting pressure on Congress, before he left office, and he had plenty of time to do it, and ... he should not have done that!
He was acting against what our Founding Fathers wrote, about such matters.
The President is to uphold The U.S. Constitution!
If he does not, then he is acting like one who is committing treason.
Is that strong-enough terminology?

Maybe my understanding of American historical documents is a bit lacking, but ... that is how I read the U.S. Constitution.

So, please read what is shared on World Net Daily, about our "borders," and about illegal workers who come over in to the U.S., and get jobs that honest, native Americans (those born within the U.S.), should be given, rightfully, ... and about "amnesty."
It is shocking to see that those who have been given the opportunity to serve the citizens who voted for them ... take it as a "free" ticket to "do" those voters "wrong!"
Veterans (of wars) do not approve of it!
And the rest of us do not approve of it, either!

Are many of our Congressmen "traitors" to us?

Please write a letter to, and pray for (today!) your Congressman, and your Senators (each state has 2 !) We must! (if we trust in The Lord Almighty God our Father in Heaven, and in His Son, The Lord Yeshua the Messiah {Jesus Christ})