Monday, July 20, 2009

one shocking report (from a news site in Israel)

I read enough of the (online) story, below, from a link under "Current Headlines," on the *Olive Tree Ministries* ( ) website, to believe that more folks than just me may want to use it as a reminder to pray for both the "true believers" in Iran, and also for God's Will to be done in that country, with regard to Israel and its future, ... and for God's special protection on His chosen people who now live in Israel, as well as in the USA:

It is only words, but it could be very sad to read, for those who have sensitive stomachs. The truth hurts some folks. But the rest of us want to stay informed, so we can be praying wisely, and ... maybe we should pass on this information to Mr. BHO, letting him this sort of thing is one reason most of the voting American people are not "supporting" His anti-Israel policies, "trying to look like" America wants to be "good friends" (??!! what??!!), "on good terms," (??!! what??!!) with the majority of the Islamic nations in the pro-Arab world. I would like to go on record, here, at least, as being totally pro-Israel. --!!! Amen! And am glad to let everyone know it! I just cannot comprehend how anyone who is "a liar" by God's definition of it, ... could even "have the audacity"... to try to "claim" he has "the right" ... to "assume" the office / position of the "President of the United States" ...
... and then, after that was done wrong, by this man, he now thinks he has "the right" to strongly urge, and try to persuade or "expect" any leader in Israel to "give up land" (for peace? what kind of peace will occur, after "that?!") for what some call "peace!"
... and he uses others to do part of his dirty work.

I am ashamed of this man, whose wife said, publicly, that she used to be ashamed of our country.
I cry out to God, The Lord Almighty, Elohim, ... asking Him to reveal the real truth about this man, whom I call Mr. BHO. He needs to resolve "his relationship issue" with regard to Whom he "claims" He is in relationship to. No one walks the fence ... and avoids falling off, at "the end of time!" One day, he may find that The (True) Lord will say to him: depart from Me. I never knew you! ... unless he fully repents, renounces his former actions, done before that point in time, and resolves to follow The Lord Yeshua, the Messiah (Jesus Christ), ... as His disciple, as His "friend," doing "whatsoever" Yeshua (Jesus) has commanded His followers to do." ( see John 15: 14 ) I pray this man will "take care" of this very important "choice" ... very soon! If not, he is doomed!! (in the truest sense of that word)

Please remember to pray for all our nation's and states' leaders, in the USA! (or in whichever country you live in!)
( see I Timothy 2: 1-6, especially verses 1 & 2 )