Tuesday, December 13, 2011

an interesting, old documentary: "Alone in the Wilderness"

You may view this at the link below:


Hope it may encourage you in your thoughts of teaching your children more about how some can 'live' without much, yet ... with much that is valued from a different perspective.
Some appreciate certain things more, if they get to work for them.


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Numbers 6:24-27


Friday, December 2, 2011

notes to share ...

Hope to share some information on some helpful sites others have been making people aware of, on various fronts (on differing topics, but most are of interest to many people, though they cover a wide range of "interests").

It will take some time to list those.
So, I may split them up into several posts.

Many are sensing that 'something' is 'about to break.'  Many are aware that there are quite a few activities going on, in the heavenlies, and ... potential results which could occur, or begin occurring, soon on earth.  I agree.

No one, who is a true follower of Messiah Yahshua (Yeshua) should fear.  (I know I've been guilty of that, though.)  Having a G-dly fear, which YHVH builds into those who are His children, in Truth, is healthy.  But, any other fear, of man, of what any human could do to anyone else on earth, ...will have no positive effect on those who have, already, put their trust in The One Who is above all and rules over all.  So, guard your thoughts!

Keep a quiet heart, friends!  Waiting upon YHVH is wise.  As is shared in Psalm 27:14 (shared as a command of His), we are to "wait on YHVH: ...."
The word, in Hebrew, used (according to James Strong's concordance #6960) for "wait" is chavah or qavah.  It means "to bind together (perhaps by "twisting"), i.e., collect; figuratively, to expect."

 Those of us who are bound, "by Love's strong cord," to our Master & Redeemer's (agape; unconditional) Love, Mercy, Life, Power, Protection, Provision, Joy and (Shalom) Peace, are to dwell "in expectation" of whatever He has for us.
He has us in mind, even when 'life circumstances' seem to tempt us to "wonder what's up."

When we are "expectantly waiting" upon The (only) One Who *can* deliver us from any problem, or even from this earthly world, if need be (according to His Will), we know we are in the Hands of The One Who stilled the waters of the tempestuous Sea of Galilee.
He can take care of what ails us, or tempts us to worry (though we are commanded not to; when He gives a command, He always gives, with it, the enablement for us to accomplish what He has told us to do -- even if we know we don't have it "in us," we must trust He knows He has it "in Himself" to accomplish this, for His honor & praise, and ... for our blessing).

Am not always trusting (with no doubts) as I should.
Am not always thinking with all my thoughts having been (already) taken captive to the obedience of Messiah.

Am not always doing the right thing, in making sure my attitudes are (all) in full agreement with His (that He has taught me, thus far, in my life).
Am not always walking with Yahshua (Yeshua), my Redeemer, in complete harmony with what He wants me to do.

Am not always sensing the Shalom Peace I know He wants me to sense, deep inside.  (... due to my sins that even I do not always seem to be aware of, which have not yet been fully resolved.  Those are the ones which I, like you all, have been trying to be aware of, or had thought I had dealt with, as fully as possible.  Yet, His Ruach ha Chodesh {Holy Spirit of YHVH} is continuing to work in me, to tell me what those are, and to lead me to 'more fully' deal with those, so my conscience is, once again, made clear / clean by His Might and Power at work in me, His child.  -- HalleluYah!)

Am not always showing others the kind of (agape) Love my Master Yahshua (Yeshua) has shown me in His living Example as Emmanuel.

Am trying, more and more, to let Him work His Will in me.  And, as I see Him filling me with His Shalom Peace, as I praise His Name, ... it is so bless-ed!  HalleluYah!
As I see Him patiently & merci-fully deal with me, it is so bless-ed!
Am so thankful for His immense and gentle loving care of me, His child!  HalleluYah!


I will share more information on helpful sites as soon as I am able.  Just wanted to share these notes with you all, first.  To me, these are more important.

Life is keeping us quite busy, isn't it?
Yet, our King is in control, and though the world around us may seem to be so out of control, by our standards, He is using what He is allowing to happen, ... to turn many more people's hearts to His Son, and fathers to their children.
He is taking care of the business He needs to take care of.

Someone once told me:  He (YHVH G-d) is not as hard on some of us, as some of us are 'hard' on ourselves.  Those of us who tend to take life (on earth & our spiritual lives, as well) rather seriously can take heart and be encouraged to know this is true:  He surrounds us, and walks before us and behind us, ... ready to bless us and ... smiling upon us who are obedient to His commands.

He does not want us to fear, or worry, or be concerned (anxious = 'full' of cares) about what may happen tomorrow, or next week, next month or next year.
He "does" have all things -- down to the detail -- under His Loving control.  He will not let a hair of your head be touched by anything He cannot use to bring honor & praise to His Name through, ... with real blessing for you, in return for your walking faithfully before Him.

Keep filling your mind (and soul) with His Truth!
As you study diligently, He puts His (Pure & Holy) Thoughts into your mind, and you begin to see you "do" have the mind of Messiah.  That should be convicting as well as comforting to know.  He will use those "thoughts" from His Word ... to lead you & guide you, as you remain sensitive to His Ruach's (Holy Spirit's) leading.  Listen!  He will guide you.

Proverbs 3:1-35, Psalm 147:5 and Psalm 119:1-18 seem, to me, to be helpful reminders of some of the things I need to keep in mind, as I see more of what He wants me to learn and know.  ... and live by.

Grace and Shalom to you!
~ helpnotes blog owner ~