Tuesday, July 28, 2009

*free* blogging sites

Though I do not endorse all that is on any of the websites below, these have been shared by others, with me, so I can pass them on to you.
If you are wanting to "begin blogging," you may find one of these websites to enable you to do that, for no cost to you, at this point in time, ... and ... some are "simpler" to use, than others.
You decide which one fits your need. ;o) (big grin)



(the rest on this list also begin with "www." but I have omitted that, trusting that the links will still work for you. If they do not, leave me a comment, and I will "fix" them.)

















(Windows Live Spaces) is
known as "spaces.live.com"



(now, it may be called webs.com
. You can still type in "freewebs" in a "good search" you
are doing, or in a search you're doing on "google," and
the result will still be that you get to the same place ...
with a new name)

There are also some 'ning' social networks which
also serve as simple ways to blog. You may choose
which 'ning' network fits your priorities and beliefs.
For example, one for those who home educate is
called The Homeschool Lounge. The link is:

Another 'ning' network is called: Swap Savers.
It is for dads and moms who like to save money
or who use coupons, when making purchases
in retail stores, or online. The link is:

Another 'ning' network is called: A Virtuous
Woman. (though I do not agree with the religious
beliefs of its founder, I do agree with the general
idea of encouraging other ladies to pursue
developing the heart of a virtuous woman, as
described and shared about in various places in
God's Word, including one description of a
virtuous woman, who is far above rubies, in
Solomon's Proverb 31, verses 10-31.

There are others. I've thought of setting one
up, but have found that my time is already
pushed to its limit, just keeping up with "the
evil generation" that tries to "manipulate the
masses" to "achieve their wicked goals" for
this world and its corrupt governing system.

Enjoy it as you begin your blogging journey,
or as you see The Lord "extend" or "expand"
your area of influence, by sharing your
thoughts, and those of others you agree with,
on your blog!

God is behind all those who wish to reach the
lives of others for His Son's Kingdom, because
the souls you let God win to His Loving Heart
through you are the treasures (the fruit) you
get to see in Heaven! On earth, as a true believer
in The Lord Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ),
you may be the seed sower. Or you may be the
one who waters that seed. Or you may be the
one who adds to that seed's growth. Or you may
be the one who gets to see that seed come to
fruition, in the life of one who accepts The Lord's
free gift of salvation (redemption, through Yeshua's /
Jesus' Blood He shed, in our place, on the Roman
execution stake, about 2,000 years ago. He paid it all!),
and who surrenders his or her life to Yeshua (Jesus)
as Lord and Saviour / Redeemer. He is God's only-
begotten Son, The true Lamb of God, Who takes
away the sins of the world!

May God richly bless your day, filling it with His
Shalom Peace (in you), and with His mighty,
enabling Grace, to help you along the pathway!

* Note: I will try to check the links, to see if they all
work. (in the next 48 hours, or less)
Please be patient with me. I do have a "real life"
other than blogging! (hee hee!) ;o) (big grin) You do,
too! ;o) (smile for the camera, please!)


Monday, July 20, 2009

*opening* "our borders" is "next" ...?

If you are a strong believer in The Lord Almighty, you were not happy when, long ago, Mr. George Bush (while Governor of Texas), worked to get NAFTA passed. It was not "good news" for those of us who, while living in Texas, voted "against that" legislation!

Well, friends, now Mr. BHO and his "co-horts" (co-traitors to our U.S. Constitution; my wording) are, again, "up to" no good, at least in my personal opinion.
He, and they, have no idea Who they are up against!
However, He may allow them to let those borders open, which will do much more harm than our former U.S. President did, with regard to that same issue.
We, God-fearing, God-knowing, American voting citizens, that is, will never approve of our nation being part of an NAU "region" in the "one world government" hope of those who are lost souls.
(By the way, Mr. BHO is not a "citizen." He won't prove it. So, it must be true that he either has dual citizenship, which disqualifies him from serving as a U.S. President, or worse, he truly was born in Kenya, and he does not want to be "found out" ... until a lot more time passes by....)

Anyway, besides this man's evil audacity (BHO) to do what he is either being told is "the agenda," or else what he (personally) wants to do, the understanding of the majority of American citizens is being ignored! We do not want to be called the NAU. We do not want any (!) one-world-gov't system ruling over us! We do not want any socialistic or communistic ideologies being "played out" in our land! We don't agree with that way of thinking! Never did! Never will! ... especially those men (and women) who fought in wars on behalf of the U.S. in the past, who are now in nursing homes, or sick at home, and who did not get to vote, this last time, for President, ... and for others whose doctors gave them prescription drugs which have damaged their brains, or ... they otherwise have mental conditions which prevent them from voting, though they are "of age," ...
... and when children are asked "who" they would vote for, for President (before Nov. of 2008, when asked in 2008), those who have been informed of the real truth about the various candidates ... certainly would not vote for a man who won't even admit "what country" he was born in. It's "on record!" But he has paid lawyers well over $900,000 (of campaign money, I read; hope that's correct) just to "cover up" the real truth. What a man! (I'd call him a mouse, if I were to get to.) He is a coward. Won't admit the truth that his own Kenyan people readily admit, quite often, in fact!

We had borders.
Congress has cut funding, more than once, for building a fence to protect landowners on our side of the border of the U.S. with Mexico.
Because "they have a plan."
And I am ashamed to say I voted for George Bush who also did the same thing.
He did not keep putting pressure on Congress, before he left office, and he had plenty of time to do it, and ... he should not have done that!
He was acting against what our Founding Fathers wrote, about such matters.
The President is to uphold The U.S. Constitution!
If he does not, then he is acting like one who is committing treason.
Is that strong-enough terminology?

Maybe my understanding of American historical documents is a bit lacking, but ... that is how I read the U.S. Constitution.

So, please read what is shared on World Net Daily, about our "borders," and about illegal workers who come over in to the U.S., and get jobs that honest, native Americans (those born within the U.S.), should be given, rightfully, ... and about "amnesty."
It is shocking to see that those who have been given the opportunity to serve the citizens who voted for them ... take it as a "free" ticket to "do" those voters "wrong!"
Veterans (of wars) do not approve of it!
And the rest of us do not approve of it, either!

Are many of our Congressmen "traitors" to us?


Please write a letter to, and pray for (today!) your Congressman, and your Senators (each state has 2 !) We must! (if we trust in The Lord Almighty God our Father in Heaven, and in His Son, The Lord Yeshua the Messiah {Jesus Christ})

an article by Joseph Farah, on World Net Daily

The title of this article is: "Counting the czars"
" Exclusive: Joseph Farah declares, U.S. must be governed by people, not by 'god-like kings' "


If I were you, I would want to read it.

Again, folks, please understand me: I am not "out to get these guys." God is! He wants their souls to turn, in full repentance, to acknowledge His Son as The Lamb of God, and as the only, True Messiah, ... ( to explain a bit ) to choose (wholeheartedly) to believe in Yeshua (Jesus) as their own, personal Lord (Master) and Savior (Redeemer, The Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of all the people in the world who will believe in Him, as God's only Son, and as Messiah / Christ).

So, if you will, you could use the names listed in the article to begin (if you have not yet done so) to pray for each person, by name.
God likes us to pray specifically, ... as specifically as we are able to.
Though God's Word does not command us to pray for the salvation of souls, particular souls, what I actually mean here is to:
Ask God if He will (please) show each one of these people their need for "a Savior," to deliver them from the just punishment for their sins.
We can ask God, in prayer, also, to make each one of these people miserable (within their souls) until they accept the free gift of salvation from God, that He is offering to them, through His Son, Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).

When we read such "articles," we can rejoice that God is "at work," in us, making us more like His Son, while seriously remembering our former "fallen condition" ... under His wrath, before we accepted the free gift of salvation "in" His Son, Yeshua haMashiach (Jesus Christ).
I used to be one who rejected God.
I did not realize I was doing that, but I was.
But then, God, Whom I have acknowledged as my Father in Heaven (for quite a bunch of years now), had mercy on my wretched soul, and opened my eyes, and my understanding, to realize Who He is, and Who His Son is! Hallelujah!
What a day that was, in 1970!!
And, after that, He has been ever so faithful to grow me in Him, whenever I submit my will to His, and let His sanctifying power work within my soul!
His Holy Spirit dwells within my spirit!
He has saved my soul!
I am His!
He sought me, and bought me, with the Redeeming / Atoning Blood of His precious Son, Yeshua haMashiach!!! Hallelujah!

Anyway, please read what Mr. Farah shares, at the World Net Daily site, through the link above.
Those guys at World Net Daily are doing a great job sharing the truth, and trying to keep Americans informed of the truth. Thank God for them!

Some day, maybe very soon, we will meet in Heaven, and ... we'll get to thank them in person. I don't know if that's how it will go, in Heaven. But God will be there, and Yeshua / Jesus will be there, and The Holy Spirit will be there! And those 3 are "the most" I care about, there! What a day (an eternal day) "that" will be, too! Amen!

one shocking report (from a news site in Israel)

I read enough of the (online) story, below, from a link under "Current Headlines," on the *Olive Tree Ministries* ( http://www.olivetreeviews.org/ ) website, to believe that more folks than just me may want to use it as a reminder to pray for both the "true believers" in Iran, and also for God's Will to be done in that country, with regard to Israel and its future, ... and for God's special protection on His chosen people who now live in Israel, as well as in the USA:


It is only words, but it could be very sad to read, for those who have sensitive stomachs. The truth hurts some folks. But the rest of us want to stay informed, so we can be praying wisely, and ... maybe we should pass on this information to Mr. BHO, letting him this sort of thing is one reason most of the voting American people are not "supporting" His anti-Israel policies, "trying to look like" America wants to be "good friends" (??!! what??!!), "on good terms," (??!! what??!!) with the majority of the Islamic nations in the pro-Arab world. I would like to go on record, here, at least, as being totally pro-Israel. --!!! Amen! And am glad to let everyone know it! I just cannot comprehend how anyone who is "a liar" by God's definition of it, ... could even "have the audacity"... to try to "claim" he has "the right" ... to "assume" the office / position of the "President of the United States" ...
... and then, after that was done wrong, by this man, he now thinks he has "the right" to strongly urge, and try to persuade or "expect" any leader in Israel to "give up land" (for peace? what kind of peace will occur, after "that?!") for what some call "peace!"
... and he uses others to do part of his dirty work.

I am ashamed of this man, whose wife said, publicly, that she used to be ashamed of our country.
I cry out to God, The Lord Almighty, Elohim, ... asking Him to reveal the real truth about this man, whom I call Mr. BHO. He needs to resolve "his relationship issue" with regard to Whom he "claims" He is in relationship to. No one walks the fence ... and avoids falling off, at "the end of time!" One day, he may find that The (True) Lord will say to him: depart from Me. I never knew you! ... unless he fully repents, renounces his former actions, done before that point in time, and resolves to follow The Lord Yeshua, the Messiah (Jesus Christ), ... as His disciple, as His "friend," doing "whatsoever" Yeshua (Jesus) has commanded His followers to do." ( see John 15: 14 ) I pray this man will "take care" of this very important "choice" ... very soon! If not, he is doomed!! (in the truest sense of that word)

Please remember to pray for all our nation's and states' leaders, in the USA! (or in whichever country you live in!)
( see I Timothy 2: 1-6, especially verses 1 & 2 )

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If you are in need of any books, and audios, DVDs, VHS movies, approved for families, and ... some other items, we are having a "For Sale !" sale, at another blog of mine:


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So, go on over there, and look at what is there.
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Resourcefulness is a very good quality! Use it well!

God bless you all, giving you His mighty Grace and His soul-prospering Shalom Peace, today!


Here is the link to the actual page where the books & other items are listed for sale. ;o)

Friday, July 17, 2009

URGENT: a video you must see by Rima E. Laibow, M.D.

Please visit the link below, to view / hear a video by a medical doctor (who cares about your future health):

This is urgent!


Learn about "Self-Shielding."

This could save your life and the lives of those you know and love.

I hate to say it, ... that this is "urgent" but this is real, friends! There are truly evil men "out there" (within our own government) who are seeking to do "everyone" extensive harm. They have been planning a pandemic virus ... to render people much more dependent on the U S government, they think, so that they can proceed with their NWO plans.

This is not a hoax. I wish it were.

Please learn all you can.
You decide.

I do not alert you to this to scare you, or upset you, or cause you to become fearful.
I only alert you to it so that you can make proper preparations, which are briefly shared on the video you will see, by going to the link I share, above here.

Be prepared.
Know The Lord!
Let Him work His Will in you!
Let Him have His Way in your life!
You will never regret doing that, first!

And ... He does want us to be prepared for what "others" have planned "for" us.
So, please do what you believe is right, under God!

Self-Shielding is one thing you can do, that will greatly help you to get through this autumn's onslaught of attempts to ruin our lives, for ever! (physically, mentally, financially) ... in the US.

And this "upcoming vaccine" that the W.H.O. has planned, which they're claiming will be mandatory ... is something you "can" refuse to take, to accept.
And if you believe this Self-Shielding is what you think is right to do, then please, please, share this video link with everyone you know.
They will thank you later.
God will thank you now. (my personal opinion)

NOTE: Please understand that what I share in any of my posts, on this blog, are
merely the result of my own beliefs, my own convictions, my own personal thoughts and responses to what I am still learning, piece by piece, step by step, as I continue along my journey of "Life" on this earth, made by YHVH God, The Almighty, El Elyon.
Should you disagree with what I share here, please do not become angry with me. Please: ask God what He wants you to do, to "do the right thing" with regard to His Plan for your life!! Later, you may thank me for warning you of some things that "some evil men" in this world have planned for you.
They don't know God. They don't understand.
God is able! He is not limited by the plans or devices of evil men!
He will take care of you!

What is the W.H.O. up to? (and the toy-maker BRIO?)

Please, friends, read what is below, shared by Steve, of "Watchmen-on-the-Wall" and go to the links to read more, for yourself, so you can decide what should be done about such an atrocity:

The Lord is able to deliver His own from evil!
And keep trusting in, learning more of, His Word!
It is Truth!
and it is Life!
Evil men may try to destroy God's heritage (His children).
But His Love is able (easily) to overcome evil men, even turning
their hearts completely around ... to acknowledge His only-begotten
Son, Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah as Lord & Deliverer / Saviour /
Redeemer of all who will believe in Him, and surrender their lives
to Yeshua (Jesus)!
Praise The Lord for Who He is!
Praise Him using His Names!
He is El Elyon, The Most High God!
He is YHVH Sabaoth, The Lord God of hosts!
He is El Shaddai, our all-Sufficient One!
He is our Good Shepherd, YHVH Raah!
... and He is so much more!

Do not let stories like what is below upset you or cause you to become
anxious, worried or fearful! ... please!
Use it to urge you to get down on your knees, to pray, to plead with
The Lord for more souls to be brought into His Kingdom, by your
efforts (personally), and by the efforts of many others to share The
Gospel message of Life, Light, Truth & the Love of YHVH God!
Praise The Name of The Lord -- Baruch haShem Adonai Elohenu!
Baruch haShem Adonai Yeshua!

The Lord Almighty reigneth!
He is clothed with majesty!
He is able to deliver thee (you)!
Trust in Him!
He dwells in our praises!

And thank Him for what He has done, and will do, to bring Glory
to His Holy Name!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


Getting the Kids Ready for Soft Kill
Vaccinations: "Mission Set: Immuno"
Kurt Nimmo
Prison Planet.com
Thursday, July 16, 2009


UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, and Swedish toymaker BRIO have
teamed up to get kids ready for their coming soft kill vaccinations.

featured stories Getting the Kids Ready for Soft Kill Vaccinations: Mission
Set: Immuno <http://www.infowars.com/images/brio.jpg>

Mission Set: Immuno, designed to get kids to love their soft kill vaccines.


"UNICEF has been developing and selling high quality toys and gifts for over
30 years. The sale of these unique products has contributed towards saving
millions of children's lives across the globe," a BRIO press
NICEF_Eng.pdf> release states.

The toy is designed to make the globalist UNICEF out to be a rescuing hero:


The "Mission Set: Immuno" is a classic BRIO wooden railway set based on a
simple story, which will highlight UNICEF's work in the immunization field.
The product contains 26 play pieces and a story book.

In the story book, Siruv, the nasty virus comes to the village and the
children have to call CEF, the UNICEF hero. CEF immediately comes to the
children's rescue. With the UNICEF emergency vehicle, he brings vaccine for
them and once the children have been immunized, CEF hunts down Siruv and
brings him into custody. Now, the children are safe.

The product is aimed at children aged 3 years+.


The mission set has been developed with both children and adults in mind.
Parents can interact with their children by reading the story book to them,
which gives an opportunity for the children to ask questions and to, in a
playful way, become socially aware.

It's too bad kids in the third world - and soon enough, here in the western
world under a possible mandatory flu vaccination regime - are not told the
truth about vaccinations.

For instance, in 2004, a Nigerian pharmaceutical scientist and Dean of
Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, took samples of the a WHO oral polio
vaccine to India for analysis. Evidence of serious vaccine contamination was
found. Asked why the loving globalist organization would dispense
contaminated vaccines, the scientist, Haruna Kaita, replied: "These
manufacturers or promoters of these harmful things have a secret agenda
which only further research can reveal. Secondly they have always taken us
in the third world for granted, thinking we don't have the capacity,
knowledge and equipment to conduct tests that would reveal such
contaminants. And very unfortunately they also have people to defend their
atrocities within our midst, and worst still some of these are supposed to
be our own professionals who we rely on to protect our interests."

Kaita demanded the manufacturers of the contaminated vaccine "be prosecuted
like any other criminal."

It wasn't the first time people in the third world were tricked into taking
dangerous toxins, cancer viruses, and chemicals designed for sterilization
of women. "Millions of female Mexicans, Nicaraguans and Filipinos were duped
into taking tetanus vaccines, some of which were laced with a female hormone
that could cause miscarriage and sterilization. In 1995 a Catholic
organization called Human Life International accused the WHO of promoting
this Canadian-made tetanus vaccine covertly laced with a pregnancy hormone
called human choriogonadotropic hormone (HCG). Suspicions were aroused when
the tetanus vaccine was prescribed in the peculiar dose of five multiple
injections over a three month period, and recommended only to women of
child-bearing age. When an unusual number of women experienced vaginal
bleeding and miscarriages after the shots, a hormone additive was uncovered
as the cause," writes Alan Cantwell, M.D.


"At the main hospital in Mbarara during that month of 1977 more than 600
children had died following polio vaccination. 600 children," writes Ugandan
Kihura Nkuba <http://www.naturalnews.com/022400.html> . "So even some of the
timid medical practitioners who were initially afraid to come out, started
coming out giving information and saying 'Oh, we knew this oral polio
vaccine was trouble because as soon as the child receives it, they get a
temperature and their health goes downhill and there is nothing that you
could do.'"

On May 11, 1987, The London Times published "Smallpox vaccine triggered AIDS
virus." The article puts forward evidence linking the smallpox eradication
vaccine program sponsored by the WHO and AIDS in Africa. Almost 100 million
Africans living in central Africa were inoculated by the WHO. The vaccine
was held responsible for awakening a "dormant" AIDS virus infection on the


In 1987, William Campbell Douglass, M.D., told a conference sponsored by the
National Health Federation in Monrovia, California, that WHO was responsible
for murdering countless Africans with the AIDS virus. In his 1989 book,
AIDS: The End of Civilization, Douglass claims the WHO laced the African
vaccines. He blames "the virologists of the world, the sorcerers who brought
us this ghastly plague, and have formed a united front in denying that the
virus was laboratory-made from known, lethal animal viruses." According to
Douglass, the vaccines were designed to attack the human immunological


In Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola, Harvard Public Health graduate and
practicing dentist Dr. Leonard Horowitz documents beyond reasonable doubt
that AIDS was manufactured in the laboratories of American universities and
U.S. military biological warfare contractors during the 1960s and 70s
disguised as the Special Virus Cancer Program of The National Institutes of
Health and National Cancer Institute.

Horowitz concludes that HIV was introduced to gay males in the U.S. and
blacks in Africa simultaneously in the late 70s through experimental vaccine
programs, specifically the hepatitis B vaccine developed by Merck, Sharpe,
and Dohm Inc.

But soft kill plagues are not limited to the third world - the west is now
gearing up to vaccinate the public this autumn under the cover of the fake
WHO declared H1N1 "pandemic."

As noted by crack investigative journalist Wayne Madsen
<http://onlinejournal.com/artman/publish/article_4631.shtml> and his
sources - in particular a top scientist for the United Nations, who has
examined the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Africa, as well as
HIV/AIDS victims - the H1N1 possesses certain transmission "vectors" that
suggest the new flu strain was genetically-manufactured as a military
biological warfare weapon.
The UN expert believes that Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and
the current A-H1N1 swine flu virus are biological warfare agents.

In the meantime, the New World Order has kicked their propaganda campaign
into overdrive and are targeting children and parents alike with seemingly
harmless toys designed to convince them that toxic vaccines are safe.


1 Corinthians 14:8

And also if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself
to battle?

"Let not Geneva be forgotten or despised. Religious liberty owes it most
respect." John Adams, the second president of the United States

Before, and many years after the KJV was printed, the GENEVA BIBLE was the
People's Choice, but an ungodly King made it illegal to publish it any
longer: http://www.genevabible.org/Geneva.html Click on "Geneva Bible
History" on my site.

Yahoo Group Owner

Daily Scripture:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

... as we walk along this pathWay ...

Life continues to surprise me!

Does it surprise you, thrilling your heart, when YHVH God does something you can only describe as amazing, or awesome, or wonderful, on your behalf?

Well, I must share with those of you who read this blog that The Lord Adonai YHVH God has chosen, in His mercy, and in working through those who are true believers, to do some amazing things on behalf of our family, as we continue to support other ministries, … day by day, from week to week.

He has chosen to use an anonymous donor to donate a good-quality automobile to our family ministry (!). We praise God for His merciful, loving, kind-hearted, and patient Spirit! We thank The Good Lord for showing Himself strong on our behalf as we have kept trusting He would remedy a situation that has been one version of spiritual warfare, involving more than one believer in the community. But God is faithful! He is able to overcome any obstacle! Hallelujah! Let’s praise His Name together, and rejoice that He will provide, as He has promised, … when we continue to show Him we are willing to serve, as He opens the doors.

Our ministry includes the teaching / apologetics ministry done by our Life in the Bible Institute … to enable us to “get around” to places where we already go –

a nursing home,

soul winning,


youth projects,

Bible class (Sundays),

puppet ministry (done mostly by our children who are under age 18),

one, in our family, having a willing heart to bless the lives of others by playing piano in church and, when possible, at nursing homes we visit,

and one, or more, of us singing, in church, or … “on the mission field” (as part of a missions trip to the Philippines, as happened earlier this year), … or as part of a group of 5 to 6 young people, harmonizing together for God’s glory, to encourage believers in The Lord,

singing as a family of 8 … wherever someone asks us to come sing,

opportunities to help others by writing quotes or names in calligraphy, for specific individuals,

and more — one of our adult family members ministers to a lady in a nursing home.

… I hope to begin, soon, Lord willing (as He opens the doors for this) to help lead some monthly meetings / fellowship / learning times for the benefit of some young ladies in this community, as well as beginning some monthly fellowship opportunities with moms who teach their own children at home, and older ladies (some who are widows; some are not). Ladies’ teas are a delightful way to encourage women, especially widows, and those who would like their daughters to learn some of the Christian social graces, that build Godly character, and … uplift the soul. They serve as blessed times of fellowship, for ladies, also.

We stay quite busy, being asked to help with a ministry here or there, or else we’re teaching … or helping with someone else who is, ….

But, without a real car for over 2 months, now (a car that works / runs), it has been quite tricky to find ways to get to places we’ve been asked to get to, around the community where we’ve been living for just over a year, now.

There will be many opportunities to use this car. We do pray it will be used to bring God glory to His Name, because it’s His car! All that we ‘own’ actually belongs to God! We give all our ‘things’ to God, so He is The One Who watches over them, and takes Good care of His things!! Amen!

He is The One from Whom all Good things come, … He made all the metals (from where they were mined, from the ground, and then refined) and plastic (from petroleum), and leather (thank you, dear cows!, designed by God in Heaven), plus the rest of the materials that go into the making of a car, as well as the man hours, the labor, and … the effort and energy they must do, to produce a car that runs well, and is made well, ….

The next time you drive your car, please praise The Lord our Maker, Creator, Who designs all things perfectly, praise Him for Who He is (YHVH; El Shaddai; El Elyon; YHVH Yireh / Jehovah Jireh), and praise Him for His mighty Power to turn things that seem to go wrong, into things that produce Good!

He is perfect! He is Almighty! He is El Elyon — The Most High God! He is our Provider, our Protector, our Hope, our Strength, and our Joy! He does all things excellently, and uses all circumstances to produce / bring about Good, for those who are “the called” according to His purpose. — for the glory that is “due” to His Name!

While we awaited His Help, with regard to providing a car for our family, He was building in us a more humble, more meek, attitude. I pray He will continue to develop that attitude in my own heart, as He teaches me more about “abiding in Messiah Yeshua.” (abiding in Christ)

One day, all people of all nations will bow their knees, and admit / acknowledge the Truth that He is Lord of all! — YHVH God, and His Son, Yeshua the Messiah, The Anointed One of God, the Holy One of Israel. (see Romans 14: 11 and Philippians 2: 10)

And … please praise The Lord Adonai YHVH God, Who has seen fit to give us a car to be used in service that will bring praise and thanks to His precious Son’s Name — Yeshua haMashiach (Jesus Christ)!

And … please thank Him for what He has done in providing food and water for you, as well as clothing you need, each day! He promises no more, but He does provide much more … than just food and clothing!

We have waited, and … have hoped in Him alone Who is able to do all things well! And He has kept His promise to hear the prayers of His true children — you all, and us.

We are not special (compared to other believers) or better than anyone else on this earth. We are merely “forgiven” by The Lord God Almighty, because of our belief in, and trust in, His only-begotten Son, Yeshua (Jesus), Who gave His Life in our place, to pay the penalty for sins we committed, thereby redeeming us. As The innocent Lamb of God, Yeshua took upon Himself the sins of all the people who have ever lived on this earth! He paid it all! — by willingly sacrificing His precious Body and Blood on the Roman execution stake, outside the gates of the city of Jerusalem. Why? Because He loved us … long before we knew or loved Him! That is how much He loves you and me! Hallelujah!

But in God’s eyes, we are His children, because He has engrafted us into His Vine, and has delivered us out of the power of darkness and into The Kingdom of His Dear Son (Yeshua)! (the Kingdom of Light, eternal Life and Love) (see Colossians 1: 13) Yeshua says He calls us His friends, if we do whatsoever He has commanded us (to do). (see John 15: 14)

(below is my version of Matthew 7: 7-8):

Ask, and keep asking, and it shall be given to you.

Seek, and keep seeking, and you shall find.

Knock, and keep knocking, and it shall be opened unto you.

For each one that asks receives, and the one that seeks finds; and to the one knocking, it will be opened.

We are not special people, you all!

We are just people who have been workin’ for The Lord, as you all are, who are true believers in The Lord, and in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ), who sometimes work also for companies, or individuals, … to earn income, and then, we get to serve pastors or missionaries, … or encourage other believers, by singing, or teaching, or sharing, or helping with some project they’re working on. ;o)

Life can get challenging!

I believe God is opening the door for more ministry, by providing a car with which we can “do it.”

If you are reading this, and if you believe in The Lord Adonai YHVH God, as we do, and (especially) if you believe in and trust in His Son, Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), for deliverance from eternal damnation, and into His Kingdom of Light, Life and Love (of YHVH God; agape Love — His unconditional Love He showed us when His Son voluntarily chose to come to earth, be born here, live, suffer and die, to pay the penalty for sins we committed, though He was entirely innocent of those sins, … and God raised Him up on the third day, according to The Scriptures, as prophesied by the Old Covenant / Old Testament prophets, and now, He is alive, and sits at the Right Hand of God the Father Almighty, in His Throne!), please pray for us — M, K, A, A, E, B, M, and M. Yes, without exact names, that’s all 8 of us. ;o)

We do appreciate your prayers!

God is at work! In us, in you, for us, for you, through us, through you! That, by itself, is amazing! He accomplishes it by His Holy Spirit! Bless His Name!

God is so generous! And He is teaching us to show generosity to others! When He uses another believer to show us His generous Spirit and Love, we are so thrilled! (in our emotions) … and we are joyful! (in our spirits) … and we are built up in our Christian walk, in Him, Who is our All in all, to tell others and to share more about The Love of His Son, Yeshua, so others can ”gain” eternal Life!

Let’s praise The Name of The Lord together, for ever and ever! … beginning now ….

Monday, July 13, 2009

Want to try winning some chicBuds?

If you go to Super Angel's blog at ... (see link below)


you have an opportunity to try to win a designer-style chicBuds in either white or black, and you can go to the chicBuds "site" to tell Super Angel which design you like best: some have Swarovski crystals (in various colors) on them, and some have other designs on them.

I like several, especially the white chicBuds that has blueberry-colored Swarovski crystals on it. ;o)

Choose your favorite!
And ... sign up, to win.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

60 "Books & more," so far, are listed "for sale" ...

... at http://threadsofsilver.wordpress.com/ under "Books & more for sale, page 2," in the right side bar ... under "For Sale !"

The actual link is below here:


Soon, I should have 80 items there, for sale.

My posts, here, dated June ____, has an explanation of the items included in the sale.

Some items are textbooks, and some are curriculum materials, offered to those who educate their own children at home, in the USA, and elsewhere.
So, though anyone may buy the hardback, collector's books, published before 1940, some of the other books are much more recent, and are meant to be used by teachers, and home educators, as well as private tutors, who work with students who want to excel.

Come back, from time to time, to see what "disappears" on the "For Sale !" list (those that sell), and also to see what has been added (new items I list there).

And you are welcome to share a link to the page on *Threads of Silver* with books, DVDs, audio tapes, educational card games, children's books, music CDs and audio cassettes, and collector's books and antique books, for sale, so that others can find the page, and look to see if there is anything they can use, there ....

One man's trash is another man's treasure.
These items I do not consider to be trash.
But I no longer need them, because The Lord has been bountiful, once again, to provide many other books we can make use of.
I simply want to pass on to someone else these good books and other items, so that someone else can benefit from them, or by obtaining one or two (or more) to pass on to someone they know, who will enjoy them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two convicting, inspiring video Messages

A powerful message, shared by Leonard Ravenhill, is shared at the URL link cited below: You will not want to miss this one! It applies to us all! God wants our whole lives! He wants us to be abandoned to His Son, Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).
The video portion shows to us the words being spoken by Mr. Ravenhill.
We only hear his voice; we do not see his face.
But his message is still quite powerful and very effective, to believers, and, it may be, also, to those who are (for now) opposed to Who YHVH God truly is.

Listen: and pray:


It can be found on the webpage cited below: (other messages are there, on video, as all as transcripts of the messages, there)


~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

On what used to be GodTube, which is now called "tangle," is another video, shared by Carter Conlon, at Times Square Church in Manhattan, New York City, NY, the Sunday after Sept. 11, 2001. It is a powerful message to us all. He shares a Scriptural message that you need to "run for your life." And I do, too. Please listen to his message. It is still appropriate, though it was not shared just this last Sunday. It still fits what we all need to do.

Listen: and pray:



The two men sharing these messages intend / hope to help you, and me.
Please take heed!

God is wanting "all" of us ... all my time, all my heart, all my motivations aimed at pleasing Him, all my giftings, all my abilities, all my studying, all my reading, all my movie viewing (if any), all my music listening time, ... all the services I render to others, all the love I have to give, all the things I call my own (which truly belong only to God, Who allowed them to be made, and is allowing me to use them, temporarily, ... for such a time as this), all the places I've ever lived, all the places I have traveled to, all the cars I've ever owned, all the friends I've ever had, ... all the prayers I've prayed, all the requests for healing I've ever made to God my Father in Heaven, and all the efforts I've made to do the right thing, including all the times I failed at it.

Though I've surely left out some areas of my life, I've made that list just as an example of most of the areas of a person's life that God wants.
He owns everything.
All that we have, and are, belong to Him, if we consider Him as our Father in Heaven ... and if we do not. All ... belongs to Him.
He made us.
He made all things.
He made all the resources in the earth, and in outer space (He made the entire universe).
He even owns all my time!
He made time, as something to help guide people whom He made!
He knows where all the gold is, all the silver, all the explosives, all the minerals, all the salt, all the best fresh water sources beneath the ground, and all the best rocks and materials man may need to build any necessary building.
He knows how best to use the bright light of the sun to produce "power" to use for the benefit of people, who trust in Him.
He knows where all the finest specimens of carbon (we know as diamonds) are, and where all the most valuable rubies are -- not to make us rich, but perhaps to be sold, to buy copies of God's Word, which will be read, and will (when used for the right purpose) will change men's and women's lives for eternity! ... or the rubies can be sold to feed and clothe the truly poor, widows, orphans, widowers, and the ill and those who need things they cannot seem to obtain, through other means.

But God what we need the most: Him.
We need His Love!
The only way to get / receive His Love is to ask Him for it.
He, then, will show us The Way! The Way is (through) YHVH God's only Son -- Yeshua haMashiach (Jesus Christ)! Yeshua is The only Way to Heaven, to God, to true Peace, to true, lasting Joy. (which most folks call ''happiness'')
We, then, will have found what we all want -- love we need, peace we can pass on to others, joy we can share.
What we give away is not what we lose. We gain what we give away (in another way)!
God knows how this works.

Why not give away that which we cannot keep, and gain what we cannot lose -- Jesus (Yeshua)! He freely gives us the gift of eternal Life! Why would we refuse to accept this free gift?

Please visit: http://www.lifeinthebible.org/ to find out how you can find / receive this free gift.

You may also wish to visit: http://www.livingwaters.com/

God bless you, in all you do for His glory! and for His Kingdom!