Friday, June 11, 2010

"giveaway" at Raising Homemakers

Above is the link. This giveaway is simple. Just read what Emily shares in her post, for June 11, 2010, and ... leave her a comment, below.

You will get a great opportunity to win the book, by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin, entitled _So Much More_.
I'll quote from RH's description of this book:

_So Much More_ is a wonderful book for daughters of all ages, as it gives biblical and practical advice on being daughters, serving our families, fighting sin, honoring our parents, and thriving in our God-given roles!

(I could not have said it better than Emily did, in her post about this giveaway she's offering.)

Also, within the giveaway "bundle" are two audio CDs of two important "talks" shared by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin!

wow! Be sure you visit Raising Homemakers to enter to win this giveaway!

Blessings of The Lord to all of you!