Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daniel, the prophet who prayed diligently, wrote ...

Daniel 10: 10-21

And, behold, an hand touched me, which set me upon my knees and [upon] the palms of my hands.
And he said unto me, O Daniel, a man greatly beloved, understand the words that I speak unto thee, and stand upright: for unto thee am I now sent. And when he had spoken this word unto me, I stood trembling.
Then said he unto me, ** Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words. **
But the prince of the kingdom of Persia (an angel who serves the enemy of YHWH God) withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes (the archangel, who serves YHWH God), came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.
Now I am come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people (the people of Israel) in the latter days: for yet the vision [is] for [many] days.
And when he had spoken such words unto me, I set my face toward the ground, and I became dumb.
And, behold, [one] like the similitude of the sons of men touched my lips: then I opened my mouth, and spake, and said unto him that stood before me, O my lord, by the vision my sorrows are turned upon me, and I have retained no strength.
For how can the servant of this my Lord talk with this my Lord? for as for me, straightway there remained no strength in me, neither is there breath left in me.
Then there came again and touched me [one] like the appearance of a man, and he strengthened me,
And said, O man greatly beloved, fear not: peace [be] unto thee, be strong, yea, be strong. And when he had spoken unto me, I was strengthened, and said, Let my Lord speak; for thou hast strengthened me.
Then said he, Knowest thou wherefore I come unto thee? and now will I return to fight with the prince of Persia (an angel): and when I am gone forth, lo, the prince of Grecia (an angel) shall come.
But I will shew thee that which is noted in the scripture of truth: and [there is] none that holdeth with me in these things, but Michael your prince (the prince / angel of the people of Israel, God's chosen people).

You may wish to visit the site at the Blue Letter Bible. I used it to provide this Scripture passage for you all:


~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

** Above, one verse stands out among the others, in this passage: verse 12.
In verse 12, we need to see "some help we all need to think about" -- God is hearing our cries to Him, in prayer! He is answering our prayers, all that have righteous, pure motives, and ... are prayed as our souls are in the right condition He desires our souls to be in, since He is The Holy God. If we have sin we're holding onto, have not confessed, to God or to others involved in the sin we did, or in the action or words we should have done, but omitted, then we cannot expect God to hear our prayers in the way we desire Him to. It hinders our prayers to God. (ouch!)

He goes even further: He says to husbands, in I Peter 3: 7 (the entire passage, from verse 1 through 7 should be considered, altogether, along with related teachings God shares with us, in His complete Word): "Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them (each husband's one wife) according to knowledge (from God), giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the Grace of Life; that your prayers be not hindered."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Please, keep praying!
The Lord on High is listening!!
He will answer according to His Will, and how His response will be used, and orchestrated by Him, to bring Glory to His Holy Name, and ... will be used, by Him, to draw more men's hearts to His own Loving Heart!

John McTernan's blog site URL

John McTernan is the man who was interviewed on the Olive Tree Ministries "Radio Archives," May 16 radio interview I just shared a link to, for you to listen to.


You may visit his blog at the URL above, if you like.

He has some very informative "posts" on his blog!

Visit..., and learn more....

Jan Markell's interview with John McTernan: listen in ...!

Below, is a link to a very important, urgent-that-we-listen-to-it, radio interview that Jan Markell did with John McTernan.

Please go to the webpage, on her ministry's informative website, and scroll down to May 16, 2009, under the page title "Radio Archives." Look for 'Hour 1' and John McTernan's name, there. It is easy to find.

Please listen to this interview.

At the end of the interview, Jan shares a link to John's ministry website.


I will visit his website, and will list the link, shortly, once I've reviewed what's there.
Jan Markell is a wise, Biblical, Godly woman, who fears The Lord, and does not take the subject of "judgment on America," lightly.

So, please take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about what people (who believe in The Lord Yeshua the Messiah, in Jesus Christ, as our Lord and Deliverer, Saviour, Who is the true Son of God Almighty, YHWH, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) ... should do, as believers in The Lord, what to expect may (or will) come about in the nation of America (the United States of America), and how God uses judgment to draw His children back to Him.

But as I listen to this interview, I hear Mr. McTernan share that drought, famine coming, and ... the connection with God's judgment on rulings in our courts, and in legal circles, regarding homosexuality. In California, recently, there were honestly thousands of lightning strikes in areas where there were drought conditions, only because that day a ruling was made regarding homosexual marriages being "okay-ed," by those in power.

There *is* a connection between what our leaders do, and what occurs, in our weather, in America!

Please be on your knees, in prayer, ... and go outside and "cry out to God" Almighty, ... whenever you believe The Lord is compelling you to, to plead with Him for Mercy, and yet, not to leave out or overlook our own personal sins that He is also urging each of us to clear out, get rid of, turn away from, reject, and renounce!

The Lord is calling us all to repent of sins we have allowed to creep in to our lives, thinking "it is okay," ... I know of others (believers) who struggle with this "sin" (that they are struggling to overcome), yet they have ministries that are doing well. What??!! That is not okay for any of us to say! We must realize that judgment, by our Lord God, will begin first in the household of God. That's us, and the Hebrew / Jewish people, both. !!

The Lord will uphold the Righteous!
He will stand by those who stand on His side!

The Lord God is watching over His own children!
He is protecting us who seek His Face, and He is
able to deliver us from harm, from danger, from
famine, pestilence and drought, according to His

We need to turn back to The Lord! We may think
we can "skip" the pain that's coming, due to our
leaders, even in the churches, but mostly who rule
in government positions in America, have a plan to
change things in a way that some, who are believers,
simply cannot imagine.

Please remain in an attitude of prayer, for people in
our nation, for pastors of Bible-believing, God-fearing
church congregations of God's children, for rabbis
who lead men and women to trust more in YHWH God,
and not in themselves, who believe God will deliver
them, as we believe He will deliver us, .... and for the
unborn, the elderly, the infirm, the mentally challenged,
the physically challenged, the emotionally challenged,
the dying, ... orphans, fatherless, widows and widowers,
... for our men and women serving in the military now,
and those who have served before who still serve within
their communities (giving, and giving again, to others,
voluntarily), and ... to all who believe in, and trust in The
God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Who is the I AM, YHWH,
The Lord (Adonai), The King Eternal (Melech ha Olam).

Pray for families and children who are in public school,
those on welfare, those in assisted living centers, those in
nursing homes (against their will, in many cases), those
who are lonely, those who are awaiting complete healing
from something that is plaguing their body or soul, and
those who don't know that God loves them, and are
considering taking their own lives, because life on earth
is just not going as it should, besides the fear tactics of
those who work for the "mainstream" (but untruthful)
propoganda-promoting media, in America, ... that bring
on hard-working citizens of our country untold anxiety,
fears and distractions from what is most important --
reaching out to someone near you, to let them know
you care, and ... if you are a believer in The Lord Yeshua
the Messiah (Jesus Christ), you can be aware that the
person you are comforting with words of kindness and
gentle care ... really "needs The Lord of Life."

El Shaddai, El Elyon, alone, can heal the hurts, stop the
internal pain many go through, daily, and bring the lasting
Joy, Grace and Peace, they seek (but maybe don't realize
they do)!
And we are (as believers) enabled by The Lord God Who
is our Life to share with anyone the unconditional
Love that God desires to share with them, because He has
already shared this Love with us!

If we keep our eyes (our hearts) on The One Who gave us physical life,
and Who gives us Life eternal, and keep our minds on His thoughts He
shares with us, in His Word (the Bible; the Old and the New Covenants,
both), He will do the rest that is needed. He will fight our battles *for*
us! He will fight the battles, winning the victories, of all who put their
trust in Him alone!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Further Update on Urgent Prayer Request

Our son's car, by a good auto mechanic's estimate, after trying quite a few things to remedy the engine's unwillingness to "start," ... has been deemed "dead." The mechanic concluded that our son will just have to look for another car.
That's fine with him. He just needed to know.

Of course, without going into the entire story here, to go out and get another car, is not so easy as it may be for others. For folks who serve in ministry, and ... who live on less than some, in Washington, could ever imagine themselves living on, ... a situation of this sort becomes another part of a life-long series of awesome miracles God Himself loves to perform, not for performance sake, but for the observers, the people on earth to have to acknowledge that, once again, He has proved Himself to be Faithful, to be the Provider for His own, to be our ever-present Help in time of trouble, ... to be our Refuge and Strength, ... and to be our Shepherd, Who rescues us when we are in danger, and ... holds us up, when we need Him to.

So, if you think of us, please pray for our son, who will be on the road, in a rented car, today, ... and will be driving for over 6 hours, to get "back home here," ... and then, we begin the work on getting another car we've heard about, that a man The Lord has led us to ... is workin' on, ... as he is able to make time, in between other jobs, ... to make it available, ... soon, for our son to own.

God is amazing! He is always working far ahead of us!
He is ever thinking about us, and working for our good!
He is doing this not because we deserve Him, or the wonderful Help He is, and the Help He brings to us, ... but just because He loves His children *that much!*

Thank you for praying! Our son's initials are AJ. Please don't call him that. I'd just rather not give out his name, for those who do not know us personally. But those who do, well, you all know him. ;o) But you may want to pray specifically for him, and for his need for a good car, that he can afford, so I've given you some initials to help you in your praying. We do not take lightly the prayers of those who love God, and seek His Face, daily, and are growing in Grace, and growing in Him, learning to abide in Him, and walk with Him! We appreciate your prayers very much!!

It is being worked out. The Lord knows the rest of the story. But all the details are up to God.

Our son had recently paid for some things on the car that the flood waters "claimed." Now, The Lord will show Himself strong on our son's behalf, ... as He brings forth the money needed, to cover upcoming costs our son will have, for the car he may get to have, soon. You all are familiar with these things. Taxes, licenses, etc.

Folks with a regular, comfortable, 'enough' kind of income coming in, don't have any idea of the great blessing it can be, as well as a challenge to our human way of thinking (our old self that tries to creep back into our thinking, with the renewed minds The Lord has given to those who believe in The Lord Yeshua the Messiah), to live in such a way that we must depend more fully upon The Lord in all the things of life. He is The One Who owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He will sell one of those cows, when one of His children need some financial help! Hallelujah! He's done it before, for us, and for many others, who believe in Him and in His Son, Yeshua, our Redeemer and Lord (Jesus Christ)! And He will do it again, thanks to His limitless Love for His children, and His Mercy, and His generosity. He is able!

Folks who have to dream up stuff to spend money on will have to miss out on goin' through things like we do. Not boasting. He humbles us often, through losses, or life situations that require us to yield a right to something, or even someone, we thought we might get to do, or enjoy. But He brings healing, after the loss (especially of a loved one). He brings Peace to us, even while life circumstances are not what we had hoped they would be.

Am just so very grateful that God is alive, and well, and doing so much more than we could imagine, ... on the behalf of us, and all His children! Hallelujah!
... and yes, He does care for, and watch over, those who are being horribly persecuted, in any place around the world, where His children are. Some believers in America are, honestly, being persecuted heavily. But most folks don't "see" the persecution going on right in their neighborhoods, in an obvious way, in America, ... yet. No matter where true believers are, The Lord is ready and willing to do things to turn hearts to Him, because He much more desires for all to come to the knowledge of The Truth, than to have to destroy or condemn anyone. He rejoices in the death of His saints. But He grieves over those who reject His Love and blessings.

The Lord, in a way that only He could do, uses even the deaths of His saints (His set-apart ones, who believe in Him, and in His Son, Yeshua our Redeemer and Lord), to turn the hearts of their killers, or those who perpetrate crimes against the innocent, including the unborn children, around the world, ... toward Him, so that those who were "against" The Lord soon become so touched by demonstrations of His Love for His children, or of the love His children show to one another, amidst the persecution, ... and the forgiveness of offenders going on, ... that they want to know The One Who is able to bring this about, and, then, they surrender their lives to The One Who *is* Love, Compassion, Understanding, Who is our Redeemer, Who (Yeshua) suffered and died in our place, taking the punishment we deserved for our transgressions against God, ... and He is our Healer and our Shalom (Peace). (He is much more than that!)

They can't resist Him, just as we could not, when He first touched our lives, ... and we realized we could not resist His offer of the free gift of deliverance (salvation) bought and paid for, by the atonement His Son made, in our place, to pay the debt we owed to God, our Maker. Yeshua is The Lamb of God, Who took away our sins, covering them, removing them, calling us justified before God, our Father in Heaven! When we responded to His freely offered "gift," we asked Him into our lives, ... and allowed Him to be our First Love, ... The One we Love above all, now. Hallelujah!!

And then, we begin to see the amazing transformation He is able to bring forth, ... after we cried so much over the loss and persecution our dear brothers and sisters have gone through, ... but, then, The Lord shows us the fruit of the sacrifice of their lives, for the new ones who come to The Lord, because of how God works, in the lives of all. !

He brings beauty out of ashes.
He brings Life out of death.
He brings new Life, new birth, to those who will believe in His Son, Yeshua haMashiach, the Messiah, The Lamb of God (Jesus Christ), Who *is* YHWH God (Jehovah, some call Him).

The Lord is able to do mighty things, if only we will believe, and obey His Word, His commands!

"... I bow my knees unto The Father of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah, of Whom the whole family in Heaven and earth is named, that He would grant you, according to the riches of His Glory, to be strengthened with Might by His (Holy) Spirit in the (your) inner man (being); that Messiah (Yeshua) may dwell in your hearts by faith: that ye, being rooted and grounded in Love. May be able to comprehend with all saints (true believers in The Lord) what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; and to know The Love of Messiah (Yeshua), which passeth (human) knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God (The Father).
Now unto Him Who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the Power that worketh in us, unto Him be Glory in the believers (the body of Messiah on earth), by Messiah Yeshua throughout all ages, .... Amen." -- from Ephesians 3: 14 - 21.

"Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." -- from Jeremiah 33: 3.

"Behold, I Am The Lord (YHWH), The God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for Me?" -- from Jeremiah 32: 27.

The Life in the Bible Institute has videos, you can view, free, online, and articles, and research for you to read, and benefit from, any time you wish, at: http://www.lifeinthebible.org/
I trust those will encourage you and help you along, in your desire to know more about The Lord and the things He wants you to learn about how He works, and has worked, in the lives of men and women, who believe what He teaches, in The Word of God.

Monday, May 11, 2009

some Truth about "other thinkers"

Below is a link to a website page article I'm reading:


If you are wanting to know something about "why" those who are "of" the Islamic faith seem to act in unrational, violent ways toward those who profess belief in and trust in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ), the one who wrote the "linked" article tries to explain.

Hope it will prove helpful and informative to you, though very saddening, also.

What a cruel, ungodly, violent, oppressive way to think!
I can't "go that way."
I will go The Way of The Lord, all the days of my life,
even if it means I must suffer for The Name of Yeshua, my Lord and Deliverer!

We are called to suffer persecution, for His sake, just because we are followers of, disciples of, The Lord of Love, Whose Compassion (for us) led Him to come to earth as Emmanuel, suffer cruel treatment, even hatred, shown by His own Hebrew people, and then unjust, criminal execution, desired by the rich elite in Jerusalem, who feared His becoming "more powerful" that they wanted to be, in their positions of leadership.

But after His physical body was killed, His eternal spirit and soul still remained "alive." And He rose again, on the third day, after He was buried, after His death, as our Atonement-Maker, on the cursed tree. He arose triumphant from the dark domain! He even visited the "saints" who had died! (while His body was lying in the tomb, His soul and spirit were ministering to those who had died before Him)

He arose on the third day, and He remains alive to this day!
He is in Heaven, now, interceding for us, and He raised us up, and even now allows us (has made us) to be seated "together (with Him, Messiah Yeshua) in heavenly places, in Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus)." ... Ephesians 2: 5-6

No other "relationship" other than the one you can have, as a true believer in the One, True Messiah, Yeshua, The Son of YHWH God, is able to fill you with the Peace needed, to get through persecution, and, for some, to help you get through the coming days on this earth!
No other belief system can "give" to you the "spiritual discernment" and "spiritual understanding" you will need, to make it, each day, as the days become (appear to be) darker and darker, before The True Light shines, again, on earth.

Please do not misunderstand me. The Lord is ever shining His marvelous Light into the lives and souls of His people, His chosen ones, His children, those who profess belief in Him and in His Son, Yeshua the Messiah!

But as the rich elite, who still try to rule everyone, on this planet, keep working to eliminate those of us, from their domain, who do believe, with all that is in us, in YHWH God, and in His Son, Yeshua the Messiah, ... besides our Jewish / Hebrew brothers and sisters, anywhere where they may live, in Israel, or in other places on earth.

The Lord Almighty reigns! He is able to defend us, from those who cannot kill our soul, our spirit! They cannot take us away from our Lord, Who bought us, paid for us with His precious Blood! We will always belong to Him!

Let's pray for those who have been deceived by the false moon god of a mixed-up man, who lived long ago -- Mohammed! Let's pray diligently that The Lord of Love, YHWH God, Who *is* Love, and Compassion, and Understanding, will convict the Mohammedans / Islamists of their sins and iniquties (as He did for us!) and make them aware of their *urgent* need for a (true) Savior, a (true ) Deliverer, ... and that He will lead them to repentance, before Him!
They need Him, as we needed Him, back when He first made us aware that we could do absolutely nothing to get to Heaven, when we die.
Now that we're in YHWH God's family, we must pray for Him to use us, and anyone else who is a true believer in Yeshua the Messiah, to win the souls whom God knows are willing to hear Him, but have not yet "heard" the preaching / the message they need to hear, in a way that they understand, so they can respond rightly to it, and surrender their lives (the control of them and the direction of them) to The Lord Almighty, and to His Son, Yeshua the Messiah!

Let's praise The Lord for His abundant Grace, which He used to bring us all (who believe in Him) to full deliverance (salvation)!
He has done mighty things!
Psalm 145: 1-21

... kept in His Loving Care ...

for He is The Lord Who is slow to anger, plenteous in mercy, and gracious, full of lovingkindness and pity for all who call upon His Name ....

All is Well, again; update on Urgent Prayer Request

Update on Urgent Prayer Request:

By the fact that I did not write, right away, about anything else related to my "urgent prayer request" for you all to pray about, last weekend (on May 2), that is a signal that all is well, now.
And it is!

Praise The Lord, Who is Almighty, Hears us when we cry out to Him, and Who sees us in the plight we find ourselves in.....!

Our latest update from our son, by phone, tells us that his car is now being worked on, and he was told, by a mechanic in his area, that he should be able to drive it, today. (May 11) Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the story is: (to me, this was more urgent, than that)
His "stuff" was all alright. (Is that correct to say, grammatically?)

Every bit of his belongings, as far as what our son has told us, was fine.
wow! That is a miracle!!
Water had gotten into some of the lower parts, or touched the bottom of his car, and was up to the doors, ... and this car is not air tight, you all!
So, it is a special protection from The Lord, that his stuff was "fine."
Thank You, Dear Lord!

The main 'stuff' -- his computer stuff with much saved information on it, etc. -- all was able to be taken out of the car in time, ... probably the next day (he didn't say), to be taken uphill to the place where he was "moving to." (if the rains had not come)

Anyway, it is all "well," and he was able to be at work that following Monday! wow!

The good part, being that his car was on "the Pearl's side" of Cane Creek, ... was a true blessing The Lord provided for our son. !!! And Mr. and Mrs. Pearl helping him, themselves, was a huge blessing!! Lord, bless them richly!!
If his car had been in several other areas, in the county, his stuff would have been ruined, besides ''no more car.''

God surely was in it, taught our son some lessons, I suppose, but showed Himself to be, once again, The Able-to-do-it Deliverer that He is!!

Too bad I let myself worry, even just a bit, ... on May 2.
I did wonder ....
but chose, most of the day, and that night, to keep in mind, and claim, for our son, God's promises, that He is able, and He wants to show He is mighty, and fights our "battles" for us.

The Lord is ever near!
He is ever prepared and ready to deliver us, in any crisis!
He always goes before us and is watching over us!

**Thanking The Lord for more things:

... He even brought back our second daughter from the missions trip to the Philippines, ... safe and sound ... and we picked her up late on Wednesday, May 6. -- !!! -- God is so good!
She has given us an update, which I will not share here.
Those who know me / us, can get that update, elsewhere. ;o) (big TX-size grin)

**A New Prayer Request:

... now, we prepare for the next challenge: (among several others coming up)
We are scheduled, Lord willing if nothing changes between now and May 30, to sing as a family of 8 (yes, our son, Lord willing, will be back home ... for a while), at a church about an hour from where we now live -- we hope it will greatly encourage the folks there, and the pastor, at Bloomingdale Baptist Church.
Please pray that hearts / souls will be encouraged, and built up in Him, not by us, but by His work done through us! (besides the pastor's message, preached that Sunday night, during the service we will sing at, and any others, there, who share a testimony, that night. Some believers are sharing soul-encouraging testimonies of how The Lord is workin' in their lives, as they fellowship together! Please encourage your pastor to let this be done in the "body" you fellowship/ worship God with. It is so uplifting and can be convicting, too, but is always good!)

This will be our first time to sing at a "strange church."
You know what I mean. Stop laughing, you all! hee hee!
We are called peculiar (people), though that means set apart for service to The Lord.
And foreigner or stranger only means they are from somewhere else, their home is elsewhere.
hee hee!

Al Smith used to say: I had a strange pianist play (it; a particular hymn) for me. What a funny way to say that. Well, now you see.... (hope you do). ;o)

Please rejoice much in The Lord, today, praising Him for Who He is !! --
El Elyon, The Most High;
El Shaddai, our All-Sufficient One;
Yahweh Sabaoth, The Lord of hosts;
YHWH Yireh, The Lord our continual Provider;
YHWH Shalom, The Lord our Peace;
YHWH Tsidkenu, The Lord our Righteousness;
YHWH Rophe, The Lord Who heals us continually; ........

He is awesome!
He has delivered our son from having a situation that might have kept him from coming home, in about 5 days, for a good visit with us!
He has delivered our son's "stuff" ...... from ruin!
He has shown us we need to be in prayer continually! (duh!) ;o) (laughing at myself)
He has shown Himself strong on the behalf of those whose hearts are mature toward Him!

He is still doing mighty, kind, merciful, loving and good things for us, His children, continually!
We need to thank Him continually, and praise His Name forever!

And He is (if you're a true believer in God's Son, Yeshua the Messiah {Jesus Christ}) fighting your battles for you, today! And His Right Hand and His Holy Arm have gotten Him the victory! So, He cannot fail.
And He is loving and blessing you today, in a mighty way!
Look for His blessings!
As we open our eyes to what great Good things The Lord is ever at work doing, on our behalf, we will soon see we've been ungrateful, while He was "doing good" for us.
Let's be more thankful to Him! He always does good for us!

Keep looking down .... from your heavenly vantage point, where He says He has you seated "in heavenly places in Messiah Yeshua." (in Jesus Christ) We must choose, daily, to abide in Him, and let His Words abide in us!, so we may give glory to His Name, in all we do!

haShem Yeshua
( that means "in Yeshua's Name" )

... kept by The Power of God ...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

a little update on some things going on near Cane Creek, in TN

We have heard, again, from our son.

His car has been pushed up the hill, for now, thanks to the actions and generosity of others, who are in ministry full time. Praise The Lord!!! Thank You, Lord!

Lord, please bless all those who have helped everyone living in that area, for now. -- especially Michael and Debi Pearl! Love in action is a testimony of The Holy Spirit active in a believer's life. And Debi and Michael know how to put God's Love into action, to help others need, or ask for.

Some able-bodied people in the area near Cane Creek are going around, in kayaks to check on folks who live in the low-lying areas.
So far, everyone is safe.

The waters, for now, are already receding just a bit -- at least 6 to 8 inches, so far. It should continue, as long as The Good Lord moves the rains "on." (however, the rains are not yet totally out of that area, because rains are still moving eastward from Oklahoma and Texas, toward all the states I will mention, later in this post.

The main road is still covered, for now, near Cane Creek.
Please continue to pray.

Rains are moving south and east from there, so that is a blessed answer to prayer!

But not everyone, who lives near to the Buffalo River is "safe." (their belongings, mostly) Cane Creek feeds into the Buffalo River.

Please continue to pray for those who live in the "path" (for the coming day or two) of this heavy-rain storm: people who live in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, much of Virginia, and North Carolina and South Carolina! It's still goin' on!

Pray God's awesome protection on all who live in the areas where the heavy rains are headed. There may also be high winds, in some areas, and the possibility of tornadoes.

some "flood" reports on flash flooding in Perry County, Tennessee

As of Saturday, May 2:

According to one weather update, for Perry County, in Tennessee, by "news channel 5," of Nashville, the "flood stage" for the Buffalo River is 14 feet. A while ago, today, the river's level was measured at over 14-1/2 feet. http://www.newschannel5.com/global/weatheralerts.asp?CountyID=cid258027

The entire area, especially the agricultural fields in areas near the Buffalo River, are being flooded. At water levels of 10.0 feet, these low-lying areas and bottomland fields (agricultural) are becoming flooded.
Some bridges in the area of Route 50, going south from Lobelville, TN, may soon be closed, due to flood waters on the road and bridge in the area.
At 12.0 feet, parts of secondary roads near Old Hwy. 13, would become covered with water.

The Buffalo River is expected to rise to levels of about 17 feet, by midnight tonight.
This storm system, with heavy rains, and possible tornadoes that are spawned by the storm system, is expected to continue, though it is moving southeast, toward Alabama, until some time this coming Monday, May 4.

The weather forecast predicts rains to continue in that area until (at least) late, Sunday night.

Please pray!
Some news stations are predicting as many as 30,00o residents may become homeless, as a result of these heavy rains.

URGENT Prayer Request for folks who live anywhere near Cane Creek / Lobelville, TN !

There are flash floods, with flood-producing rains in the low-lying area near where the ministry of Michael and Debi Pearl is located (No Greater Joy ministries); the area is called Cane Creek, named for the large creek that runs through that area, on its way to lead into the Buffalo River, nearby. (I am now aware of the entire area near Lobelville, TN, is under a flood watch, with threat of tornadoes in that general area.)

Rains have been coming down for some hours now, and the low-lying fields are covered, near Cane Creek, and also some houses in the area are in danger of the belongings, in them, being badly damaged or ruined. The large amount of rain that has fallen and the flooding from the creek is so extensive that the roads in that area are closed; our grown son, called us to alert us to this. He is with a family this morning, who live high on a hill, about 1/4 mile from where his car was parked, just a bit uphill from the Cane Creek. (as of now, his car would have to be moved a long distance uphill, "while in "park," to put it "out of danger.")

He and someone else were there, last night, staying overnight outside "camping." They stayed near the Pearls' church, which (I call it) is built on an American form of stilts. It is already upstairs, when you walk into the church sanctuary, let's say. It is open underneath.

Anyway, please, if you read this **pray** for all those who have belongings in low-lying houses in that area, because they may be serious danger of losing the belongings on the first level of any home there.

And please **pray** for our grown son, because this morning he was set to move his belongings from his car, ... yes, his car, into a place on the Pearls' property, to stay for the coming weeks. Because he had to have his belongings in his car, and because it was down near Cane Creek, this morning, he and someone else were able, earlier today, to put his car into neutral to push it uphill, some, to get it further away from the area near the creek.
However, waters had risen 2 feet within a few hours' time, this morning, and heavy rains continue to fall, now.
His car was in danger of having all in it ruined, besides the car being flooded.
Our son is still 1/4 mile away, ... with his car key with him; so, he tells me there is no way to get over there, even with a canoe, to get a car key to Mr. Pearl, to put the car into neutral, to move it to higher ground.

Our son was able to contact Mr. Pearl, who, now, is trying to push our son's car up the hill much further, ... if possible. But Mr. Pearl says our son's transmission may be ruined, as a result of the car being pushed along the ground / or gravel road while still in "park." (aagh!!!!)

Please **pray!**
We are trusting that anyone who reads this will copy it onto an email and send it on to anyone you know, today, so they can ask others to pray.
This could affect quite a few families, in that area.
The Pearls' ministry is on much higher ground, so none of their "things" should be in danger from this extensive flooding.
But our grown son's belongings, and his car, and the belongings of many other people who have low-lying houses, cattle on fields that are already quite covered with high water, and any other mechanical equipment in fields, or areas that are low-lying, may be ruined / "lost."

If there are any ALERT men (of the International ALERT Academy, in east TX) who may read this urgent request for prayer, please, will you pray? You guys, or someone you know, may be called in, in the next few days, to help with clean up. okay? Thought you'd want to pray and would want to know.

Blessings of The Mighty Lord, and God, to you all,
and may He bless you with His Grace and His Peace!

p.s. Our grown son reminded me not to worry, but to pray.
So, please join our family in praying for all those in that area, who are safe, themselves, but their belongings and their homes are in serious danger, ... at this moment.
It is upon them.
There is no time to lose.
Please pray!
Thank you very much!!
God be with you all!
By the way, we're praying God will use this situation to glorify His Name, by whatever He allows to happen.
He knows what He is up to.
He controls the rain, and the wind, and the flooding of creeks!
He may be wanting to use this situation to teach us all something that He can use us, later on, to help others by!
So, let's stay alert to The Lord's Holy Spirit, Who is wanting us all to remain "in full trust" of our Loving Lord, Who is ever kind, merciful and gracious to His own children, and Who is wanting us to listen, and hear what He is saying to us, through such an event as this.

In our son's case, he stands in danger of losing his computer, and his hard drive, both of which (at this point) have very important information stored on them, ... while he is working on websites for other believers, who have "hired him" to work for them.

What he uses his computer for, for work, in ministry (since that is our son's heart; to use what he knows for The Lord & to help believers, and support those in ministry for The Lord's Kingdom) is surely something that the enemy of (YHWH) God does not like, at all.
So, I will reckon that God's enemy watched, last evening, while our son loaded all his "stuff" (belongings he has there with him, while he works, on site, for the Pearls, for a time) into his little car, ...
... but we all know The Lord God is in charge, and He knows every detail about what's going on, will go on, and what has gone on, during this rain storm. Am just reporting what seems significant, so that others may pray appropriately. The Lord Who heareth thee (you) will respond in exactly the right way! Hallelujah!!

And, I will suppose that all of this may be used, for both our son and the rest of the people in that area, to build them up in their faith of The Lord, Who is Mighty, indeed!

Thought you might want to be aware of that, though you all are "on target," and well aware that the enemy of God, does all he can, to stop the God-honoring efforts of men and women, who have surrendered their lives and their belongings, on this earth, to The Lord Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). However, what he does not seem to "get" is that God Almighty is still The Almighty, El Elyon (The Most High), El Shaddai (our All-Sufficient One), and Yahweh Sabaoth (The Lord God of hosts). He surely is not worried, and He has said, Himself, that nothing is too hard for Him. "... His Righteous Right Hand and His Holy Arm have gotten Him the victory." -- from Psalm 98: 1. In His timing, it's done. (already) He sees the end of every event; He is The Lord Who rules over all things, and knows everything in a perfect (complete) way.

And He has said that "... the eyes of The Lord (YHWH) run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect (mature, complete in Him) toward Him." -- from II Chronicles 16: 9

~ Kathy ~
... I'll post an update, as soon as I know something significant.