Wednesday, October 13, 2010

thoughts about The Lord YHVH

The Lord is so merciful & patient!

He never lets us go, even when we don't seem to be walking hand in Hand "with" Him. His LovingKindness is ever extended to us, and He always has His Gentle, welcoming Hands of Mercy reaching toward us! (let's praise His Name: ha Shem!)

He rejoices over us with Joy, with singing, & He rests in His Love. He is in the midst of us. He is Mighty to Save! (let's shout Hallelujah for our Savior, Redeemer, Lord & Master, Who is also our King, Protector, & Best Friend!!) What a Friend, an Awesome Friend, we have in Yeshua! (Jesus Christ)

I am so thankful He has chosen me & ordained me, that I should go & bring forth fruit (souls for His Kingdom), yet He knows I am not good at doing that, at all. (ouch!) But He continues to extend His Loving, Merciful, Patient Hands to me, to help me walk more closely with Him and enables me to hear Him more clearly, each day, as I seek His Face.

Oh, how blessed it is to know The One Who made the universe, Who holds it all up, maintaining its continuing existence until the time He has chosen to burn it, and make a new heaven & a new earth. The (only One) Awesome God is the same One Who has chosen you & me to serve Him, live only for Him, and to follow Him, in Righteousness! Hallelujah! (shouting again)

Am without much, financially.

Am out of debt, completely.

Only owe love, ... and I still fail at delivering that. (ouch!) But He continues to share His agape (unconditional, limitless) Love with me (!). He still continues to share His agape Love with all who believe in The Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world (all the people who put their trust in Him, as Lord & Atonement-Maker)!

Yeshua, my Atonement-Maker, shed His Blood to pay the debt I owed my heavenly Father, YHVH El Shaddai, Adonai, Elohim, He is Adonai Echad. And He only asks me to believe in Him, and in return, He has given me (and all who believe in Yeshua as Messiah) eternal life and re-birth, by Grace through my believing trust in Yeshua my Messiah. (Jesus Christ)

All my possessions I've given to Him.

Am still learning to daily yield my rights to my Lord, so He can, then, do His Will in & through my life.

He has given me eternal Life! I cannot turn back. I must follow Him! He "is" my Life! Yeshua is The Way, The Truth and The Life. No man can come to The Father but by Him! (Hallelujah!, shouting again)

In Him is Life eternal & He gives us this new Life "free." He had to pay a high price, the ultimate price! But to us, His gift is free. (if we believe & let Him transform us)

He has transformed my life on earth! He is still renewing my mind, as I read & study His Word, each day. He teaches me as I pray. He is so active in my life, that I cannot pray without His Holy Spirit (Ruach ha Chodesh) actively involved in it. He is ever with me! He is wanting me to think like my Savior & Lord. As The One Whom The Father has chosen to be my Teacher, The Holy Spirit helps me understand The Word, as I read & study it.

Yet, I grieve His Holy Spirit, at times. (aagh!) Oh, how He must cry, as He sees me mess up royally. (my wording; it has nothing to do with any acknowledged royal family on earth; it's just a phrase that means something 'big') I don't mean to, or intend to do what is wrong, in YHVH God's sight. But ... I can be deceived, just like anyone else. If I allow the enemy of God to have an 'open door' into my mind, then I can think wrong (a stronghold) (from Ephesians 4:20-32), and that is able to lead me to do wrong, or speak wrong. I can, at any point in time, humble myself before The Lord & then, resist the devil (the deceiver), and then, he will flee from me. But if I do not, I've allowed the enemy of YHVH God to influence my mind.

Anyway, ... as I (then) acknowledge my sin, the wrong I've done, before Him (The Lord YHVH), in humility & meekness, He is always ready to welcome me with His open Arms of agape Love, having forgiven me, putting my sin as far as the east is from the west. (from Psalm 103:11-13)

These are some thoughts along my personal journey in His Way. This is not long enough to include all I could share, nor have I written enough to explain all that I've said, in a way that will help you in the best way. But, perhaps, over time, I can add to it. (we'll see) Others write more eloquently than I do.

Am, this week, finishing up preparations for ladies' tea to be at our local believer's congregation in Tennessee, that the ladies of our family are helping to host. ;o) I hope you all will enjoy a peace-filled Shalom rest on The Lord YHVH's Sabbath!
Let's praise His Name! He is Good! His Mercy endures forever!