Tuesday, August 9, 2011

some articles we all should read & pray about


Those who think they have 'the right' to stop others, who proclaim truth, share truth, help others (in the truest sense) & are not infringing on the rights of anyone but are doing the right thing (as it is stated in The Highest Court of Heaven, presided over by The Most High God, EL Elyon, Who is YHVH, The ELohim of Israel, The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob [Avraham, Yitzhak & Yaakov]), are wrong, as far as I understand The Truth.

Below are several articles which share a few who are being unjustly, illegally (in Truth) persecuted for no reason other than that they are "doing the right thing" from the perspective (as far as I can tell) of those who know The Truth:

in the USA:


in Iran:


in Laos:


in Israel (persecution against Messianic believers):


in Florida, USA: (reported today; please read other posts on this site's blog at http://www.jihadwatch.org/ )


in Malaysia:


... a bit old, as a news story (from 2005), but important to read & know about:


... and another 'old story (from 2003),' but one worth reading, about one who has become a pastor:


and an 'older story' about one who was persecuted for believing in Yeshua:



Please, consider reading (when you can make time to do it) what is shared in the articles I am citing, above. I believe you will find that the stories 'sound' familiar.
Why? Because those people, across the world, who are "doing the right thing" are (by those I'll call the oppressors, the unjust, the ones who'd like all power to be given to them to control others with whom they disagree, .... I refer, here, to those who are offended by the Life of Messiah Yeshua, The Son of YHVH God, The [only] One Who loved them enough, in Truth, and in actions, to 'redeem' their lives by sacrificing His own Life [on earth] "in their place" as The Lamb of God, Who [alone] is able to take away their sins, the power of sin [which held those who hated YHVH God & those who were offended at His Torah & His Word "bound" under the bondage to their own sins & iniquities]) ... attacked unjustly, unreasonably and unjustifiably.
Have you read similar reports of unjust persecution of peaceful people?
Have you read reports of attacks / violence against those who represent Messiah Yeshua on this earth, but who are hated for their relationship / their 'right' association with Him & with YHVH God, His Father (and ours)?

Please, pray for persecuted believers!
Thank you for listening!

Below are a couple of other articles / posts which you may wish to read:







... and some are being persecuted simply because they want to raise 'honestly healthy (non-GMO)' food on their farms in the USA:



There are many more stories, both current and also 'from years ago' and ... those from "not so many years ago," which I could have shared links to.
But, please know that YHVH God does care about each & every one of His own children who are persecuted, in any way.
And, if you have a story to share, in which someone was unjustly persecuted, "for no good reason," please contact me, via this blog site.
I will look over your 'story,' and will share it, if it agrees with this blog's goals & the blog owner's personal, spiritual convictions, based on YHVH God's Word of Truth. (found both in His Torah & the entire Tanakh, and also in His "New Covenant" Word)

... shared with a deep, sincere concern for others who have been persecuted "without cause" according to YHVH God and His Word of Truth