Friday, July 17, 2009

URGENT: a video you must see by Rima E. Laibow, M.D.

Please visit the link below, to view / hear a video by a medical doctor (who cares about your future health):

This is urgent!

Learn about "Self-Shielding."

This could save your life and the lives of those you know and love.

I hate to say it, ... that this is "urgent" but this is real, friends! There are truly evil men "out there" (within our own government) who are seeking to do "everyone" extensive harm. They have been planning a pandemic virus ... to render people much more dependent on the U S government, they think, so that they can proceed with their NWO plans.

This is not a hoax. I wish it were.

Please learn all you can.
You decide.

I do not alert you to this to scare you, or upset you, or cause you to become fearful.
I only alert you to it so that you can make proper preparations, which are briefly shared on the video you will see, by going to the link I share, above here.

Be prepared.
Know The Lord!
Let Him work His Will in you!
Let Him have His Way in your life!
You will never regret doing that, first!

And ... He does want us to be prepared for what "others" have planned "for" us.
So, please do what you believe is right, under God!

Self-Shielding is one thing you can do, that will greatly help you to get through this autumn's onslaught of attempts to ruin our lives, for ever! (physically, mentally, financially) ... in the US.

And this "upcoming vaccine" that the W.H.O. has planned, which they're claiming will be mandatory ... is something you "can" refuse to take, to accept.
And if you believe this Self-Shielding is what you think is right to do, then please, please, share this video link with everyone you know.
They will thank you later.
God will thank you now. (my personal opinion)

NOTE: Please understand that what I share in any of my posts, on this blog, are
merely the result of my own beliefs, my own convictions, my own personal thoughts and responses to what I am still learning, piece by piece, step by step, as I continue along my journey of "Life" on this earth, made by YHVH God, The Almighty, El Elyon.
Should you disagree with what I share here, please do not become angry with me. Please: ask God what He wants you to do, to "do the right thing" with regard to His Plan for your life!! Later, you may thank me for warning you of some things that "some evil men" in this world have planned for you.
They don't know God. They don't understand.
God is able! He is not limited by the plans or devices of evil men!
He will take care of you!