Saturday, January 9, 2010

websites you will like (to help you)

Below is a list of websites I trust will bless you or someone in your family, in some way.
I cannot say I fully endorse all that is on these websites. (That's true of any website I share a link to.) But some of these have really blessed me!
And I know the young man who "owns" the business on one of these sites.
One endorsement: I highly recommend Salem Ridge Press!

Some of these websites have been shared with me by another home-educating mom, or on another website I was on. What a blessing when folks "network" and share about websites of others they learn about!
Others have been found as a result of someone speaking at a special event, like a homeschool bookfair.

Hope some site in this list will be "new" to you, so you can find another helpful resource you did not know about, before. To me, that's a special blessing.
This link takes you to only one page on a good website. I like this page, among others here, because it has planning pages on it, ... showing the entire month at one glance. ;o)
This is a website for homeschoolers who have children with special needs.
This has Christian audio recordings of such men as Andrew Murray and Charles Spurgeon, among others. What a blessing this site is!
This is a link to only one page on a great website! This page shares the top 100 websites for 2009.
This site offers some great books that you, or your children, can read and enjoy!
Elisabeth Elliot (Gren)'s "old" radio program -- transcripts only, I think -- called Gateway to Joy. This is a real gem! Am thankful this ministry has saved these archives from Mrs. Elliot Gren's former radio program. Our family was so blessed, when we used to get to hear her share lessons God had taught her, as well as special stories around holiday times like December (birth of Yeshua / Jesus) and March-April (Crucifixion / Resurrection).
Look for "the Homeschool Corner" on the main page of this website
This website is filled with wonderful, educational material! Please check this out!
We know the man whose site this is. He has figured out some wonderful things to help parents help their children learn much in a short time!
This site shares recipes & their ideas about putting together a mix to make bread dough, and then putting it into the refrigerator, and taking some of it, each day, to bake some bread that's tasty and healthy, too.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Website Links You can Look at & Listen to

Elisabeth Elliot's former radio program messages (to read; these are typed transcripts): her radio program was called Gateway to Joy. These great messages are available on Back to The Bible's website:

Kevin Swanson: articles shared from his radio program:

about "surviving, teaching & appreciating boys" --

Professor Carol's website podcasts, on which she (an SMU university Music History Professor) shares about instruments and musical compositions, plus more: (very interesting!)