Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Organic, non-GMO, Whole-Foods and Whole-Food Supplements -- You will Feel the Difference !

Do you want to feel better? 
...have more energy to meet the demands of life?  (( I am amazed at the energy that's been restored to my body! ))
...feel less pain while going through your daily activities? (( even at my age, I clean houses for others!  And, I don't have the pain I used to have! ))
...need endurance? (( I now have a lot of endurance! ))
...need healing for skin conditions? (( mine have been healed! ))
...want to strengthen your immune system? (want to not have to worry about getting sick around people who "are?"  (( I've found it! ))
...want to get rid of your allergy symptoms? (( I did! ))
...wish your mind was more alert and attentive?  (( mine now is! ))
...wish your emotions / hormones were more balanced?  (( mine are, now! ))
...wish your skin was much more soft, healthy, and more like it was when you were very young? (( mine is, now! ))
...wish your hair's texture and thickness could be restored to what it was like when you were young?  I mean, thicker, more healthy, shiny, stronger! (( mine now is! ))
...wish your joints and muscles did not ache so much? or not hardly at all? Want to reduce swelling and inflammation? (( I have! )
...want stronger fingernails? (( I've been amazed at the difference in mine! ))
...want your friends and family to say:  wow!  Your face looks like it shines!  What are you doing?  or:  You look so much better!  I can see it in your face! (and eyes)

I’ve been busy with a number of activities, as we all are!  We are *all* busy, I mean.  And, the choices we try to make *wisely,* as to what we’ll use our time to accomplish, or focus on, lead us on paths that can benefit us in a wonderful way!  Or, if those choices end up taking us on paths that, we soon see, are not so helpful for us, we need to re-think it all and “get off” those paths immediately!

I’ve been using several wonderful (and I don’t say that lightly) organic, whole-food, green-powder (and other dried powder) foods, and whole-food, organic supplements, for over 2 years, now, and I am completely satisfied with what they taste like, and especially with the fantastic results in my skin, hair, eyesight, energy, elimination, and my hormone levels, my emotions, and any pain I’ve had that’s reduced to almost nothing!  wow!!  Keep reading, because I also lost weight and inches!  And, you will, too!

If you’d like to look into what I’ve been using, I will be writing more details about these great (the best) products, here.  For now, you may check ’em out, yourself, at one of the links I share below …

… but, *please, keep in mind that I have a *$50 gift card* for You, so you may *join* Purium Health Products, and get a 20% discount off the retail prices of what you want.  And, if you want to save more, you may choose to *join* Purium in the way I did, and you’ll get 30% off on everything you order, from then on!  You’ll be so glad you tried Purium!  You do NOT want to miss out on this wonderful deal!!

And, they always offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on all their products!  I can say, for sure, that having tried these products for 2 years, now, I know they are the highest quality, and they are one of the main reasons, though Yahweh G-d is always The #1 Main Reason, why my health has, truly, been transformed!  I even lost inches and pounds!  (without exercising, actually!)  And, I was not *hungry* while my body was shedding several pounds, and several inches!

**Go to the link, above, and scroll down to the *Learn More About Me* button, at the bottom of the page.  It’ll take you to another webpage, where you may find the way to send me a message, there, if you’d like more info, and if you want to find out how to get “the code” you’ll need, to take advantage of your free $50 Gift Card!

Purium offers the highest quality organic, whole-food supplements, for your children, and for you and all those you know and care about, and love!  And, now Purium offers *Bio* Skin Care products — Bio Relax capsules (to relax the facial stress and skeletal tension that cause age lines and wrinkles — read more at the link below!), Bio Regen capsules (to accelerate the regeneration, rejuvenation, and rehydration of emerging skin cells — read more at the link below!), and Bio Cleanser (to cleanse, exfoliate, purify, and refine your skin), Bio Serum (an advanced skin-regenerating and wrinkle-reducing serum), and Bio Night Cream (to lock in moisture and improve skin texture without synthetic chemicals).

If you have children, you’ll want to find out about the great Purium organic “foods” and “supplements” your children will love!  And, you’ll be so thankful to find alternatives to the drugs that some say your children should be given, to get them to *focus* better (for ADD, ADHD) and for more balanced, long-lasting *but not hyper* energy, and to improve their resistance to disease, and build up their immune systems!  Go to:

I would not waste your time telling you about something that I had not experienced, or that I did not know, for sure, was well worth your time to look into!  You may view a video about Purium products at:  In this video, David Sandoval shares his food philosophy.  He is the founder of Purium Health Products and has been studying the effects of various foods on our minds and bodies for about 3 decades.  (Disclaimer: Though I do not agree with his personal beliefs about plants and people evolving, I do agree with his philosophy that we must put the very best foods into our bodies, for better health and better lives, for our families and others we care about!  If we do, we WILL feel the difference!)

  Take back your health! and your family's health!
               Take back your life!

Check out this Farm to Family video!  It tells you more of what you'll want to know, about Purium and why it is different from, and much better than, other companies that make promises, but don't measure up!

Here are photos of a bunch of people who have lost weight and inches!  Want to join them? 

Many of them tell their stories here:

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Hey! How is your life going?

Do you get to talk with others, very often, about how your life is going?
I do, some weeks, more than others.
Many times, I am listening to others tell me about how their lives are going.
Some share what they'd like prayer for.
Some share things they are working on, and things they hope to accomplish.

There are so many wonderful things that Yahweh God has been doing, on my behalf, for reasons only He knows, yet, I believe it must be because I am His child, and have put my trust in His Son, Yeshua (Jesus' Name in Hebrew), The Messiah (The Anointed One of YHVH).

YHVH (the way I prefer to spell Yahweh's Name, because we realize none of us, really, know how to pronounce His Holy Name) is The Name of The Creator of the universe, our Heavenly Father.  He, alone, is The Merci-full One, The Beneficent One, The Righteous One, and The One Who has given us His Grace!
He, alone, is awesome!

YHVH has been delivering me, in many ways, from many different things that "could have happened," but didn't.  He's been providing, miraculously, for me and mine, consistently and in abundance, in many ways.  There are times when it seems like "our living" is just not nearly enough!  Yet, He continues to make it stretch, and to last much longer than I had figured!  He is awesome!

YHVH has been keeping me / us from harm, and has been keeping us clothed well, fed well (very well! -- with organic, non-GMO, at times gluten-free, non-soy, kosher, *clean* food!) and has been providing enough so we can get to where we need to get to, and (if we'll take time to *enjoy life!*) to enjoy the *rest* He wants us to enjoy!

... I will share more about all this, soon!

Keep hangin' in there!
YHVH loves you with His everlasting Love (if you belong to Him -- Do you know Yeshua?  Do you know YHVH?)!

YHVH just wants you to spend as much time, every day, and every night, as you are willing to spend with Him!  He wants a close relationship with Him, so He may share with you what He wants you to know, to help others to get through this life on earth in a way that's so much higher, and so much better, though not "a bed of roses," or "a free ride."

He wants (as we give our lives to Yeshua, believe in Him as The One Whom YHVH sent to earth, as The Messiah of YHVH, to show us The Father YHVH, and His Deliverance He has wanted all Israel, all of those who believe in The Elohim (G-d) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, ... to take hold of and experience!) us to let Him bear the yoke of life on earth.  He, alone, can bear it, can handle the weight of the burdens of human life! (Yeshua, I mean, alone, is able to bear it!  We cannot!)

Will we allow Him (YHVH / Yeshua) to lead, as we walk alongside (more like "behind, a little") Him while His Shoulders are carrying the weight of the yoke of living on earth (like an ox bears, along with another ox; one ox leads, the other cooperates and walks "in step with" the stronger, weight-bearing, leading ox)?  As we, who are believers in Yeshua, and in YHVH, as our Savior, look forward, with much anticipation and joy, to The New Jerusalem (The New Yerushalayim) (what most Christians call "Heaven"), we tend (in our humanness) to feel weary of this life.  It does not go the way we all sense life should go!  That's because we've inherited the sin, and results, that came from the first man, Adam.  YHVH did not want things to be like they now are! He wanted life in The Garden of Eden to continue!  It would have been so wonderful !  Yet, He is able to deliver us, day by day, moment by moment, as we turn our eyes upon The One in Whose Face is Love embodied, Who will never leave us, nor forsake us!  He will bear us up upon His Wings!  He will carry us, when we don't think we can take one more footstep forward!  He knows, and goes through with us, what we are going through!  He may not like it that we have to go through some of these struggles, that aren't our fault, but He knows how to bring good out of it, and how to teach us life lessons that we could not have learned, by any other means!  YHVH is awesome!

But, nevertheless, though we have "to wait" for a time, we must remember: our Hope is in The One Who holds everything under His control, and Who holds all things (in the universe) in place, and by Him all things consist. (Colossians 1:17, in The Apostolic Scriptures / B'rit Chadashah)  He just wants us to agree with Him, and not always have to know "why" He allows this or that, to happen!  He wants us to trust Him!  He knows all things, and all things are under His Power, and He is everywhere present!  He knows what we are thinking, and are hoping for, and what motives are in our hearts, besides our secret sins, and secret thoughts, ... yet He continues to *love* us!  He is willing to put up with us, even though He knows what we are like, deep down inside!  Wow!  HalleluYah!!!  YHVH is so wonderful !!

Let's praise Him, throughout the day!
Let's thank Him for the many things He is preventing (that are not good for us), and for what He is allowing (that is both good and not so good; He has lessons for us, in every situation!), and for what He is preparing us for, and for what He has planned for us (to bless us with!)!
He is amazing!

Ephesians 1:2-23 and Ephesians 3:14-21
He is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all that we could ask or think!  And, He will, if we have put our trust in Him, fully, in His Son, Yeshua, acknowledging that Yeshua died in our place (each of us) to take upon Himself, voluntarily, the punishment each of us deserved for the sins we have committed, willfully / knowingly / rebelliously, ... He will do "exceeding abundantly beyond whatever we could ask or think, according to His Power that worketh (continually) in us (through His Ruach / Spirit of Elohim, Who is only given to those who have placed their full trust in Yeshua, as Messiah, as Savior, and Master)." -- from Ephesians 3:20

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