Monday, July 20, 2009

73 items are now listed on "page 2" of our "For Sale!" area

If you are in need of any books, and audios, DVDs, VHS movies, approved for families, and ... some other items, we are having a "For Sale !" sale, at another blog of mine:

Look along the right side bar, under "For Sale !" ... and click on "Books & more for sale, page 2." That's it!

You who home educate your children will benefit from what is listed there, and this week, I will be adding quite a few more items, including some more "home educator's curriculum" ... both textbooks, and ... well, lots of books! ... and more items that most anyone could make good use of. Hope to upload "photos" of "other items" like stuffed animals, and paintings, and a numbered print of a Kentucky Derby horse race (yes, we used to live in KY, years and years ago; that was our "past life"....), and some toys our children have taken care of, and are now ready to let someone else enjoy. ;o) (big grin)

So, go on over there, and look at what is there.
You pay the postage and handling, on all items you purchase.
You must contact me, to "make a deal."
You will like the prices there!
Some items there are not available elsewhere, because I call them "collector's books" and those are no longer in print, as far as I know. (of course, only God is infallible! But ... you look them over and, please, let me know if you can find any of the books with publishing dates, that I list there, from before 1940, elsewhere. If you can find those books elsewhere, you are much smarter than I am.) -- My "collector's books" may be old, and some may smell a bit musty, but some do not, and those of you with working printers could reprint the best ones, and ask the publisher for permission to reproduce their book, and ... you may just find you've come up with a new e-book, from a good, old, well-written book, ... and it could bring you a new source of income!
Resourcefulness is a very good quality! Use it well!

God bless you all, giving you His mighty Grace and His soul-prospering Shalom Peace, today!

Here is the link to the actual page where the books & other items are listed for sale. ;o)