Sunday, July 24, 2011

some articles you will want to read


I recommend that you all (if you wish) go to the site links I am sharing below here. There are three articles for you to learn from, regarding creation science versus evolutionary theory. But each article is unique. The first one I am sharing with you is one I think should be shared far and wide!

The title for the article at the link, above, is: "Inheritance of biological information--part II: redefining the information challenge"

The title for the article at the link, above here, is: "Anti-creationist slanders are back-to-front: the evolutionary basis for racism, eugenics and Nazism," with thoughts (in response to one who had commented, a long while ago, on what the commenter misunderstood, mis-perceived, about several facts regarding belief in a Creator and that "all men are crated equal" by Him) shared by Jonathan Sarfati, CMI -- Australia

"Genesis: The missing piece of the puzzle," by Calvin Smith

I agree with the author of this article that Genesis "is" the information that the young people, of any era, should know quite well, especially studying the original Hebrew wording, and the meanings of the words used especially in Genesis 1 - 11. When this is done well and thoroughly, one gains a good understanding of the Truth shared in Genesis. The result? One knows enough to have a worldview that is sound and ... since evolution does not have a truly scientific (science means "knowledge" -- true science would mean knowledge that is "true") foundation, but is actually based on many assumptions and pre-suppositions, and represents a man's way of thinking, rather than an infallible, Truth-ful, all-Knowing Creator's way of thinking.

Note: While I do appreciate what is shared in this article, because it presents much that I agree with, I would *not* have used some wording in it, such as the word "Christmas." The holiday most may call Christmas originated as a very pagan festival (with the murder of babies as part of the rituals done by the pagans; the truth about this "holiday" is a long story, but if I were the author, I would not have use this wording, since I believe it is true that Yeshua, YHVH God's Son, was born at the time of year when Succoth / Sukkot is celebrated in Israel ... in early October or late September. Besides, in those mountains near Jerusalem, no shepherds would be abiding in the fields by night, at the time of year that is late in what we call December. It's much too cold, there, at that time of year!).

I would also not have mentioned "Easter Sunday" as "the Celebration of Jesus' (Yeshua's) resurrection...." I know what is meant by this wording. However, it is offensive to our Heavenly Father, I believe.
Why? Because His Son was sacrificed (on the Roman execution stake) "as" the Passover / Pesach Lamb, during (the last day of) the feast of Passover / Pesach. The meal Yeshua shared with His disciples / followers in the chamber / room in Jerusalem "was" the Passover / Pesach meal!
He died as The Lamb of God / YHVH, Who takes away the sins of all who will believe in Him as their Redeemer, as God's only-begotten Son, Who shed His Blood to take away the debt / penalty we owed to our Father Who made us, because of our sins & iniquities. "Easter" merely refers to Ishtar, or another Babylonian name, for the one whose worship and rites point to a pagan belief system, which should not remain part of what we call a time when we, as believers, are wanting to commemorate the wonderful time when our Messiah / Redeemer arose from the dead, ... and ... now, He lives forevermore!

"Easter" and "Sunday" are words used as a result of the pagan & 'established Roman church authorities' changing what had been "done" for several centuries among the true believers & followers of Yeshua The Messiah of The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. (Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov) ... after His Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven. Before the year 400 A.D., the "church rulers (within the Roman Empire, at that time)" changed what they "said" believers / followers of Yeshua should do. They admitted that they had no Biblical basis for what they, soon, forced believers to do -- about which day to worship The Almighty God (YHVH our Elohim) and His Son, Yeshua our Messiah. In The Word of YHVH God, Yeshua never makes a statement, nor does Paul (Rav Shaul), teaching the followers of Messiah Yeshua to change what YHVH God had, before, commanded & established as a part of His covenant & instructions / teachings (Torah) for all generations, even for those who were "strangers among" the Hebrews / the Israelites. The books of Deuteronomy and Exodus, and in other inspired books in the Tanakh and what many call the Bible, confirm this. The same guidelines and teachings / instructions were to be kept / and lived by, by anyone who joined himself or herself to YHVH, The God of Moses / Moshe. (The God of Israel) The Lord YHVH says He changeth not. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He did not say He changed the day on which He was to be worshipped, but some use the "misunderstanding" of the day His Son arose from the dead ... as some type of confirmation that, now, all who believe in Messiah Yeshua "should" worship / meet / fellowship on the first day of the week. The only day YHVH God (Elohim) gave a special name to was the Sabbath, the seventh day of the 7-day week He established in the book of Genesis. He never changes. Would He change the day by working things out so that His Son was resurrected on a day of the week that would, then, lead Yeshua's followers to disobey His former command to "rest" on the seventh day of the week? Why would He do this? It would be inconsistent with His other teachings in The Word / The Tanakh.

He (Yeshua) was already resurrected (alive from the dead) "before" the sun came up, ... on the first day of the week. The Word does "not" say He arose "on" the first day of the week. (even before the sun arose) One may search the Scriptures in the New Covenant / New Testament / B'rit Hadashah, to check the wording used in the most accurate translations available. It does not say He arose "on" or "during" the first day of the week. Please, be "Berean" in your thinking & searching of The Scriptures, so you can be accurate in what you believe to be true and right.

Please understand: I am not condemning. Only clarifying what I am stating. (for my readers) And, am taking this opportunity to share these beliefs & clarifications with you. This article merely reminds me that I have not shared some of this information, before. (and I should have)

Nevertheless, this article is worth reading for the information shared in it regarding worldviews, and what an atheistic evolutionary worldview "teaches," as opposed to what a Biblical creationist worldview "teaches."

And I do agree with the write of this article that pastors & congregation leaders / teachers "should" address evolutionary theory, sharing about where it stems from, where it leads to, and ... how true believers should respond ... and "stand firm." (my own emphasis; am not quoting any wording used in the article, in my statements here)


Keep (continue) thinking!