Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One way to see Oct. 31 ... in my opinion:

October 31, 2008, to me is ...

... a reminder of the day, long ago, when a monk / a prient, named Martin Luther, in Wittenberg, Germany, at the Castle Church, nailed on the door of it his 95 theses opposing the granting of indulgences, among other things.
He was declaring that The Lord Almighty, YHWH, had opened his eyes to see clearly that believing by faith in the atoning sacrifice, given voluntarily, by The Lord Yeshua haMeshiach (Jesus Christ to Christian Gentiles) was sufficient to bring him "deliverance from the punishment and the power of his sins" ... and that this is the truth that had, at that point in his life, brought him true salvation.
He no longer needed "works" to be 'worked for' by him, to obtain salvation. It is a free gift. Not to be earned by anything he could do. Amen! Hallelujah! I do not agree with many other things Martin Luther believed, but this one thing I do believe! The Lord Yeshua haMeshiach has made the full atonement, once for all time and for all people, for all their / our sins!
It's done! Totalestai! (until I find it spelled, using American English letters, to show how it would be pronounced, I will spell it this way) -- from the Greek "base" word: tele'o, from tel'os, meaning "complete(d), conclude(d), discharge(d)," implying "finished," or "done." (as in a task being accomplished, and, thereby, "done," or finished.)

... just one more day on the calendar.

... a day on which, around the year 2000, on Oct. 31, in a large town in northeast Plano, a lady was seen in her front yard, painting a scene of the resurrection, on a large piece of plywood, by candlelight (besides the street light). It brought forth several inquiries by young people, who happened to be walking by, after darkness had fallen. She was not a painter, nor is she, still. She did not know how to properly mix paints, to achieve a certain color. She merely had a heart to "try," for The Glory of The Lord, Who had given His Life in her place. She just tried to picture for those walking in the area, after dark, what everyone in the USA (at least) should be celebrating on that evening, and for every day, thereafter. It remains a picture of what can be achieved, by someone whose heart is fixed on doing whatever The Lord urges him or her to attempt, for the benefit of those who oppose themselves, in their pursuit of the American dream. She did it for her Lord and Saviour, Redeemer and (Best) Friend!

... it is usually a day on which The Lord, nearing the setting of the sun that day, allows either cold rain, or threatening weather, or strong winds, to "blow up a storm," showing "people" who misunderstand the proper use of this day, on the calendar, that God is still alive, and doing quite well, in Heaven. And He is still able to "choose" what weather parents should perceive He wishes to urge them to keep their beloved children at home, and (instead of foolishly or ignorantly participating in an overtly pagan, satan-worshiping day / evening "celebration" in the various forms it takes, even in Christian church congregation buildings, which only "try" to offer an "alternative" to the world's secular satan-honoring day's festivities), not participate, in any way except through passing out Gospel tracts, or witnessing in their own front yards, to the truth of Yeshua's atoning sacrifice, and our rebirth that can come, as we choose to believe in and trust in Him for full deliverance from the power and the punishment for our sins and iniquities.

Instead, parents could be home praying / interceding for YHWH's mighty protection over, and crying out for every virgin and every black cat, and every infant born in their local community, because if you ask any police officer, he will tell you, if he is honest, that Oct. 31 has been used, in all recent years, as a night, maybe well after dark, when virgins are (against their wishes) raped and then murdered, alive, along with infants, and black cats, both of which are killed, alive (meaning they are not killed in a way that leaves no pain; they are tortured, first, in most cases) the remains of which are often hidden, for some time, by those who are doing all of that in their worship of the god of this world, the father of lies, satan, the fallen angel.

... he is the one who urges young people to listen to "music with a back beat," that "calls up" demons into the presence and, sometimes, into the lives of those who "willingly go along with, or move in rhythm with" the "back beat" in modern, youth-style music recordings, and at rock concerts, including those that are so-called "Christian" contemporary music recordings. It is not music; it is noise.

If you would like to read a simple, not detailed, but clear, description of the "type" or "kinds" or music this means, from The Word of God, please read in the book of Daniel (that he wrote), which was a prophetic book in the Old Covenant (the Old Testament), in chapter 3, from verses 1 through 7. Of course, Daniel and his friends would not. Daniel was not there, at that time, but must have been serving the king elsewhere. But his 3 young (older teens) friends, Israelites, did oppose the king. King Nebuchadnezzar "had them thrown" into a large, fiery furnace, which he had had heated 7 times hotter than usual. Of course, once again, Yeshua haMeshiach "appeared" *in* the fiery furnace with those 3 young men!

Yeshua Himself came to be with them, and to appear before the king, so that even the king would, soon, acknowledge that ...
"Nebuchadnezzar spake, and said, Blessed be The God (YHWH) of Hananiah, Azariah and Mishael, Who hath sent His Angel (of The Lord; Yeshua), and delivered His servants that trusted in Him, and have changed the king's word, and yielded their bodies, that they might not worship any god, except their own God (YHWH). Therefore I make a decree, That every people, natoin, and language, which speak any thing amiss against The God (YHWH) of Hananiah, Azariah and Mishael, shall be cut in pieces, and their houses shall be made a dunghill: because there is no other god that can deliver after this sort." -- from Daniel 3:29-29

The misuse of Oct. 31, by so many American citizens, sets up a very negative, enemy-of-YHWH example, for anyone who is aware of the "typical" use of Oct. 31 in the USA. People around the world must see Americans are satanic, as they "celebrate" a very occult, pagan day ... that is chosen, each year, as the highest day ... to worship their "angel of light" that is none other than the angel that God "banished" out of Heaven, permanently. That fallen angel, whose name we know as satan, is always workin' to get the oldest sons, to destroy every one who opposed his attempts to work in their lives, and on their minds and thought lives, .... and he is the one who brings in rebellious attitudes, and disobedience, pride, selfishness, willfulness, and hatred, murder, strife, bigotry, intolerance of true believers in Yeshua the Messiah, and more, in the hearts of men and women who are not yet regenerated.

* regeneration is another word for rebirth, into The True Kingdom of YHWH, through belief in The Only-begotten Son of YHWH, Whose Name is above every name, and Who holds all things together, by the Word of His Truth, Who is the Lord Yeshua haMeshiach (Jesus Christ)! It occurs, simply, when we realize our sin-filled, destruction-bound path and life attitude and heart focus, and then, admit, in tears, in sincerity, in truth, that we are "sinners" and we ask, humbly, for YHWH God to forgive us, and ... this is as a result of our realizing that Yeshua haMeshiach gave His Life, on earth, in our place, to pay the required "debt" we owed to The Almighty!

Once we believe, in our hearts and souls, and have chosen to believe in our wills, then ... we are reborn and regenerated by The power of The Almighty God, YHWH, the God of Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). The promises of YHWH only go to the children of Abraham, either by blood or by faith, but only to those, among them, who truly trust and believe, and accept the free gift of salvation, bought and "the transaction completed," by the death, burial and resurrection of The Lord Yeshua haMeshiach, on the third day, after He was dead, according to The Word of God, called The Scriptures.

A long explanation, but that's what the 31st day of October means to me, besides it being the next time our family of 8 gets to go sing, in harmony, at a local-area revival (for true believers) worship service! It's in the mountains! It's near a large lake! It's a blessed time to be "in the house of prayer of our Lord and Saviour, Yeshua haMeshiach, because He *is* God, three in one. Sh'ema Yisrael! Adonai Elohenu! Adonai Echad! .... Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God, The Lord is One!

El Elyon Yoel (Joel) -- The Lord is truly Mighty to save! (deliver) This phrase is just one way to praise The Lord's Name ... one of them. He is One! But His Names reveal the various facets of His awesome Character! He wishes, apparently, that we pray using His Name, for the particular request we are making to our Heavenly Father, that His Holy Spirit reminds us to use. If you are not familiar with the Names of God, you may do a search, online, on good search, using the "Life in the Bible Institute, Hawkins, TX" as your "charity of choice," and it should come up with several good sources of God's Names, and their meanings. If not, then (those who know me) just email me, through leaving a comment on this blog, or using my email that my "friends" already know.

We are justified by The Blood that was shed by The Lamb of God, in our place!

We are purified, and sanctified, by His Blood, and by our belief in His Blood, bringing about our true deliverance from the punishment we deserve for our sins and iniquities!

He alone is Lord (of all)!
Praise His Holy Name!

On Oct. 31, make a positive difference in your community: praise The Lord all evening, and late in to the night, and plead with The Lord, our Heavenly Father, for The Almighty to protect and defend, and fight the battles on behalf of the lives of the (human) virgins and the (human) infants, in your area, from the planned-for destruction of their physical bodies, as part of your local-area satanic worship groups' "doings."
Oct. 31 is not a high satanic ''holi-day," but it is meant to be a time of worship to The One, True God, YHWH, and His Son, Yeshua haMeshiach! This year, this date does happen to fall on a Friday, when some will already be at synagogue, or at a Messianic Jewish worship service! Hallelujah!

Worship The Lord, in Spirit and in Truth!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ever Thought About ...(?)

Ever thought about ... (?)

... how The Almighty, Compassionate, Generous, Kind-hearted, Awesome, Strong One, The Lord God ... delivers His children from harm, danger, drought, famine, and pestilence? Ever wonder about how He uplifts them daily, from each test and trial, ... and even encourages, provides and protects them?

Ever figured He's busy continually healing His children, helping them get out of some "real jams," or messes, or how He gives them hope when the future does not look positive?
Ever wonder how He fills them with His Shalom Peace while their lives appear to be in the middle of a storm? (of trouble that's comin' at them?)
Ever think about how He gives them His enabling Grace?, to get through the "hard times?" -- !

Ever think about this?: Did it ever occur to you that nothing ever occurs to God? He is never surprised by anything that goes on, on earth! He's always quite far ahead of us! He's ever planning out things for our good, though "situations" and "circumstances" may not look so "positive" to us, at any given moment.

Ever wondered why ... God never stops to think about things. He already has them figured out, long before we arrive "at that moment in time." --!

And, among other things "Good," that happen to us, at times, God our Father in Heaven is always *doing* (producing) (bringing about) (arranging circumstances so that we see they are working for our) Good for us all, who are His children. But ... it is only for those who are His children!

Dwell in His Loving care!
He is ever there! (He is Immanuel! -- God with us!)

Trust in His Strong Arms!
He'll deliver you from all harm!

His Peaceful Voice with calm you;
He will always come through.

The Blood of Yeshua will cover,
Over you He will hover.

As a hen, for her chicks cares,
El Shaddai will protect you where-
(ever you are).

He is able to deliver you,
In praise He dwells, fights for you!

Give Him the praise due to His Name!
(use His Names to "bless" haShem!)

Baruch haShem Adonai YHWH! (Yahweh)
Baruch haShem Adonai Yeshua!

Have a wonder-filled day, today (and tomorrow) basking in The Loving Lord's "Light" ... with His rays of Hope, Health and delivering Help, only He can give!

He Loves you with an everlasting Love! And underneath are the Everlasting Arms! He rejoices over you with singing, and with Joy, and ... He rests in His Love for you! -- from Zephaniah 3: 17