Saturday, March 22, 2008

Moving ! -- ? To Tennessee we go !


Our family is ready-ing for a move of all our "stuff and junk" (our best things, you understand; I call everything on the earth "stuff" and "junk"!) to a new place to place it all, for another little while. ... we're moving to Elizabethton, Tennessee. Look for Johnson City on a map of Tennessee, and you'll see Elizabethton just to the east of it. ;o)

It is a city with along history. It is in a lovely location, nestled in among some mountains and hills, with the Cherokee National Forest practically out our back door. ;o) It is about 25 miles from Virginia's border, and even closer to North Carolina's border! It is in an area where there are annual festivals such as Highland Games, and Bluegrass singing fests, and historical re-enactments, and nature centers with educational events, and historical homes from when there was a state called Franklin there ... and more. It is in an area where there are hundreds of families who home educate their children! And it is in an area where we can get to at least 4 large cities, within about 2 hours' driving time. That last fact will enable our men to "gather in" the work they hope to work on, in the months to come. ;o)

And our children think it will be wonderful to be in a place where we can drive about 10 miles away and be camping at a large lake, surrounded by mountains, and down the road another 5 miles (?) is Roan Mountain, which is over 6,200 ft. above sea level. ;o) Roan Mtn. has an annual rhododendron festival we hope to go to -- with historical crafts, local artists, and many learning opportunities there, throughout the year. And ... if we decide to "holler," some day, the local folks will feel like we fit right in, I hope -- with "hollows" among the "rows" of mountains within a minute or two from where we will live. ;o)

We will live at or almost at the top of a hill, from photos we've seen -- quite a few. I'll be enjoyin' hanging our clothes out to dry, just waiting for a good, strong breeze to blow on them. ;o) We will be borrowing this place, for a while, ... and still lookin' around, for the next place where God may want to plant us, for a while.

We hope to find some folks who like to listen to regular folks singin' God-honoring songs in harmony, all eight of us, together. And maybe we'll find some college or high school students who like a good debate -- creation science? intelligent design? Mathematical principles and concepts inspired by God's Word ?!! -- yes! Medical discoveries inspired by God's Word ?!! -- yes! Inventions designed based on principles or descriptions shared by God in His Word ?! -- yes! Quotes that are commonly used in the United States of America ... originated in or were derived from God's Word ?!! -- yes! ... and more.

We hope to find some folks who want to lose weight, ... or just keep what they like, and get rid of "the rest." We hope to share some ideas other experts have made us aware of, to enhance energetic, and rejuvenated living. We will be listening for opportunities to teach women and young ladies how to prepare food so that it provides the maximum nutrition, per ounce -- that's called *nutrient dense.* Yum! We hope to share how to use "soaked grains," and "condiments" made in a new and fresher way, to enhance our bodies' ability to use what God originally designed grains and vegetables to nourish us with. I might even get to lead a ladies' cooking class, sharing some (or all) of these ideas, which were taught to me by Mrs. Eric (Nancy) Wesson and Mrs. Mike (Connie) Hale. They live in Texas. { oh well. ;o) }

We hope that, if anyone plans to get married in northeastern Tennessee, they might want to test us out, in taking photographs of them or during their wedding, ... or perhaps they would like us to make a video of their special event. This could also help those who are celebrating special wedding anniversaries, or having a special birthday celebration, or a very special dinner. ... we are open to other suggestions, within reason. ;o) (we will be glad to help with truly Christian-theme events)

If anyone has a need for someone to play piano for a special event, or for a wedding, or at a special restaurant, or ... Aaron is ready to help fill that need. If anyone has a need for specially-designed artwork and brochures for advertising their business, of any size, ... Elizabeth is ready to help fill that need. If anyone has a need for a lovely quilt, Amy is ready to help with that special gift.

If anyone has a need for a word quote (Scriptures from God's Holy Word, and any very-closely-related verse, with approval), Kathy is ready to help meet that need. You choose the frame. I'll write the quote. You choose either Old English lettering -- either more Gothic in lettering style or else more like book hand, or black-letter, style. Or you may wish to use my version of Chancery cursive, or Italic lettering, with either italicized (slanted to the right) or upright letters. Or you may wish to have your wedding envelopes hand-addressed, with a calligraphy pen or marker, for *that special touch* of "Love." We have two lettering styles we use, for that -- just ask. ;o)

And we will be ready to share DVDs and, in some cases, printed information we are now working on, real soon, for those who want to learn more about, and ask their pastor about Michael coming to speak about the *Life in the Bible Institute,* and what it is able to do, to enhance to and build upon what your pastor's ministry is already trying to achieve.
If you are interested in learning more about how to restore Faith in the Foundation of all Knowledge, contact us at our website (a link is below). Anyone wishing to donate to this IRS-approved, 501(c)-3 non-profit charitable organization, may inquire about it by visiting our website at: We accept donations through PayPal, so it is quite easy. Any amount will help us "get the Word out!"

We do very much appreciate anyone who wishes to help us, in any way, especially by praying for us, for safety, protection, for provision, for wisdom and spiritual understanding, and for new friends who "might" be nearly as Godly, loving, kind, thoughtful and caring as you, our "best" friends have been to us all. We will miss everyone we've known in Texas, so dearly, that our eyes tear up, when we think of how we will miss you all so much. ;o( We do not take helpful kindness (in praying for us) lightly -- we ask God to richly bless you! And He is so rich in mercy, Love, kindness and help, that He will repay you, in His manifold, creative ways! He does it so well! Praise His Name!

Those who know me may email me at my usual email address. For others who know us but do not have my email address, please email us at:

We pack and leave our place here in TX on March 31. We unpack the moving truck there in TN on April 3. Please pray all goes well and that God's amazing provision, once again, comes through in time for every need. Having a full-time ministry does give us (all of you, too) plenty of opportunities to demonstrate to those around us, whether or not we truly DO trust God and obey His Word! ... and His Holy Spirit's promptings! (oh, stop it! conviction time!)
He is able! Nothing (!!) is too hard for Him! -- Jeremiah 32: 27

... God bless you all with His Strength for your day, his Love for your particular need and your healing of soul and body, and His Shalom Peace to surround you with the restfulness, health, and prospering in your soul that you desire, in the midst of any storms going on around you!
... in His agape Love .....
~ me ~ (K)
... trusting in His Faithfulness!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~