Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some Very Important Site Links You Must Go To!

Below are some very important links to websites you, if you care, must go to.
Please read what is there, ... and take each one seriously.
I realize one or two of these may be "repeats" from an earlier post of mine, here.
Some of you may not have seen it, before.
Those who did, please be patient with me.
Am tryin' to help others. ;o)

This is a summation, you might say, of a list of very important "action webpages"
-- including some petitions we need to send, by email to our legislators!


"Pandemic H1N1 Swine Flu: What About You & Your Family?"



Swine flu vaccine 2009



" 'Stop the Shot' Emergency Citizens Petition "


Health Freedom Threats: Codex, FDA, Vaccinations, GMOs


"Media Announcement: Citizens Petition tells FDA – STOP the “Swine Flu” Vaccine Rush to Approval"

( sorry; these two may be duplicates; they did lead to different pages, though )


"Media Announcement: Citizens Petition tells FDA – STOP the “Swine Flu” Vaccine Rush to Approval"



"Three for Liberty Campaign: We Have Three Weeks Before Congress Reconvenes!"



"Support Dr. Ron Paul's Health Freedom Bills: HR 3395 and HR 3394"



"Support Parental Consent to Medication or Treatment"



"Educating the Senate: Do Not Supress Organic and Small Farmers and Ranchers; Natural Food Products"



"Opposing (sic) 'Food Safety' Bills"



"Protection From Compulsory Vaccination, Drugging - Your Right to Self-Shield!"



A letter you can email, to show that you personally oppose Codex ...


Phyllis Schlafly's August 28 message on Eagle Forum


Phyllis Schlafly sure has her facts correct! (about health care and the truth about what some government bureaucrats are up to )

She always inspires me. ;o) Thank You, Lord, for a lady who knows her U.S. Constitutional Law!

She knows her issues. If you are like me, you will want to read her message, dated August 28, 2009, about the same topic Nancy Pelosi mentioned, recently, but ... not from the same perspective.

Phyllis shares much wisdom on the Eagle Forum website. It was one of the first sites to "talk about" NAFTA and the NAU. Support Eagle Forum! They're doing a great job on our behalf!

God is so good to urge other folks to do things we do not all have time to do, ourselves!

Thank You, Lord, for dear souls who care, and who do all the good they can, with the time they have! Bless them all!