Saturday, November 29, 2008

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Found some more that's inspiring at Robin's place

Am finding The Lord is urging each of us, as this universe winds down, for the coming "place" God has designed to make, to replace it, ... as true believers, we all need to get serious about what He has taught us, about "moving" away from our usual thinking, that comes into our minds from our flesh, and "move over" (each moment) into "the spiritual rest" (and the righteous thinking) that our Lord Yeshua the Messiah desires for us to take part in, and join Him in, and also ... let Him use for the good of all whose lives our life touches.

So, am hopin' to share some thoughts with you here, that might encourage your heart, today, ... after being reminded by some thoughts Robin Sampson shared on her blog, yesterday.

This related to our "Spiritual Rest" in our Lord Yeshua,

as shared by Robin Sampson, on her encouraging blog, at this link,
you can experience "spiritual rest" ... as you choose, daily, or moment by moment, to "dwell" in The Lord Yeshua haMashiach. He told us to do this, so He must have known the benefit, the lessening of "stress" having negative effects on us, if we would, and the benefit to our health, beside the improving of our relationships with others, that would come, as well, from our ... just surrendering to His Spirit, and ... choosing (it is a choice) to "rest in" His LovingKindness (as The Lord Who does all things for our good, and Who *is* Compassion), in His Care for us (as El Shaddai, The One Who is just what we need, at any moment, if we will only cry out to Him in our need), and in His generous Grace (which is "sufficient" for every need we have), and in His Shalom Peace (which does pass, go beyond, all our human understanding, and fills us with Peace that overlooks and overcomes all strife, all anger toward us, and all hatred in words or actions toward us, from those who do not understand what God is up to, in us, or maybe, through us, that they are "taking" wrongly).

So often, I forget that my Lord Yeshua is wanting me to "release" my tensions to Him alone, and ... not let what others say or do "affect me" in the old way they used to. Am observing that, in my life, and thinking, some old habits or thought patterns are not wanting to let go, or go away, as much as I believe they should, or as one of my daughters reminded me they should, the other day. I must, instead of following "natural" ways of thinking, choose consciously, to switch over to the Path of Light, that (when I am on it) enables me to think in The Way of The Lord, because His Word He has given us "the mind of Messiah." -- wow! Imagine that! It is true! He *has* given us His Way of thinking, His ability to "choose righteousness," instead of our old fleshly way! If He has set me free (and He has!! Amen!), then I am "free" indeed (assuredly!)!! Hallelujah!!!

The Lord is always right here with each of us who "abide in Him," so, for me, I can overcome my old tendency to let the wrong attitudes of others affect me in a negative way, but only by His Loving, Might-filled, Righteous, Merciful, Kind-hearted Power (dunamis) working in me His Will for my life, as His friend.

As I choose to "dwell in the secret place of The Most High (El Elyon)," I "shall abide under the Shadow of The Almighty (El Shaddai)." (from Psalm 91: 1)
Then, as I practice "dwelling" in His "secret place," I will be able to demonstrate that (from verse 2, of Psalm 91) I can say "of The Lord (YHVH), He is my Refuge and my Fortress: my God (Mighty One); in Him will I (choose to) trust."

*If* I let worry about our family's future in the nation we were born in (maybe we need to make plans to be ready to leave, should The Lord lead us to do that, to opt for serving on a foreign mission field, rather than the large field, ready for harvesting of souls by The Lord, right here in America), or concern for others' actions and words (that damage the lives of those around them) that God will reprove, or observations that lead me to correct another whose life is not going as God would wish it to go, and they are not seeing the path they have left (God's perfect Will), nor the one they have chosen to walk on (which does not please God), which I maybe just need to (surrender my rights to) leave to God to correct that soul (whom He loves immensely), in His own Way, ...
....... then I have chosen, also, to not demonstrate that I am able to "dwell" (by His enabling, abundant Grace, that gives me the desire and the "power," or ability, to do, or accomplish, His Will!) in Him, "under the shadow of His" protecting, Loving "Wings."
... and if I do that, I am also not choosing to run to or dwell in Him as my "Refuge," though my right mind knows He truly *is* my Refuge, and my Strength! If I forget to think on these things, at a time of 'crisis,' then I am guilty of not seeing Him as He truly is, in one aspect, as my "Fortress" ... where He rules and reigns, and overcomes all enemies of His Love-in-action toward all those who put their trust in His Son, Yeshua haMashiach.

Will I choose to fully trust Him ? Will I, at least, try to trust Him a big jump more, toward Him, than I did yesterday ? Am I willing to give up, or yield to Him, my rights to correct that other person, who is also "on" God's pathway of Life, but who is stumbling, perhaps, or making a few wrong choices in thinking, as I have, so often ? Am I willing to show more patience toward others, whomever they may be, in order to let God work in their hearts, rather than expressing what I am observing that they are doing that I know God will judge in His wrath, toward those who do evil ?

He is surely in charge, and in control of all things that occur in this universe! I must choose to remember that that is The Truth! It is!
I can let Him take care of 'fixing' things that go on, in the lives we live on this earth, before we get promoted to His Glory Land!
He does know the right thing to do, even if it does not "look," to me, like the one doing what is wrong, or being allowed to remain alive (though even this nation's laws would say that one deserves to die), or like the one whose life touches my own, and what that one is doing, or has done, has had a very negative effect on my own, ....
I must remember that The Lord is fully able to deal with each of these circumstances, and each person whose life touches mine, in a negative way.
If He knows best what to do, in each of life's situations that He allows to come up, and affect our hearts, or our emotions, or our income levels, or our children's lives, or our country's leaders doing what is evil, or planning evil behind "closed doors," or ... then I must leave it to Him to do what is best. I do know He is able to deliver me, and anyone else, from those who plan evil, in this country, or in any other, if He wants to use that deliverance to bring more lost souls to a saving knowledge of His Truth, and of God's Son, Yeshua haMashiach. He can! I must leave it to Him!

His Mercy endureth forever! I must show mercy, in action and in words, and attitude, from my heart and soul that God is sanctifying, as He works in my life, daily!

My concerns for the welfare of others, or for the provisions I want to help them with, or for some blessing I would like to see them experience as a result of the right choices they could make, with regard to an area of their lives God wants, very much, to bless, or for the healing God wants to do in the heart or emotions, or more so, in the physical health, or lack of it, that someone I know is experiencing, painfully, or for the good God desires to do, in the spiritual growth of a believer, to enable that one to grow much more close to His Heart, but they do have blind spots, they are not "seeing" are causing themselves much pain, and they do not, if made aware of them, want to make the necessary changes that would open the door for God's abundant blessing to pour down on them, from Heaven, so much so, that they would not know how to receive it all. But what a huge blessing it "would" be, if only they could "see" what they cannot now see, with their spiritual eyes, due to hardness of heart, or due to resistance to His Holy Spirit's work in their lives, as believers in The Lord.

Anyway, Robin Sampson's short article on "Spiritual Rest," inspired me today, as well as The Lord urging me, has led me to write this.
I do hope it offers you the hope He has available for us all, if we will just "cry out to God," for the "Help" that He truly is and has for us.
He patiently waits on us, to "move." (over to His way of thinking)

... that must be why, David wrote, in Psalm 27, verse 14, as he sings: "Wait on The Lord (YHWH): be of good courage, and He shall strengthen thine (your!) heart: wait, I say, on The Lord (YHWH)."

In Isaiah 30: 15, The Lord urged Isaiah to write down these encouraging and helpful words, to guide us to make some right choices, with regard to "spiritual rest" we can find only in Him: "For thus saith The Lord (Adonai, our Master) God, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved (delivered); in quietness (trusting Him) and in confidence (knowing He has a plan to do good for us, at all times) shall be your Strength: ...."

And ... in Isaiah 32: 17, the prophet shares with us another insight God wishes us to know and think about: "And the work of Righteousness shall be Peace (Shalom); and the effect of Righteousness quietness and assurance forever." wow! That is what we all want, and need, especially in these times of uncertainties.

... but God has not forgotten us! He never will! His thoughts about us and toward us (for us) are so numerous, daily, that we cannot count them all! And all His plans for us are for our good, and they "are" good!

Please visit Robin's site, to read her article there, at the Heart of Wisdom (her blog area), using the link below:

Fruit of the Spirit Friday - Spiritual Rest

God is able to fill us with all Goodness, Gentleness, Joy, Peace, Love, and Strength, and even with His Kindness He can enable us to demonstrate toward those who are His enemies! He can make even our enemies (His enemies) to be at Peace with us, if we are staying on His Path of Life, by choosing, moment by moment, to "dwell" in His Son, Yeshua haMashiach, The Lord Who made us, and knows us, and wishes for us to come to Heaven, so we can enjoy the inheritance He wishes to share with us, in Glory, for eternity! Hallelujah!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Blessed is the man (or woman) who ...

Psalm 112: 1 - 10

Blessed is the man (who) feareth The Lord (YHWH), (who) delighteth (continually) greatly in His commandments.
His seed (children) shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed.
Wealth and riches shall be in his house: and his righteousness endureth forever.
Unto the upright there ariseth Light in the darkness: he is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous.
A good man showeth favor, and lendeth (without expecting anything in return): he will guide his affairs with discretion (judgment).
Surely he shall not be moved forever: the righteous shall be in everlasting remembrance.
He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in The Lord (YHWH).
His heart is established, he shall not be afraid, until he see his desire upon his enemies.
He hath dispersed, he hath given to the poor; his righteousness endureth forever; his horn shall be exalted with honor.
The wicked shall see it, and be grieved; he shall gnash with his teeth, and melt away: the desire of the wicked shall perish.

... just had to share this with you!
It is a good reminder of how much God cares, in detail!, about those who believe in and trust their lives to Him. And it shows us that, if we are called "righteous" by Him, because of our belief in His Son, Yeshua the Messiah, God our Father will surely reward us for our generosity, and doing what is just and right in His sight.

May The Lord be with you, all your days, showing Himself strong on your behalf!

The Haven of Rest is my Lord

One hymn that The Lord keeps bringing to my mind is "The Haven of Rest," by Henry L. Gilmour, 1836 - 1920. The melody / music for it, was written by George D. Moore, 19th century, and the arrangement in our hymnal was done by Don Peterman, 1925 -

The words are ...

My soul in sad exile was out on life's sea,
So burdened with sin, and distrest (distressed),
Till I heard a sweet Voice saying, "Make Me your choice!"
And I entered The Haven of Rest.

I've anchored my soul in The Haven of Rest,
I'll sail the wide seas no more;
The tempest may sweep o'er the wild, stormy deep --
In Jesus I'm safe evermore.

I yhielded my self to His tender embrace,
And, faith taking hold of The Word,
My fetters fell off, and I anchored my soul --
The "Haven of Rest" is my Lord.


The song of my soul, since The Lord made me whole,
Has been the old Story so blest (blessed),
Of Jesus, Who'll save whosoever will have
A home in The Haven of Rest!


O come to The Savior -- He patiently waits
To save by His Power divine;
Come, anchor your soul in The Haven of Rest,
And say, "My Beloved is mine."



This hymn is a real inspiration to me. It tells of The Lord
Who I have truly found to be my Haven of Rest!

He is always there!
He is our Help! (at all times)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Do you wonder what some folks are thankful for?

Wonder what everyone else says they are thankful for? (on blogs)
I only know what I see I should be, and am, thankful for:

1. God, my Father in Heaven, choosing on His own volition, to love me, who was unloveable, and I still make lots of mistakes.

2. Yeshua, God's only-begotten Son, The Anointed One of YHVH (YHWH, depending on how you pronounce His Hebrew Name, He told Moshe / Moses, long ago), Who also IS The Mighty God, The Lord Adonai, as His Father is, Who chose to make (create) me. Then, He voluntarily chose to come to earth and live as a man, suffer, be mistreated, spit at, lied about, talked about behind His back, ... and innocently die, in the place of folks like me, who deserved the death He died, ... to redeem us all.
He chose to suffer and die in our place, though we did nothing to earn such amazingly blessed and wonderful treatment. He made us, He knows us (what we are like, deep inside; He had Jeremiah the prophet write it down: "The heart {of man and of woman} is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"), and He still has chosen to share His agape, unconditional Love with us, just as He promised to Avraham, long, long ago, and as He promised to King David of Israel, of the tribe of Yehudah (Judah).
Yeshua was born of the tribe of Yehudah; it's appropriate that He was, because Yehudah means praise. He deserves all our praise for Who He is! Amen! Hallelujah! He is Lord of all!

3. The Holy Spirit of YHVH (YHWH). He is my Comforter, Who strengthens me continually. He is my Help, in how He works in me, and teaches me, as my perfect Teacher, because He helps me to know what my Lord wants me to do, and then He even reminds me to do it, and urges me that, when I'm not having a right attitude toward The Lord, I should change it.
His Mighty Power enables me to do what YHVH wants me to do, for His glory! It's called dunamis, in the Greek. This "power" is only to be used for good, and it can only come to those who honor, and trust in, believe in, The Holy One of Israel, The True One, and obey the commands of, following the teachings of, The Lord Yeshua, The Lord Adonai YHVH, The Ruach haChodesh (The Holy Spirit), Who are "One." One God in 3 persons. YHVH's Holy Spirit dwells within my spirit, and He fills me. "The fruit of The Spirit of YHVH is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness (usefulness; excellence; kindness), goodness, faith (believing trust in God), meekness, temperance: against such, there is no law." -- from Rav Shaul's letter (letter of Paul the Apostle) to the people of Galatia, chapter 5, verses 22 and 23.

4. ... for the redemption Yeshua bought for me, by willingly shedding His innocent, precious Blood, and Body, on the Roman execution stake, in my place, ... because I believe in His Name, and have called upon The Name of The Lord, to be delivered of the power and the punishment I deserved for my own sins and iniquities. He paid it all. The account (of my debt I owed to God) is paid in full -- an accounting term, meaning nothing more was owed to YHVH, to satisfy His justice. I am free indeed, because The Son has set me free. Hallelujah!

5. ... God's blessings He showers upon me and my family, daily. He does so many things, I must count them all, and it would take for ever to do that. But I will try. And will write some of it down, as I am able, on one of my blogs. Perhaps I will remember to copy it here. Usually, though, I write those things on one of my other blogs, such as the one at: (which I do not use as a blog, but as a free, online newsletter for olde-fashioned moms and older young ladies) ... or ... http://.....(my).multiply(page).com (you need to be invited to know that url)
... or ... "my facebook page"
... or ... "my xanga page"
... or ... (oh well, is that enough for you?) ...
... okay, ... maybe it's broken up into very small bites and it is on my twitter page,
... or ... maybe there is simply not enough room for me to list all that I am thankful for on twitter, so I joined a forum for "twitter-ing mommas"
... besides ... a hs moms' forum I am also on,
... or ... well, I'll stop now. (there were actually more; but you don't want to know) ;o)

... I do hope to write more later, about some things (in this world) I am grateful to God for.

Some time....
If I do not write much here ..., maybe that is because there is so little room in this box, that it must be meant for those who use little words, and say little.
I seem to have lots to say.
So, for me, this box feels quite limiting.
Now you see why I only write things on this blog, less often than some folks do.

Well, sorry ... : (concluding statement) This list was surely found to be much less exciting than what some, who know me, might have imagined. I regret that.
Reason? Realized I need to finish doing something else, before the rest of this night has gotten away from me. We moms almost never get to truly rest, except when we get to enjoy some truly-relaxing sleep. And we do realize we need to try to use our time wisely, as much as possible. (big grin)

For those who are disappointed, here are some passing thoughts:
(as part of a longer, continuing conversation ... between two individuals ...) But then, what does anyone know about anyone else, .. except what they've observed, or have been told?
If we know a person well, we'd already know part of what we'd be sharing on a blog, anyway. We'd only want to come and read the specifics, on a blog, that we figure we don't already know. Right?
Then, perhaps you should find something else more adventurous or inspiring or educational to do, instead of reading this particular entry. ... perhaps.
... just perhaps. (sorry; being silly for those who come here and may think I never have fun; this is one of the rare moments, when I've been cooking most of the day, and now I finally get to share something, and then I am so tired, I am only typing silly thoughts, at this point. I apologize to those who thought I only share serious, and educational thoughts here. We all make mistakes.)

However, what I am *thankful* for, is less than what I am willing to demonstrate, in real actions and real words, that I am truly *grateful* for. (this statement demonstrates, in words, the difference between the word "thankful" and the word "grateful." Okay, that was educational.) And what I am truly grateful for is listed above here. And that was enough. Because that was the main part of my life -- The Lord, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He IS my Life!

The rest of what I am thankful for is also good to recall, and remind myself of. But you all have so many things you are also thankful for, which would match what I am thankful for, that I decided I'd not repeat what most everyone else would be saying, on their blogs.

On the other hand, ..... perhaps I should have.

... nah! Not worth it....
God knows the entire list, by heart.
And from my heart, to His, I am truly grateful for all He has done, plus the stuff I cannot remember, and also what I did not notice He did, for me, and for you.

Hope you know Him. If you do not, please contact me (if you know how to; if not, just contact God by speaking to Him; He is always listening; He waits for those who are willing to talk sincerely with Him!), so we can talk about Him, and how much He loves you, too, just as much as He (has loved and) does love me.

He loves every person He has made. That includes every person, who ever lived!
He knows which ones will respond to His free gift of eternal Life, and which ones will reject it.

He knows us by how our hearts look -- our motives, and the root of what our thoughts, words and actions are.
... is your heart in "God" condition?
Hope so!

If you are reading this, there is still time for you to respond to His free offer .....!
Go ahead. All you could lose is eternity, living 'in' a lake of burning fire, that never burns out, nor do you quit feeling the burning ...... ever!

You might lose remaining with satan for ever, who won't be glad you're there in the lake of fire. He does not care about you.
He wanted YHVH God's "power" without His Good character! What a mistake!
So, those who go to "the lake of fire" with satan will only be completely, and horribly, beyond imagination, miserable, every "day" for "ever." -- !!

It is not worth an eternity, to imagine that if I surrender my life, on earth, to YHVH God's control and authority, ... and to Him as my Master / Lord, that I will, then, have to suffer under a miserable life here on earth, until Yeshua takes me up into the clouds, to meet Him in the air, and then, ever after I will be With The Lord!
My life, as a true believer, on earth has been much more exciting, miraculous, healing-filled, joy-filled and full of Shalom Peace that does flow like a river (over me, and in me), than any other life I had, before I surrendered my life to His control.

We will all live for ever. The question is: *Where* will you "live" for ever?

I'd rather see Yeshua, and be with Him, than do anything else! For ever!! Hallelujah! (I can't wait, Father!!) ... Maranatha!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some Names of our Lord, our Father in Heaven

Names of Y-HW-H G-d

From Exodus 6: 2, we can learn that one of the Names of Y-HW-H G-d is: JEHOVAH (in Hebrew, it would be pronounced Y-HW-H, so I spell it that way, since He spoke to Moshe (Moses) in Hebrew.) or Y-HW-H (some spell in Yahweh). The verse shows: And God (Elohim, the triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; the supreme God, mighty; we know Him in this Name as the Creator God, who made all things in the universe.) spake unto Moshe (Moses), and said unto him, I (am) The Lord (Y-HW-H, Yahweh):
And in verse 3, He continues : And I appeared unto Avraham (Abraham), unto Yitzhak (Isaac), and unto Yaakov (Jacob), by (the Name of) God (El, Almighty, Strong, Mighty) Almighty, but by My Name JEHOVAH (Y-HW-H, Yahweh) was I not known to them.

He has revealed himself, here, to Moshe (Moses) as The One Who has created the universe, and as The One Who has all power in the universe, and Who holds all things together, enabling the forces we observe and the laws of nature to continue, according to His design and plan.

He has shown Himself, not in bodily form, to Moshe, but in words, which He used to create the universe, and every plant and animal (creatures that walk upon the earth or swim or move in the seas and rivers) and fowl (birds, flying creatures), every man and woman, boy and girl, and every mineral, and combination of minerals and elements, such as water and wind / air, that we can see or feel or work with, and every force that we delve into, as we explore the various realms of God's creation.

As we move closer to exploring spiritual things, in God's spiritual realm, we see that there are things that have power that is much more "strong" than our own human ability. God has designed this creation of His to obey His Word. God has designed it to reveal Himself to us! He uses it to bless us with the needs our bodies have, for some nourishment, to remain alive, and also with beauty we can behold, but which seems quite marvelous. He uses it to provide ways for us to build shelters for our families to dwell in, to protect us, somewhat, from storm and strong wind, besides floodwaters (if we build on high ground and on rock, using a strong foundation).

But God has made this universe in such a way that it causes us to cry out to Him, when things simply do not "go right," even according to what we have learned, thus far, from what others and us have studied. He has caused things to occur, to draw us to His Loving Heart, because it soon becomes obvious that He alone can deliver us from harm, from danger, from imminent death, and from a horrible destination, after we die (our human bodies).

He alone can rescue us when in dire need, and He alone can help us in a lasting way. Temporary helps will end. Sometimes they are not available to us, in particular situations. God has designed it this way, not to frustrate us, or to cause us to blame Him for not coming to help us, when we wished Him to. He simply wishes us to acknowledge Who He truly is, and then, as we do that, He then accepts us into His family of Life, so that we are able to begin learning more and more, over time, about Him, as we grow closer to Him, in knowledge, in truth, in believing trust in Him alone, and in His Son, Ye'shua the Messiah (the Anointed One of Y-HW-H God).

He is The Most High (God), El Elyon. We can worship Him in spirit (attitude of heart and soul) and in truth. He is Truth. Ye'shua is our true Life source. Ye'shua is God. He was present at the creation of the universe. He named the stars, and enabled each one to sing its own song, in praise of Him. He placed each planet and each star in place, even the ones we think are light-years away from our own galaxy. He gives the crickets a song to sing, that sounds like a choir of the angelic host, worshipping God, Who made them; the sound of crickets chirping, sounding like angelic singing, in harmony, can be heard only when we change the frequency of the sounds they emit. It is wonderful to hear! (I've heard it.)

He is The Most High, in that no other god can come anywhere close to Him! He is all-powerful -- all power in heaven and in earth, and in the universe, belongs to Him. Hallelujah! He is omniscient -- He knows all things that can be known, and far beyond what any man can know. He is omnipresent -- He is able to be everywhere present, especially anywhere where we may need Him to be, to meet any need we have. (true needs) His omnipotent power enables Him to overcome anything and everything that opposes Him. He uses this power whenever it is necessary. He knows just when to do or allow anything to occur. All things that happen are under His control and power.

When something, on earth, "goes wrong," in our understanding of things, we cry out to Him, asking Him "why." He does not have to reply to us. He usually shows us, who belong to Him (those of us who have surrendered our lives to His Son, because we believe He came to earth to live, suffer and die in our place, to forgive us, pardon us, for our sins and iniquities we have committed against this perfect, righteous, just, holy God Who made us all), that the disaster was able to be used by Him, to teach us something we would not have learned, otherwise.

He uses any problem or horrible event (to us) to alter our path, so that we begin to move closer and closer to Him. That provides many good results for us, even while we are on the earth! He uses disasters, troubles, trials, severe hardship and suffering, to hone us down to a beautiful vessel, like a potter shapes a piece of clay, that he has had to beat the air bubbles out of, first, as he begins to 'work it.' God has not allow suffering for us to suffer. He merely allows it to occur because He knows the good that will come from it, later, if we make the right response to Him, in it. (or after it occurs)

I have some more to share about God's Names. But this will, I trust, help you to see something about God that you may not have learned, elsewhere. If so, then please humble yourself in His sight, since He also is able to see everyone everywhere, even those who try to hide from His Face, from His sight. You may bow down, or get on your knees, and just acknowledge, agree, that He is there (He is YHWH Shammah, The Lord Who is there), and that He is The Lord (Master over you and all things), and He made you and you wish to honor Him, because You know your protection, your Life, your being and your future all belong to and come from Him.

He is worthy of your praise, honor and any glory that your life produces or is given. Any praise should be deferred to His Name, because anything good we do was because of Him, and done, in some way, by Him, through you. This is truth.

May your day be the most blessed it could be, today!

One of the most powerful, and satan-offending Names of God (haShem) seems to be ... ElElyon. One another blog of mine, I use another name with a powerful meaning, which is the name many men have been given: Joel. I type it as it would be pronounced: Yoel
Together, El Elyon and Joel have a meaning that is like this (basically) -- The Lord, Most High, The Strong One, He is Mighty (Almighty) !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Few Words to Remind us of The One Who Loves You

The Lord bless you in all you do for His glory!
He is watching over you, and rejoices over you with Joy and with singing!

Let's remember He likes it when we sing His Word to Him, in praise to His Name!
He is The One Who has made sure all our needs are met, in Him, in His Son, Yeshua (Jesus)!

All we need to do is trust in, believe in, Yeshua's atoning sacrifice in our place, to make full payment (as the propitiation for our sins, transgressions we've committed against our Father in Heaven) for us.

He has paid it all! Now, we can surrender our lives to Him, and ... He has made provision for all we need. We just obey His Holy Spirit, Who teaches us, and convicts us, and prompts us to do what God our Father wants us to do. He does the rest; he's already done the rest!

Hallelujah! It's done! We're free, in Yeshua! He is Lord and Redeemer! Praise The Name of The Lord Almighty!

The hymn, "Just a Closer Walk with Thee," is an inspiration to me. So, I hope it will inspire you, and encourage your heart, today. Please read the words, as you think about what they mean, as applied to your life:

(the melody is "Anonymous;" and the words of the hymn are said to be "Anonymous")

I am weak, but Thou art strong, (Thou art strong,)
Jesus, keep me from all wrong; (from all wrong;)
I'll be satisfied as long, (just as long,)
As I walk, let me walk close to Thee. (close to Thee.)

(refrain) (chorus)
Just a closer walk with Thee, (walk with Thee,)
Grant it, Jesus, is my plea; (humble plea;)
Daily walking close to Thee, (close to Thee,)
Let it be, Dear Lord, let it be. (let it be.)

Through this world of toil and snares, (toil and snares,)
If I falter, Lord, who cares? (Lord, who cares?)
Who with me my burden shares? (burden shares?)
None but Thee, Dear Lord, none but Thee. (none but Thee.)

repeat "refrain" (chorus)

When my feeble life is o'er, (life is o'er,)
Time for me will be no more; (be no more;)
Guide me gently, safely o'er, (safely o'er,)
To Thy Kingdom shore, to Thy shore. (to Thy shore.)

repeat "refrain" (chorus)

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