Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life-saving, money-saving Book Titles for You

Below are several books we know you will benefit from reading and applying to your life:

1. _A More Excellent Way_, by Henry W. Wright (subtitle: Be In Health; Spiritual Roots of Disease, Pathways to Wholeness)

2. _The Bondage Breaker_, by Neil T. Anderson


_Victory Over The Darkness_, by Neil T. Anderson (subtitle: Realizing the Power of Your Identity in Christ)

3. _The Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Warfare_, by Neil T. Anderson and Timothy M. Warner


_Reclaiming Surrendered Ground_, by Jim Logan

4. _The Maker's Diet_, by Jordan S. Rubin (subtitle: The 40-day health experience that will change your life forever)

You may wish to check, or your local bookstore, for copies of this book.

Dr. Rubin also has quite a few other very helpful books, with titles relating to
restoring digestive health,
weight loss, and ...
attempting to bring help to relieve high blood pressure,
help to relieve fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue,
help to relieve arthritis,
help to relieve depression & anxiety, as well as
help for those with high cholesterol, and
help for those with irritable bowel syndrome,
help for a healthy heart, and
help for women's health, and
help with colds & flu, and
help for heartburn & acid reflux....

Wow! Dr. Rubin has some answers to help with most any ailment "The Great Physician" knows about (that covers everything; not Dr. Rubin's books, just what The Lord God knows -- He knows everything, and is The Source of every cure you need, for every ailment known to mankind.)

5. _Adrenal Fatigue_, by James L. Wilson, N.D., D.C., Ph.D. (subtitle: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome) What it is and How you can recover -- Energy, Immune Resistance, Vitality, Enjoyment of Life

We got our copy from the kind folks at: You may contact them, requesting this book from them through their "contact" portion of their webpage.

6. _Curing the Incurable_, by Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D. (subtitle: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins)
This is an indispensable book, filled "with over 1,200 scientific references," to reveal to you all the amazing things God has enabled "vitamin C" to help you with. I was truly thrilled to read much, in it, and am not near to being finished reading it. wow!

I got my copy of this book through ... Stewardship Resources ... at ... Please contact them using their "contact page" on their site.

7. _None of These Diseases_, by S. I. McMillen, M.D., and David E. Stern, M.D. (subtitle: The Bible's Health Secrets for the 21st Century) (revised and expanded edition, by Fleming H. Revell, published by Baker Book House Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49516)

What a helpful book! You should be able to find it through, and even at

8. _Your Body's Many Cries for Water_, by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. (second edition) (subtitle: You Are Not Sick, You Are Thirsty! Don't Treat Thirst With Medications)

You may order this book through the website at:

9. Dr. Norman W. Walker's _Colon Health_ (subtitle: The Key to a Vibrant Life! You Can Regain the Vitality of Your Youth!)

Ask at your local health food store for this one. Or do an online search for it. It should still be easy to find. You may also wish to visit
Prices for Dr. Walker's books can be found there, and you may order through this website. and also offer this book.

10. _Nutrition Made Simple_, by Robert Crayhon, M.S., Certified Nutritionist (subtitle: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Findings in Optimal Nutrition)

We have more books here (at our house; we do not sell these books listed here, through this blog. I am only an information-sharer.) that are quite helpful for saving money, ... and in this case, one's physical health. Money-saving? Yes! Most of you know how much money a person might spend, potentially, in search of a practical, real-life cure, or something to relieve us of what ails us. I cannot promise or claim I have the cure. Only The Lord YHWH has that!! But these books do help us to "find many more answers to questions we (or someone we know and love) have (has).

The Lord is my Help! He is my "Refuge and Strength." He is my "very present Help in (time of) trouble!" -- from Psalm 46: 1

Read Psalm 42: 5 and 11, as well as Psalm 43: 5 if you want some inspiration about Who YHWH God is!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Practical Ways to Save Money and ...

... enable your family to "have more" of what you want (deep inside):

1. For happiness, be sure you look to The Lord Almighty for what you ask --
Contentment is found in making oneself aware of what one's resources are, and what one is able to do with them, as well as what others have done, before us, or for us, and how that is benefitting us, now.
Contentment also has to do with our being willing to look at and really "see" (with a heart after God's own Heart) life from an eternal perspective, which is revealed more and more as we read / study His Word.
Contentment has more to do with my relationship with God, than with what I own, or have, or want. If I am already abiding in Him, as fully as He enables me to, then I am content with all that He allows, and all that He gives me. If I am not doing "my part," then I find I want more, of many things -- time, resources, books, things, fun, ....
Contentment is a state of mind: if I am focusing on, and asking The Lord to show me, what He wants me to accomplish today, then I can be content that what I do "get done" today, was pleasing to Him, though it may seem to me that it was not "enough." He is not as hard on us as we are on ourselves, in expectations! We must realize He is full of compassion, full of mercy, full of Love, full of ... Peace, and always ready to forgive, hug, hold and ... comfort us, loving us with an everlasting Love that we still do not understand, this side of Heaven. ;o)

If I ask God for anything, it might need to be strength to endure, or a kind word for someone who is unkind, or a willing heart to accomplish a particular task or duty He's given me to do, or a right attitude toward those who oppose themselves (as He says, in His Word), or a helpful heart to those who need help, if only I will open my eyes to see.

If I ask God for His help today, am I asking Him to do the part I don't want to do? Or am I just asking Him to enable me to do it, with a sincere smile?

Contentment has to do with "stuff." If we are letting God "stuff" us with His far-reaching, enduring, tolerant, peace-loving, kind-hearted Love, then we can choose to be content.

Contentment can become a regular event in our hearts, that continues, as we continue to "die to our selves, our wants, our desires," and as we take on His desires, His-Self, His wants, and let Him "live" His Life of mighty exploits through us.

a. (a practical application of what to do, to be ''happy'')

While on earth, you may choose to write down all the people, all the happy memories, all the good things you have observed that God our Father in Heaven has done for you, with you, through you, and to you, ... that has so encouraged your heart. If you "journal," be sure you read some journal entries you've written, that have to do with answered prayer, or blessings you realized were orchestrated by The Lord (as they all are)

2. For getting work done, make sure you made a list of what you needed to do, each day.
Make sure you, then, checked off what you accomplished.
You may find you need to write a new "to do" list each day (as must of us do), or else you may choose to use a white board, or a wipe-off board, to just erase what was "finished." --

b. (a practical application of what we can do to "get our work done")

Check to be sure your goals are not too high: some of us are high achievers. We set goals that are quite high, even for ourselves. We expect quite a lot from others we know well.

Check to see if your goals, for yourself, are a bit high; and think in terms of what you have seen you are able to accomplish, by a certain time goal, and then, write those down.

c. If you write down your commitments on a blank calendar, and also you see it looks quite "full" to the eye, ... please re-consider what you and your family / your children are involved with, with respect to sports teams, or events in the community (that you are involved with, participating in), and look at commitments you've made to help with church projects and, perhaps, home-education-related activities, such as co-ops.

Are these activities physically 'draining' you?
Are you trying to do too much, just to please or help others?
Are you allowing yourself to say "no," when you should?
Are your children considering how "all the running around" affects mom, and the family's budget? Are they merely "thinking of themselves?" (and not their parents' valuable time) (and not the cost of the activities they want to be involved in)
Are we training our children to be selfish, without realizing it? Are they already unkind or ungrateful, in their attitudes, when we must say "no?"

d. Am I listing "priorities" for each day, on a master list, and referring to it, daily, to "stay on track?"
The Fly Lady's "notes" and "lists" are quite helpful, for many of us, though some items in her house are not in some of our houses (I have no extra room called a dining room, in this house, for example). You may wish to use whatever ideas "apply" to your life and house and duty lists you have, ... from visiting her site at:
There are other sites that share many helpful hints. If you search online for forums of moms who offer helpful household hints, or lists of "chores" that must be done, in most households, you will find the help you need. I don't need to re-invent the wheel here, by listing all the stuff we have, at our house, to do, to keep it clean, or to make sure meals are prepared on time, or to make a way for those who have allergies to breathe in less dust, each week...... ;o)

e. Maybe this should be listed first, but are we, as moms, eating right, getting enough rest (as much as our life situation will allow), and getting enough proper exercise, as well as some interaction with other moms, even if some of it is through online forums, or email moms' groups (better yet, begin a group, in your home, or at your church, for moms to meet, while dad, grandparents, or a friend watches our children, just for fellowship and to pray together and encourage one another)? Be sure you take care of your health. Find ways to prepare foods that will give your body more nutrients than they would, otherwise, get. This will build up your energy, your health, your brain's ability to think right, and your emotionally-balanced heart / mind. You will, then, be "suited" to do what you are expected to do, by your family. ;o)
If you need some ideas on this subject, please visit:

So many have shared very practical, real to life, solutions to how to take care of our bodies, our health, our body's chemical balances, hormonal balances, but we must have the tools we can "get our hands on" and "let our eyes read" and "our minds think about," in order to benefit from what others have found to be true.

For example, I used to follow some of the ideas in the Hallelujah Diet 'program.' Never was fully convinced it was a "be all and end all" program I should follow, rejecting all others. But ... I did try it, for a good while. However, have found that others, such as Dr. Jordan S. Rubin, and Dr. Roger Billica, and some others, known as "functional medicine doctors," have already shared much, in books, and through other resources they have produced. We just need to find and read them, so we can benefit from what wisdom they have gained.

In another post, I will share some very helpful book titles, for you to read. These are life-savers!

Keep looking down! -- from your position in Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus)!

Is anyone else grieved? What are you doing...

... about how you feel?

Thanks to the generosity of both advertisers, and product makers, especially those who are at-home moms, and families, who produce products of high quality, who wish to promote their products among families on one income, through "giveaways" and, in one case, "bloggy giveaways." I am so encouraged to see how many giveaways there are, this week, and a whole passel (a whole bunch is how southerners like me say it) coming up, next week.

But ... what are you all doing about your dread-filled feelings, that so many have and are expressing on blogs and websites, regarding our nation's and our families' futures. The truthful information and predictions are quite foreboding, quite negative!

We have our Hope in Heaven, in The Lord Almighty, and in His Word, and the promises we know are shared in it, by One Who cannot lie, Who is (completely) faithful to keep His promises, and keep His people (His children, His own, His saints, all true believers) from the evil one!

The Lord is still on the throne, and (as a matter of fact) He is using (and going to use) what's been going on, what's been "planned, for many decades, in the secret societies" of rich, elite men around the world, ... all of which God must give permission, must allow, though it grieves His own Heart of Love to see anyone (who fears Him, who understands Who He is, who reverences The Almighty, El Elyon, The Lord God we worship, serve, believe in and trust in, through our belief in and allegiance to His Son, Yeshua {Jesus} The Messiah, The Anointed One of YHWH God) suffer wrongfully, ever.

The Lord is "with us." That's what Emmanuel means. That is one of Yeshua's (Jesus') Names!

The Lord is able to deliver us from harm, from lack, from drought and keep us alive in famine. He is YHWH Yireh! -- The Lord Who continually provides all we need. (for me, I must adjust what I understand to be my 'needs'!!)

The Lord is fully ready and willing to answer all our prayers that agree with His Will in motive, in trusting belief (versus doubting, as we ask Him for anything, or about anything), and in heart (desire -- do we desire His Name to be glorified, and Him to be praised, or His Plans on this earth to be forwarded, ... or do we just want our selfish will, or even just want something we want, rather than asking Him what He wants to occur?).

The Lord is ready, any time, to give us what we ask for, if we meet His simply, yet profound, and just and wise and righteous, qualifications as shared in I John 5: 14-15, 17-18 (the entire chapter is well worth reading!), and in John 14: 13-14, John 15: 7-8, and John 16: 23-24.

The Lord is able to heal us, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and He is able to restore our broken relationships, with friends & family and even employers and others we are acquainted with (but are not close friends with).

The Lord is able to fulfill all His Will, all His Counsel, and bring to fruition all His Plans, which are always for our good, though "as they are being worked out, on earth" we may not understand why "so many of the details" and "small moments in time" seem to be so painful, so much of a struggle, so difficult to figure out how to deal with, without wondering "why me, Lord?" or "what are You up to, Lord?"

The Lord knows what He is doing --- in the case of what's going on in Washington, D. C., and across the United States of America, ... with regard to whether or not anyone, any more, in any political leadership position, in this country, will truly, fully uphold and defend (and even "comprehend" what's in) our U. S. Constitution. He knows "why" He is allowing evil men to remain in positions of authority over us, or some of us. He knows "how" He will take care of each of His true children (saints, true believers in The Lord Yeshua The Messiah). He knows "what" His plans are to do us good, even though we may suffer, in word, or in deed, at the hands of evildoers, who honestly believe they are doing God a service, to mistreat us, falsely accuse us, or treat us wrongfully.

He will be with us at all times, if we truly belong to Him. Do we have His Holy Spirit dwelling within us? inside us? If so, then we -- in truth -- have nothing and no one to fear. Are we doing all we know to do, to follow The Lord YHWH?

Are we seeking Him to learn "what else" He wants us to do, to bring Him glory and praise, through how we live, each day?

Am finding that the most important lessons in life are not learned through textbooks, but through living real life, helping a person in need, listening to a sorrowful or suffering heart one is willing to share with us, in conversation, ... in seeing opportunities to help someone 'in need,' in any way The Lord enables each of us to help. Are we doing what He would have us do?

Am I (oh, now it's personal; it always is personal, with God, Who sees how we respond when He presents a service opportunity to any of us, as His children) making myself available, to serve Him in any way, even in ways I don't think I am qualified to serve Him in / through?

I'm evaluating some priorities, this month, as many of us are.
I'm looking deep inside, asking God to reveal hidden motives, and, as David asked YHWH to do, in the last verses in Psalm 139 (verses 23 and 24), I ask Him ...

"Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me (test me, to see if I am pure in heart toward You -- my version of what this phrase means), and know my thoughts (YHWH already knows all my thoughts; perhaps David means "make me aware of my wrong thoughts that do not honor You, Father."): And see if there be any wicked way (a course of life, a mode of action) in me, and lead me (will I follow Him faithfully, loyally?) in the way everlasting." -- Psalm 139: 23-24

Cry out to God, if you lack money / income!
Cry out to God, if you are suffering from a disease, or pain, or some emotional trauma!
Cry out to God, if you need Him to "act" or "manifest" His Help, His Healing, His Peace (you need to be filled with) or His deliverance from some situation that He does not endorse!

Then, choose to receive His Grace (what He uses to enable each of His children to desire to and do have the power to "do" what we call His Will), each moment, especially when you are tested, and begin to grumble or complain, as I do, at times!
And choose to "do the next thing" as Elisabeth Elliot Gren has shared, in her devotional book entitled _Keep a Quiet Heart_, by Elisabeth Elliot. -- Whatever "the next duty" you must do is, you should do it. If we do what we know to do, in practical activities (what we see must be done, on a daily basis), then God takes care of the rest of what needs to be done by Him. He is faithful to do His part, that relates to our daily lives! If we doubt this, then we can go back and read in His Word of the many times He did all that was needed, to keep His people alive, ... for any campaign (against any enemy) that God told them to go up against, ... or even in famine, The Lord took care of widows who had no real source of income but Him, and His daily provision for each one. There are more true stories in His Word, the Bible, that reveal to our sometimes clouded eyes, that He is able to give us the strength to do what we should.

The real question is: are we looking at what that "duty" is? Or are we distracted by some "thing" in this world, that has taken our focus off of Him, and onto "that thing?" Then we've made it an idol object. And an IO is leaving out one part -- the U -- God is the U in any IOU (these are American abbreviations; not sure if others in other lands use the letters IOU in this way as we Americans do). God is the ONly One to Whom we owe our attention or our skills / giftings / abilities, in service, or in taking time to try to accomplish any task or project!

So, I must ask myself: is what I want to do ... something that my Father in Heaven has told me to do, or wants me to do?

If I evaluate what my priorities are, for today, or for the coming month, or year, I must first examine my own heart, to see if my motives toward my Lord and Savior are "righteous" and honoring to His Name. After examining my heart, each night, or morning, in prayer to my Lord, to God my Father, ... then, I must also take time to listen to His Holy Spirit, Who speaks to me through His Word, in my Bible. Doing these two things will begin each day with a much more correct perspective on "life on earth." ! God is able to help us, but we tie His Hands, so to speak, and prevent Him from helping us, ... in a real way ... if we ignore His commands He's given us through His Son, Yeshua The Messiah. They are taught in The Word, from Genesis 1 to The Revelation (given by Yeshua) to John (the apostle) 22.

II Timothy 3: 16 (in Rav Shaul's / Paul's letter to his disciple in the faith, named Timothy) "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in Righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect (fresh, complete), throughly (thoroughly) furnished unto all good works (fully enabled to "accomplish" the good activities, endeavours that God would have, or lead, each believer to do)."

Yeshua's commands do seem to be concentrated / taught in the New Covenant (most call it the New Testament). However, "Sh'ma Yisrael, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad," does mean "Hear, O Israel, The Lord our God, The Lord is One." And in His Word, all that is written therein is to be used (by us) to learn from, to teach (others), and to use in correcting ourselves, and to enable us to better understand, and do, what He leads us and expects us to do.

If you wish to learn more about what Yeshua has commanded us to do and to know that He wants us to do, please visit:
Learn what Jesus (Yeshua) commanded each of us children of God to do! It will inspire you! It will encourage your heart!
If you choose to enroll in the Daily Success scripture meditation program, through that site, you will receive daily emails, to share with you truths that will transform your life, and will bring you "good success." ... as mentioned in Joshua 1: 8-9.

As you do the same, I will be 'working on' choosing to think right, live right, and do right. God is able to enable you, and me! We must plod on, willingly, cheerfully, and lovingly. Our Lord Yeshua did, while He was on earth, homeless, alone (in more ways than one), and listening to, and following God's leading, ... in much prayer, in fasting, in suffering, in rejoicing, ... in a loving, living response to His Father in Heaven. He just asks us to follow Him, in doing the same. And He promises He will enable us to do "greater" things than He was able to accomplish on earth, in His short time of ministry (only 3 years), before He laid down His Life, on the tree, and died, and then was resurrected on the third day, according to the Scriptures. Will we be busy about doing our Father's business, as He was?
Let's try our best, because He is "with us" to enable us to do it. He promised! (if we are willing to cooperate with Him, in it)

Today, my goal is: to yield my rights to The Lord, and my expectations to The Lord (in prayer)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Avoid Becoming a Missionary

... as shared by a pastor in Nebraska, from Stewart Dinnen's list in _How are You Doing?_ (Bromley: STL Books, 1984) ...

(( Hope this blesses someone's heart, as it did mine, after reading it. Kathy ))

10 Sure-fire Ways to Avoid Becoming a Missionary

1. Ignore Jesus' request in John 4:35 that we take a long hard look at the fields. Seeing the needs of people can be depressing and very unsettling. It could lead to genuine missionary concern.

2. Focus your energies on socially legitimate targets. Go after a bigger salary. Focus on getting a job promotion, a bigger home, a more luxurious car, or future financial security. Along the way, run up some big credit card debts.

3. Get married to somebody who thinks the Great Commission is what your employer gives you after you make a big sale. After marriage, embrace the socially accepted norms of settling down, establishing a respectable career trajectory and raising a picture-perfect family.

4. Stay away from missionaries. Their testimonies can be disturbing. The situations they describe will distract you from embracing whole-heartedly the materialistic lifestyle of your home country.

5. If you happen to think about missions, restrict your attention to countries where it's impossible to openly do missionary work. Think only about North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and other closed countries. Forget the vast areas of our globe open to missionaries.

6. Think how bad a missionary you would be based on your own past failures. It is unreasonable to expect you will ever be any better. Don't even think about Moses, David, Jonah, Peter or Mark, all of whom overcame failures.

7. Always imagine missionaries as talented, super-spiritual people who stand on lofty pedestals. Maintaining this image of missionaries will heighten your own sense of inadequacy. Convincing yourself that God does not use ordinary people as missionaries will smother any guilt you may feel about refusing to even listen for a call from God.

8. Agree with the people who tell you that you are indispensable where you are. Listen when they tell you that your local church or home country can't do without you.

9. Worry incessantly about money.

10. If you still feel you must go, go out right away without any preparation or training. You'll soon be home again and no one can ever blame you for not trying!

Inspired by Stewart Dinnen's list in How are You Doing? (Bromley: STL Books, 1984)

Mike Szekely, Pastor
Lighthouse Baptist Church
112 Commercial St. Box 209
Loomis, NE 68958
(308) 876-2126

Goals -- more like guideposts, or hopefuls


Since many of us do not reach our goals, as we had hoped we might, we wonder, sometimes, if we should not "set goals" for ourselves.

But I do have several goals for 2009 --

1. to read through God's Word more than once
2. to fill my mind with as much of God's Word as I can, through memorization (in song, usually), so I have more to meditate on, according to God's ways, as King David did
3. to pray more diligently, fervently, sincerely and perseveringly -- keeping track of prayer requests and answers to prayer
4. to sew more -- one garment per month, Lord willing
5. to finish "drawing out" the simple planner The Lord has reminded me I need to "produce"
6. to do a good job of teaching calligraphy, for the coming 3 months
7. to do a good job of teaching art history and drawing, in pencil and charcoal, over the coming 2 months 'plus'
8. to find ways to obtain financial backing for ministry pursuits
9. to prepare for and plan out (with The Lord's enablement) food-preparation methods and "instructions" ... to share with others in our community and nearby communities, to enhance good health, to promote healing from bodily ailments and to encourage ladies that they do not have to suffer from ill health, just because they are growing older
10. to continue to pray more, study in The Word about, to discern, and seek Godly counsel for all The Lord seems to compel me to consider doing (or are they simply 'my own ideas?')
11. to have a heart sensitive to The Lord's Voice, through His Holy Spirit, attentive and alert to Him, above all
12. to fulfill my teaching responsibilities, with Peace (Shalom) and Grace, from The Lord
13. to serve my family with Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness and Self-Control ... which includes Creativity, Flexibility, Availability and a heart of gold
14. to receive, from The Lord my Righteousness, a more positive outlook (in me) toward "life's odd circumstances that come up from time to time," and more tongue-control, for me to use to edify, uplift and encourage those within my sphere
15. to look for opportunities The Lord chooses to bring before me, to do good for others, to serve in my community, and my family's "believers' congregation," for God's Glory and to be used to bring more souls into The Kingdom of God's Dear Son, Yeshua the Messiah

... there must be more, but these are what I have recorded, so far ......

Shalom to you all!