Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Read David Wilkerson's devotional for Oct. 28, 2009

The devotional I want to share with you can be read, online, at the link below.
I wish I could copy it here, in its entirety. I would need to obtain permission to do that. (sorry!)

I can't wait.
So, am sharing the link to his "blog" below, so you can "go there" and look for the Oct. 28, 2009, devotional he wrote.

David Wilkerson is the pastor at Times Square Church, in downtown New York City, USA.

Please, when you get to David's blog site, read the devotional about "having failed" ( will check the correct title ) and consider what he shares there.

Take heart! You are not alone!
The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah did go through much, emotionally, that we are not aware of. He truly "is" able to empathize with any negative feelings we experience while trying to follow Him, doing His Will from our hearts, for His Glory and Praise!

Remember He looks at your heart, your motive-ator! He knows "why" you were endeavouring to accomplish something for Him, for His Kingdom, for His glory! He does not see what you've done as a failure. He knows what the potential is, and whose life was positively affected by your efforts. And He knows how you prayed, before, during and after what you did "for Him."

Keep trusting. After a farmer has sown his seeds, he must wait on The Father in Heaven, Who sends the good rains, ... until the little plants begin to grow. Sometimes we do not see "the fruit" of our labors, until much later, ... or maybe, not ever (on earth). But wait until the true Harvest Time, in Heaven! That is when we will see the truth about what came about, as a result of our prayers, the vision He gave us, and what we did with the vision.

He understands! He "is" Understanding!
He "is" Compassion!
He loves you with an everlasting Love!