Thursday, December 3, 2009

"news" & "views" links re: various topics of interest

( an article re: Rifqa Bary -- Looks, to me, like she's being treated worse than a criminal ! )


( re: Senate healthcare debate )

Is it just me? "Healthcare," as such, is not "in" our Constitution. Therefore, it is "not" the business of our legislators to do "anything," about "healthcare," at all, period. ... it is their business to do what the citizens of this country want them to, or tell them to do! That is what the writers / composers of the Declaration of Independence, and our U S Constitution have written about. The idea of "big gov't" was mistrusted and rejected. The states and the citizens "do" have rights, under our U S Constitution!
Hear, hear, legislators!


(re: this is a Ron Paul video related to health care -- Operation Health Freedom)


People need to look under "Take Action On The Issues" to find what they want to read about on this main webpage.
(above is the general website, for folks to go to)
( H1N1 info., here, is usually on pages with the word "CODEX" on them; see the right side bar for that word )

Please read and decide what you think.

(title for this seems to be--) "HR 2749 (HR 875 / S 425 Farm to Fork Food Fascism Comes to America")

Please read and decide what you think.


These 3 links, here, have to do with "global warming" -- it is truly a hoax, and that has been revealed. Too bad not everyone reads "news" from "trusted sources" on the internet.


This is a link to a page about the "Mars spectacular," as she calls it. (the author)
A very interesting "event" to be sure to "watch" for.
Be sure you are willing to go where city lights cannot reach. or else you will need a decent, though not fancy, telescope to really enjoy seeing this night-time "display."
The planet Mars.
Many have written about it.
Now, we will get to see it a bit more closely, if we can.


( This one is regarding the mutating of the virus that some are calling the swine flu virus. This was all part of "the plan," I am sorry to report. Have read enough truthful reports about all of this to know that this is not only something demonic, but that this virus is being used, and will be used, to try to "wipe out" as many people as possible, by the one-world-ers. Then, who will they rule over? Only those who will go for "their agenda?" I doubt it! If they only wipe out 4% to 6% of the world population, then they will still have quite a few to try to subjugate. )
You decide what you think about this issue.
The Lord, alone, knows all the Truth.


( re: "The Fed" )
( re: Ron Paul )


( re: 200 diseases caused by substances like aspartame )
Very informative article!
Please read and decide for yourself.


( title: "The Rising Darkness in Children's Games" by Berit Kjos )


( title: " Giving Thanks to an Unknown "God"? " by Berit Kjos )