Friday, October 23, 2009

two bits of information for you re: "pandemic triumph & eugenic threat"

This link (below) should take you to a webpage you can read an update on, that I received after my former post, plus some more information you will need to know. Please read this prayerfully!

The pressure on the administration in Washington, D. C., seems to be working,
but we cannot become complacent!
Please, please, continue praying, crying out to God, and doing what you can, to spread the word
that this is not over yet.
This is only one battle.
The "other side" will not give up.
We cannot.
God is on our side!

He never loses even a single battle!
We fight battles in prayer, on our knees!
He takes it from there, and does all the rest!
The battle "is" The Lord's.

More details about the results of the "Stop the Shot" efforts of the Natural Solutions Foundation can be read at: