Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Educational websites you will benefit from

Below are some of the many helpful websites The Lord
has let me find.
Hope they will also inspire and help you, as you endeavour
to educate your children to walk in the Way of the Master,
Yeshua the Messiah, our precious Lord, Saviour, Best Friend,
and Redeemer and King!
He is wonderful, awesome and miraculous in power, in Love,
in patience, in Mercy, in Grace He gives us each day, and in
The Shalom Peace He gives which passes all understanding!


Ornament Publications
many good materials for teaching Godly
character and games that are wonderful!
We love all that this lady offers!


The Utmost Way Magazine
a home education online-only magazine
(our family's main website)
with many links to other sites, a research library,
articles on What They Don't Want You to Know,
links to modest clothing sewing ministry,
links to Utmost Ministries,
to a Biblical Approach to better Health,
links to Frameable Media,
links to Utmost Designs website design business,
links to an International On-line Homeschool Book Fair
open all year long, no entry fees, no parking fees,
just lots of websites to go and find what you need
to meet your home education needs


The Foundation for American Christian Education


Systematic Mathematics
This math program is one of the best!
I really like it!
Very well designed and thought out!

Making Math Meaningful
from David Quine, of Cornerstore Curriculum Project.
We know this man!
His math program is also wonderful to use!
He tells the instructor what to do, & what to say.
It has some very enjoyable lesson pages for our
young people to learn with! What fun!
Thanks, David!

The Institute for Creation Research -- you must visit
this site! They share with us their wonderfully-designed,
free, online version of their "Acts & Facts" magazine. I
love it! Technical, and understandable, but always inspired
and useful, for those of us wanting to know more about
God's creation, from a truthful viewpoint!
Please visit their site!

Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, TX
This is Dr. Carl Baugh's educational website!
Many good materials & books for educators to
learn from and use!

Answers in Genesis
This is Ken Ham's educational website.

Dinosaur AdventureLand
and Creation Science Evangelism (Pensacola, FL)
Dr. Kent Hovind's ministry
When you go to this site, through the link here,
look for the book store area. He offers many
helpful, educational materials & books! Even
high-school and college-level books on specific
scientific subjects! Check it out!


Visual Manna
Visual Manna's Sharon Jeffus has done it again! She is
a wonderful art teacher!, but ... She has written and
developed a phonics reading program, using art!! It is
called Artsy Animals. Please visit her site and see what
she has to offer, to help you teach your children art at
any level / age, or to help you teach phonics, or English,
or science, or about the Renaissance period of history,
or ... ! It's all there! You won't want to miss this great
website! Their materials are so easy to use, and so inspiring!
I have not found any better art materials, and we have
been home educating our children for over 15 years!
Check out her "Links" page! It's great! Not a long list, but
a valuable one!
( we know Sharon personally )

You can also find "free" art lessons on the Visual Manna
The approach to art that Visual Manna "takes" is so use-able,
so practical, and ...a blessing to use! You will like it! Give it a
try! She also offers hands-on art lesson workshops!
Contact her, through the website, about one of these!


Institute for Excellence in Writing

Andrew Pudewa's brilliant writing curriculum and his
spelling (and other) educational materials! wow! What
would homeschoolers do without him to help us along?
He is such a blessing!

Knowledge Quest Maps is Terri Johnson's amazing
geographical treasure chest, to me! She has materials
I wish I had had in the 1990s, when I was teaching our
first 3 children! oh my! Now, I can use what Terri has
designed with our next 3 students! Praise the Lord!
Her blank maps ... are great fun for all 3 of my children
to write on. With copies we make, we can use them over
and over, even including different land features, or other
information, for other studies, such as our family travels,
in some cases! And the maps with the names for cities or
rivers, or other geographical information filled in, ... bring
a big smile to a teacher's face! They are so easy to use,
along with most any curriculum or history book! I have
not found such helpful maps elsewhere in this format!
Please visit her site, and also visit her blog, for more ideas!
Terri is a generous lady, offering great deals on her thorough,
helpful materials, that help in teaching both world and U.S.
history !
Thank you, Terri, for doing such a good job at what you do!


Grace and Truth Books
(this is copied from Dennis' main webpage; it sums up
what Grace and Truth Books is about)
"At Grace & Truth Books, our focus is: To bring the rich
heritage of character-building books of past centuries to
this generation of Christian families! And as you train your
children, remember to nourish your own soul on the Word
of God! For the great need of our children is godly parents
whose own souls are well-fed and strong in the Lord."
I very much appreciate the work Dennis and his family have
done to produce and offer so many wonderful, high-quality
books to parents who educate their children at home, and
anyone else who appreciates God-honoring books.
(we know Dennis personally)
Thank you, Dennis !


Heart of Dakota Publishing

a very well-done, and do-able (for busy mommas)
curriculum, using literature studies to enhance
your "teaching time" ( I call it )
For example, in her "Hearts For Him Through Time:
Creation to Christ," you will find the following:
She includes daily lesson "plans" written "for you"
with readings from living history "spines" (she says),
and she includes "poetry, math, science and
all areas of language arts" "scheduled for you"
allowing you "to do the subjects in any order."
This will save you much time! She has done
the work of planning it out "for" you!
Check out this curriculum!

A great site for those of us who home educate our children!
Please visit this one!
Go to the link below (copy and paste it, yourself) to find the
great links she has, for ...

"Our Favorite Homeschooling Resources & Websites" ...

Above is the link for Diane Flynn Keith's website which
shares ways she has found help to teach children "good
things" while you are in the car with them. Many educational
learning moments can happen, while you are driving somewhere!

Karen Andreola's site dedicated to sharing about her way
of home education, using the Charlotte Mason method.
The link takes you to a page on her site sharing about
"Living Books for the Mind and Heart"

Catherine Levison's "Charlotte Mason Education" practical
method site for those who home educate their children and
prefer using the Charlotte Mason method

At this link, you can find a good offer for ...
... well, Cynthia says it best, on her webpage:

"Book of Centuries is a history timeline in a book or notebook.
It is a terrific tool for making history come alive for your
students, as it helps them to see the connections between
the various people and events that they study. It will pull
together ALL of your history lessons and can be used with
ANY curriculum!

My new ebook Step by Step: Book of Centuries will
guide you through creating and using a history timeline
notebook, but it will also do SO MUCH MORE! In fact, it
contains lots of information that will help you with teaching
history in any format!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
Anne Elliot's "Anne's School Place" has a great list of website
links for you to find, at the link I have set up, above. ;o) You
will like all that she has on her site! So helpful! Visit her site
and you will be glad you did!


Tomorrow's Forefathers
(Mally family ministry to families and fathers)
When you go to this site, through the link above, click on the
"Store" portion, which should take you to where they offer
books, CDs, DVDs, and an area for education info. for Dads
and for those who have young ladies who want to grow up
to become virtuous, God-fearing women, whose lives glorify
The Lord -- using the Bright Lights materials they have put
together to help families trying to raise Godly generations.


Heart of Wisdom Publishing
a Biblical, more Hebrew method of education,
using the Bible as the foundation


Titus2 ministry (Steve and Teri Maxwell)

(I include this website link, because this family
offers a well-designed "system" to help large
families get more organized in "daily scheduling"
of learning times, activities, and lessons (such
as music lessons and practice times), in a way
that many have found more workable than other


Education PLUS (Inge Cannon)
Many helps for home educators, and help with
high school transcripts!


The Sycamore Tree
"making home education easy since 1981"

Shekinah Curriculum Cellar's discount homeschool
book and curriculum "storehouse." wow! They sure
have lots of choices, of materials, books, curriculum
and related "stuff" that all of us can use! Choose to
receive their free email newsletter, and you will be
glad you know, ahead of others, about their monthly
specials and any other helpful information, about
what they offer!