Saturday, December 5, 2009

a website link you can share with others

Please go to the link I share, below, to view a most wonderful, truthful documentary, expose' about the plans of radical Islamists (though it warns you it has images that are both disturbing and violent, and not appropriate for anyone ... under age 21, according to parents' discretion [my wording]).

It is quite long, but over two days' time, I did view it all.
Yes, it is explicit. It has much violence, shouting, hateful (very hateful!) and racist words that are shared by Islamists, who are leaders among their fellow adherents.
However, this is truth we all need to make ourselves aware of, if we have not yet done that. (I am referring to we who know The One, True God YHVH {YHWH; Jehovah; The I AM}, The God of Israel, and The God of Abraham, whose true son was Isaac {Yitzhak}, and not Ishmael (the son of the bondwoman; not the son of promise, as Isaac was).

Please view it alone or with your wife or husband.
But it needs to be passed around to all you know and love.
Americans must make themselves aware of this, not to spread fear; not at all.
But to inform ourselves, so that we can see The Lord may be calling many of us to learn ways to share, to reach, those who now live among us, in our country, but whose beliefs are that "global jihad" is "their goal," and they are working to find ways to kill us (Americans), kill the Israelis (in Israel and wherever else they live), and kill the British (in the UK).

I consider myself a sister, spiritually, to Hebrew & Israeli people, and by God's Grace, am an engrafted child of YHVH God, The I AM, The God of Israel.
I consider myself to be regenerated, a true believer in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ), who was of the tribe of Yehudah (Judah), and was born in Israel, in Bethlehem, the city of David, as the Only-begotten Son of YHVH God, our Father in Heaven, the Maker of the universe and of all people who have ever lived, The One, True God.

I consider allah as the moon god, the false god, the demon spirit, that met with Mohammed (Muhammad), in a cave outside Mecca, many years ago, ... as "an angel of light." We true believers know that that is how satan can appear. We are not deceived by what Islamists say is true. It is false. Islam is a false religion, a lying, hate-filled, propoganda-pushing, dictatorial, oppressive, murdering belief system, that needs its leaders to be filled with the devil's (his name means deceiver; therefore, those who follow him are truly deceived by satan, into believing that what they think is "right to do," is truly right, to the one whom they call god. But it is a lie. Satan is the father of lies.
It is interesting that, once Mohammed (Muhammad) met with that "angel of light" in that "cave," he tried to convince the nearby clan leaders in his area that "his (new) god" was the true god that they should worship. They ran him off, because allah was simply his own tribe's / clan's (false) god. They rejected this false god. They had their own gods, already. And that is what happened, leading to him going about killing, trying to subjugate (which is what the word Islam means -- submission; surrender, in my dictionary) everyone, trying to force them to believe in and submit to his (new) god. He had a lot of folks who rejected his ideas and plans. But, after a while, those who were afraid of him, and his violent ways, ... did (not sincerely, I believe) "submit" themselves to him, only to avoid death. But this is not how to gain followers! (if anyone were to ask me, personally)

Anyway, ... Islam is a lie. The Koran (Qu'ran) teaches its adherents to tell lies, to get what the Islamists want. They lie on camera. They lie to those who follow them.
They are like their father -- satan, who himself believed the lie that he could be God (YHVH), but he only wanted The True God's (YHVH's) power, and not His Compassionate Heart, His agapa Love toward all people, His Servant's Heart of long-suffering & patience, and the other facets of God (Adonai's) pure character that we know YHVH "is," in essence.

Anyway, view the movie, and ... share it with others, as The Lord leads you.
Subjugation, submission, surrender, from an Isalmist perspective only mean that if they don't submit to allah, they will die, and will deserve death, ... not in a heroic sense (like the suicide bombers think they are attaining -- a hero's death; that is also a lie; a true hero, from YHVH's perspective, will not blow himself up or hate people of other religions! YHVH is Truth, just as Yeshua is Truth!), but in a shameful sense. They'd be traitors to their (false) god.
Islamists want all other nations, especially the US, and the UK and Israel, to submit, surrender, to the Islamic god, allah.
It will never happen willingly.
But they will be glad to maim, murder, rape violently (gang rape), and perform many other hideous, hateful crimes, against anyone who is American, British or Israeli, or who speaks against the Koran, or against Islam, or against allah.

The measure of a true belief system, that stands the test of time is this: how many people in it can say they are truly free and you can tell they are "filled" with a Love that is beyond human Love. True believers do things that Islamists do not understand; they forgive their offenders & those who attack and try to kill them. That is not something a human can do, on their own. Only those who are filled with, and know, The Love of God, and The Peace which passes all (human) understanding, can forgive someone who has tried to kill them, or a relative of theirs. True believers know (as a fact) that, when they die, they will be united, once for all, with their Maker, their Redeemer, their Lord and King. Islamists only have promises, but look at their eyes, and the pain on their faces -- they have no assurance, because their "leader" is buried in a grave (Muhammad), and they can only hope in the promises made to them, by those who tell lies, even to them. They do not value human life. They are unwilling to show tolerance toward anyone who believes in any other God, even The One, True God, YHVH. And they scream / yell "death to America!" and "kill the infidels (Jews and Christians)!"

Their plan is global.
If we do not make ourselves, as parents and grandparents, aware of the real threat & crimes these terrorists have planned to impose upon Israel, and on the UK, and on the USA, then we will find ourselves quite regretful (as people in Europe and in England were, when A. Hitler "came into power" in Germany, long ago, ... and should The Lord allow us to remain longer than some of us believe we will be, here on earth, before He calls us into the clouds, to meet The Lord (Yeshua) in the air.

... keep thinking ....
and learning what The Lord would have you learn.