Saturday, December 26, 2009

a note about the season

I must share something from my heart, below. Am not "a writer," so please bear with me. This is not intended to be offensive, or to be taken wrongly, by anyone who misunderstands my intentions or my heart. Will trust that anyone who reads this will read it with an attitude of a believer in The Lord, and with good, spiritual discernment and understanding "in" The Lord.

Though I do not personally believe ( personal conviction ) that our Dear Lord Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah (the Anointed One; Christ), was born during a time of year when the shepherds, in the hills around Bethlehem, could have endured the very cold winds and more harsh weather conditions, late in a month such as December, ... I do hope you all had a very joy-filled time, with your families (together again, during your special holiday time), enjoying doing things together as a family, as you remember that God, our Loving Father, thought of all that was needed, and planned far ahead, and made everything happen just as it needed to happen, ... down to the details (which I, if I had tried to arrange it all) would have "royally" messed up, ...
... to bring His willing, obedient, and servant-hearted Son, Yeshua (Jesus), to earth, conceived by power of The Holy Spirit, the seed of YHVH God, to be born of a virgin, born in humility and poverty, in a town whose name brings to mind "house of bread" and also, using the other way to pronounce "-lehem," as "la Chaim," it could even refer to Him as our "Life," as we know Him to be, in truth. He was welcomed with the heavenly host, a multitude of angels, and also by poor shepherds, but not in late December!

Though, to me, Yeshua, my Lord & Redeemer, was born closer to the end of September, or early October (on "our" calendar), according to the time of John The Baptist's time of conception and birth, as told in the Bible, ... we "can" celebrate that our Loving Father in Heaven loved us so very, very much (more than we know, or fully understand), that He made the way for His Son's Birth to occur, arranging everything perfectly, fulfilling all the prophecies perfectly.
... He brought His Son, to earth, to live as Emmanuel, "God with us," so we could see that God did, indeed, choose, freely, to "tabernacle with us," as Emmanuel, as Yeshua. Amazing! He came to die for our sins, and for the sins of all people who would believe in and trust in Him, as God's only-begotten Son, and our Deliverer, and kinsman Redeemer.

Though to me it does sadden me to know that so many, in America (as I have, myself, also, for most of my life), have been deceived into thinking that near the end of December our Lord could have been born and would not have frozen to death, in an open stable, or even in a more closed-in cave of some sort, being used as a stable, ... outside of, or near to, or on the edge of, Bethlehem, in Judaea, ...
... I "do" know that so many who love The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) dearly, and have trusted Him as Lord & Redeemer, "do" wish to celebrate His Birth, because we rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory in Him, because He has bought for us (who believe) eternal Life!

Yet, I must share that I have, bit by bit, come to know this information, about our Lord's actual time of Birth not being even possible near the end of December. But more serious than that is the utter deception so many of us (Americans) have "fallen for," out of lack of knowledge, which is so very changed from what the Puritans, and most likely, the Pilgrims, knew. The Puritans knew that they must, to be true to our Lord, welcome our Hebrew roots, and that we must not mix paganistic or "traditional" (as we'd call them) ways of celebrating the first coming to earth of Emmanuel.. with The Truth. We must be true to our Lord, Who is Truth! At least, for me, now this is an even stronger conviction than it was during the past several years of my life!

So, if anyone wants to learn more about this, I will try to find some online sources for others to read about ways we can celebrate the coming of Emmanuel. And, after I've done more research on this topic, I will try to share here what I find. Did not realize (before) the Puritans rejected the celebrations of birthdays and of our Lord's birth (especially as it was being done, in their era, in late December, to replace a pagan festival known as Saturnalia; many symbols we Americans think are "Christian" or are "okay" to include in our family's celebrations of our Lord's Birth, are also pagan in their roots, and I was revolted and repelled by learning more about this recently). I guess that shows how little I know or have been taught while in "government schools," many years ago. hmm.... Wonder if "they" did not want me to know about this. But ... now I do. And for me, this is important (to know). I'd like to explore this topic more. So, I will....

That is one reason I am writing this: sometimes, we get to a point in each of our lifetimes, when we just see we need to change something, and tell others about our new-found "discovery." For me, this is one of those times.

*And I just trust you will not be offended by my sharing this here, with you all.*
I care very much about you all, who come here to read something helpful, who are looking for encouragement, and for helpful website recommendations, or for information on home educational materials we've found to be useful and good for our family.
I care very much about those of you who come hoping to find advice or help on some topic you seek information on, and hope that I will share what wisdom I have learned from others, and especially from God our Father in Heaven!

And I don't want anyone else to miss out on knowing something that might prevent them from doing something they'd regret, later. So, am sharing this, now, for that reason.

Am not young any more. Am over 50. This time in my life, with the world looking to be so much closer than it ever was to our Lord's "call" from the clouds for us, to take us to be with Him for ever, ... I want to share what I can to help a younger mom, though am already quite behind at doing that, on some other topics, ....

Will do more research and see what I can find that will better explain what the reasons are that so many, in previous centuries, did not celebrate, in late December (and some never did at all), ... our Lord's Birth. They, instead, rejoiced in and celebrated His Death ... as He said to do ... until He comes.
He *was* born to die, to take away our condemnation and to be the Propitiation for our sins! He willingly did it all for us -- He paid it all !
Thanking God for the Gift of "salvation" in Yeshua (Jesus), by His Grace, ... is our daily joy!
I want to live as if I am as thankful as I can be, ... to Him, ... for the awesome gift of deliverance Yeshua bought for me with His Body & Blood He shed in my place, to deliver me from my deserved punishment, for the redemption He paid to clear me of the sin-debt I owed to God, my Father.

He has put our sins as far from us as the east is from the west. -- from Psalm 103:11-13

Maranatha! Come, Lord Yeshua!
He comes soon for us! Let's rejoice in Him every day!
He has come to be Emmanuel, God with us! What a huge blessing that continues on, for ever!
Hallelujah! Let's praise The Lord, for He is Good, and His Mercy endures for ever!

meant with Love to you all....

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