Saturday, May 2, 2009

URGENT Prayer Request for folks who live anywhere near Cane Creek / Lobelville, TN !

There are flash floods, with flood-producing rains in the low-lying area near where the ministry of Michael and Debi Pearl is located (No Greater Joy ministries); the area is called Cane Creek, named for the large creek that runs through that area, on its way to lead into the Buffalo River, nearby. (I am now aware of the entire area near Lobelville, TN, is under a flood watch, with threat of tornadoes in that general area.)

Rains have been coming down for some hours now, and the low-lying fields are covered, near Cane Creek, and also some houses in the area are in danger of the belongings, in them, being badly damaged or ruined. The large amount of rain that has fallen and the flooding from the creek is so extensive that the roads in that area are closed; our grown son, called us to alert us to this. He is with a family this morning, who live high on a hill, about 1/4 mile from where his car was parked, just a bit uphill from the Cane Creek. (as of now, his car would have to be moved a long distance uphill, "while in "park," to put it "out of danger.")

He and someone else were there, last night, staying overnight outside "camping." They stayed near the Pearls' church, which (I call it) is built on an American form of stilts. It is already upstairs, when you walk into the church sanctuary, let's say. It is open underneath.

Anyway, please, if you read this **pray** for all those who have belongings in low-lying houses in that area, because they may be serious danger of losing the belongings on the first level of any home there.

And please **pray** for our grown son, because this morning he was set to move his belongings from his car, ... yes, his car, into a place on the Pearls' property, to stay for the coming weeks. Because he had to have his belongings in his car, and because it was down near Cane Creek, this morning, he and someone else were able, earlier today, to put his car into neutral to push it uphill, some, to get it further away from the area near the creek.
However, waters had risen 2 feet within a few hours' time, this morning, and heavy rains continue to fall, now.
His car was in danger of having all in it ruined, besides the car being flooded.
Our son is still 1/4 mile away, ... with his car key with him; so, he tells me there is no way to get over there, even with a canoe, to get a car key to Mr. Pearl, to put the car into neutral, to move it to higher ground.

Our son was able to contact Mr. Pearl, who, now, is trying to push our son's car up the hill much further, ... if possible. But Mr. Pearl says our son's transmission may be ruined, as a result of the car being pushed along the ground / or gravel road while still in "park." (aagh!!!!)

Please **pray!**
We are trusting that anyone who reads this will copy it onto an email and send it on to anyone you know, today, so they can ask others to pray.
This could affect quite a few families, in that area.
The Pearls' ministry is on much higher ground, so none of their "things" should be in danger from this extensive flooding.
But our grown son's belongings, and his car, and the belongings of many other people who have low-lying houses, cattle on fields that are already quite covered with high water, and any other mechanical equipment in fields, or areas that are low-lying, may be ruined / "lost."

If there are any ALERT men (of the International ALERT Academy, in east TX) who may read this urgent request for prayer, please, will you pray? You guys, or someone you know, may be called in, in the next few days, to help with clean up. okay? Thought you'd want to pray and would want to know.

Blessings of The Mighty Lord, and God, to you all,
and may He bless you with His Grace and His Peace!

p.s. Our grown son reminded me not to worry, but to pray.
So, please join our family in praying for all those in that area, who are safe, themselves, but their belongings and their homes are in serious danger, ... at this moment.
It is upon them.
There is no time to lose.
Please pray!
Thank you very much!!
God be with you all!
By the way, we're praying God will use this situation to glorify His Name, by whatever He allows to happen.
He knows what He is up to.
He controls the rain, and the wind, and the flooding of creeks!
He may be wanting to use this situation to teach us all something that He can use us, later on, to help others by!
So, let's stay alert to The Lord's Holy Spirit, Who is wanting us all to remain "in full trust" of our Loving Lord, Who is ever kind, merciful and gracious to His own children, and Who is wanting us to listen, and hear what He is saying to us, through such an event as this.

In our son's case, he stands in danger of losing his computer, and his hard drive, both of which (at this point) have very important information stored on them, ... while he is working on websites for other believers, who have "hired him" to work for them.

What he uses his computer for, for work, in ministry (since that is our son's heart; to use what he knows for The Lord & to help believers, and support those in ministry for The Lord's Kingdom) is surely something that the enemy of (YHWH) God does not like, at all.
So, I will reckon that God's enemy watched, last evening, while our son loaded all his "stuff" (belongings he has there with him, while he works, on site, for the Pearls, for a time) into his little car, ...
... but we all know The Lord God is in charge, and He knows every detail about what's going on, will go on, and what has gone on, during this rain storm. Am just reporting what seems significant, so that others may pray appropriately. The Lord Who heareth thee (you) will respond in exactly the right way! Hallelujah!!

And, I will suppose that all of this may be used, for both our son and the rest of the people in that area, to build them up in their faith of The Lord, Who is Mighty, indeed!

Thought you might want to be aware of that, though you all are "on target," and well aware that the enemy of God, does all he can, to stop the God-honoring efforts of men and women, who have surrendered their lives and their belongings, on this earth, to The Lord Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). However, what he does not seem to "get" is that God Almighty is still The Almighty, El Elyon (The Most High), El Shaddai (our All-Sufficient One), and Yahweh Sabaoth (The Lord God of hosts). He surely is not worried, and He has said, Himself, that nothing is too hard for Him. "... His Righteous Right Hand and His Holy Arm have gotten Him the victory." -- from Psalm 98: 1. In His timing, it's done. (already) He sees the end of every event; He is The Lord Who rules over all things, and knows everything in a perfect (complete) way.

And He has said that "... the eyes of The Lord (YHWH) run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect (mature, complete in Him) toward Him." -- from II Chronicles 16: 9

~ Kathy ~
... I'll post an update, as soon as I know something significant.