Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jan Markell's interview with John McTernan: listen in ...!

Below, is a link to a very important, urgent-that-we-listen-to-it, radio interview that Jan Markell did with John McTernan.

Please go to the webpage, on her ministry's informative website, and scroll down to May 16, 2009, under the page title "Radio Archives." Look for 'Hour 1' and John McTernan's name, there. It is easy to find.

Please listen to this interview.

At the end of the interview, Jan shares a link to John's ministry website.


I will visit his website, and will list the link, shortly, once I've reviewed what's there.
Jan Markell is a wise, Biblical, Godly woman, who fears The Lord, and does not take the subject of "judgment on America," lightly.

So, please take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about what people (who believe in The Lord Yeshua the Messiah, in Jesus Christ, as our Lord and Deliverer, Saviour, Who is the true Son of God Almighty, YHWH, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) ... should do, as believers in The Lord, what to expect may (or will) come about in the nation of America (the United States of America), and how God uses judgment to draw His children back to Him.

But as I listen to this interview, I hear Mr. McTernan share that drought, famine coming, and ... the connection with God's judgment on rulings in our courts, and in legal circles, regarding homosexuality. In California, recently, there were honestly thousands of lightning strikes in areas where there were drought conditions, only because that day a ruling was made regarding homosexual marriages being "okay-ed," by those in power.

There *is* a connection between what our leaders do, and what occurs, in our weather, in America!

Please be on your knees, in prayer, ... and go outside and "cry out to God" Almighty, ... whenever you believe The Lord is compelling you to, to plead with Him for Mercy, and yet, not to leave out or overlook our own personal sins that He is also urging each of us to clear out, get rid of, turn away from, reject, and renounce!

The Lord is calling us all to repent of sins we have allowed to creep in to our lives, thinking "it is okay," ... I know of others (believers) who struggle with this "sin" (that they are struggling to overcome), yet they have ministries that are doing well. What??!! That is not okay for any of us to say! We must realize that judgment, by our Lord God, will begin first in the household of God. That's us, and the Hebrew / Jewish people, both. !!

The Lord will uphold the Righteous!
He will stand by those who stand on His side!

The Lord God is watching over His own children!
He is protecting us who seek His Face, and He is
able to deliver us from harm, from danger, from
famine, pestilence and drought, according to His

We need to turn back to The Lord! We may think
we can "skip" the pain that's coming, due to our
leaders, even in the churches, but mostly who rule
in government positions in America, have a plan to
change things in a way that some, who are believers,
simply cannot imagine.

Please remain in an attitude of prayer, for people in
our nation, for pastors of Bible-believing, God-fearing
church congregations of God's children, for rabbis
who lead men and women to trust more in YHWH God,
and not in themselves, who believe God will deliver
them, as we believe He will deliver us, .... and for the
unborn, the elderly, the infirm, the mentally challenged,
the physically challenged, the emotionally challenged,
the dying, ... orphans, fatherless, widows and widowers,
... for our men and women serving in the military now,
and those who have served before who still serve within
their communities (giving, and giving again, to others,
voluntarily), and ... to all who believe in, and trust in The
God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Who is the I AM, YHWH,
The Lord (Adonai), The King Eternal (Melech ha Olam).

Pray for families and children who are in public school,
those on welfare, those in assisted living centers, those in
nursing homes (against their will, in many cases), those
who are lonely, those who are awaiting complete healing
from something that is plaguing their body or soul, and
those who don't know that God loves them, and are
considering taking their own lives, because life on earth
is just not going as it should, besides the fear tactics of
those who work for the "mainstream" (but untruthful)
propoganda-promoting media, in America, ... that bring
on hard-working citizens of our country untold anxiety,
fears and distractions from what is most important --
reaching out to someone near you, to let them know
you care, and ... if you are a believer in The Lord Yeshua
the Messiah (Jesus Christ), you can be aware that the
person you are comforting with words of kindness and
gentle care ... really "needs The Lord of Life."

El Shaddai, El Elyon, alone, can heal the hurts, stop the
internal pain many go through, daily, and bring the lasting
Joy, Grace and Peace, they seek (but maybe don't realize
they do)!
And we are (as believers) enabled by The Lord God Who
is our Life to share with anyone the unconditional
Love that God desires to share with them, because He has
already shared this Love with us!

If we keep our eyes (our hearts) on The One Who gave us physical life,
and Who gives us Life eternal, and keep our minds on His thoughts He
shares with us, in His Word (the Bible; the Old and the New Covenants,
both), He will do the rest that is needed. He will fight our battles *for*
us! He will fight the battles, winning the victories, of all who put their
trust in Him alone!