Saturday, May 2, 2009

some "flood" reports on flash flooding in Perry County, Tennessee

As of Saturday, May 2:

According to one weather update, for Perry County, in Tennessee, by "news channel 5," of Nashville, the "flood stage" for the Buffalo River is 14 feet. A while ago, today, the river's level was measured at over 14-1/2 feet.

The entire area, especially the agricultural fields in areas near the Buffalo River, are being flooded. At water levels of 10.0 feet, these low-lying areas and bottomland fields (agricultural) are becoming flooded.
Some bridges in the area of Route 50, going south from Lobelville, TN, may soon be closed, due to flood waters on the road and bridge in the area.
At 12.0 feet, parts of secondary roads near Old Hwy. 13, would become covered with water.

The Buffalo River is expected to rise to levels of about 17 feet, by midnight tonight.
This storm system, with heavy rains, and possible tornadoes that are spawned by the storm system, is expected to continue, though it is moving southeast, toward Alabama, until some time this coming Monday, May 4.

The weather forecast predicts rains to continue in that area until (at least) late, Sunday night.

Please pray!
Some news stations are predicting as many as 30,00o residents may become homeless, as a result of these heavy rains.