Saturday, May 2, 2009

a little update on some things going on near Cane Creek, in TN

We have heard, again, from our son.

His car has been pushed up the hill, for now, thanks to the actions and generosity of others, who are in ministry full time. Praise The Lord!!! Thank You, Lord!

Lord, please bless all those who have helped everyone living in that area, for now. -- especially Michael and Debi Pearl! Love in action is a testimony of The Holy Spirit active in a believer's life. And Debi and Michael know how to put God's Love into action, to help others need, or ask for.

Some able-bodied people in the area near Cane Creek are going around, in kayaks to check on folks who live in the low-lying areas.
So far, everyone is safe.

The waters, for now, are already receding just a bit -- at least 6 to 8 inches, so far. It should continue, as long as The Good Lord moves the rains "on." (however, the rains are not yet totally out of that area, because rains are still moving eastward from Oklahoma and Texas, toward all the states I will mention, later in this post.

The main road is still covered, for now, near Cane Creek.
Please continue to pray.

Rains are moving south and east from there, so that is a blessed answer to prayer!

But not everyone, who lives near to the Buffalo River is "safe." (their belongings, mostly) Cane Creek feeds into the Buffalo River.

Please continue to pray for those who live in the "path" (for the coming day or two) of this heavy-rain storm: people who live in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, much of Virginia, and North Carolina and South Carolina! It's still goin' on!

Pray God's awesome protection on all who live in the areas where the heavy rains are headed. There may also be high winds, in some areas, and the possibility of tornadoes.