Monday, May 11, 2009

All is Well, again; update on Urgent Prayer Request

Update on Urgent Prayer Request:

By the fact that I did not write, right away, about anything else related to my "urgent prayer request" for you all to pray about, last weekend (on May 2), that is a signal that all is well, now.
And it is!

Praise The Lord, Who is Almighty, Hears us when we cry out to Him, and Who sees us in the plight we find ourselves in.....!

Our latest update from our son, by phone, tells us that his car is now being worked on, and he was told, by a mechanic in his area, that he should be able to drive it, today. (May 11) Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the story is: (to me, this was more urgent, than that)
His "stuff" was all alright. (Is that correct to say, grammatically?)

Every bit of his belongings, as far as what our son has told us, was fine.
wow! That is a miracle!!
Water had gotten into some of the lower parts, or touched the bottom of his car, and was up to the doors, ... and this car is not air tight, you all!
So, it is a special protection from The Lord, that his stuff was "fine."
Thank You, Dear Lord!

The main 'stuff' -- his computer stuff with much saved information on it, etc. -- all was able to be taken out of the car in time, ... probably the next day (he didn't say), to be taken uphill to the place where he was "moving to." (if the rains had not come)

Anyway, it is all "well," and he was able to be at work that following Monday! wow!

The good part, being that his car was on "the Pearl's side" of Cane Creek, ... was a true blessing The Lord provided for our son. !!! And Mr. and Mrs. Pearl helping him, themselves, was a huge blessing!! Lord, bless them richly!!
If his car had been in several other areas, in the county, his stuff would have been ruined, besides ''no more car.''

God surely was in it, taught our son some lessons, I suppose, but showed Himself to be, once again, The Able-to-do-it Deliverer that He is!!

Too bad I let myself worry, even just a bit, ... on May 2.
I did wonder ....
but chose, most of the day, and that night, to keep in mind, and claim, for our son, God's promises, that He is able, and He wants to show He is mighty, and fights our "battles" for us.

The Lord is ever near!
He is ever prepared and ready to deliver us, in any crisis!
He always goes before us and is watching over us!

**Thanking The Lord for more things:

... He even brought back our second daughter from the missions trip to the Philippines, ... safe and sound ... and we picked her up late on Wednesday, May 6. -- !!! -- God is so good!
She has given us an update, which I will not share here.
Those who know me / us, can get that update, elsewhere. ;o) (big TX-size grin)

**A New Prayer Request:

... now, we prepare for the next challenge: (among several others coming up)
We are scheduled, Lord willing if nothing changes between now and May 30, to sing as a family of 8 (yes, our son, Lord willing, will be back home ... for a while), at a church about an hour from where we now live -- we hope it will greatly encourage the folks there, and the pastor, at Bloomingdale Baptist Church.
Please pray that hearts / souls will be encouraged, and built up in Him, not by us, but by His work done through us! (besides the pastor's message, preached that Sunday night, during the service we will sing at, and any others, there, who share a testimony, that night. Some believers are sharing soul-encouraging testimonies of how The Lord is workin' in their lives, as they fellowship together! Please encourage your pastor to let this be done in the "body" you fellowship/ worship God with. It is so uplifting and can be convicting, too, but is always good!)

This will be our first time to sing at a "strange church."
You know what I mean. Stop laughing, you all! hee hee!
We are called peculiar (people), though that means set apart for service to The Lord.
And foreigner or stranger only means they are from somewhere else, their home is elsewhere.
hee hee!

Al Smith used to say: I had a strange pianist play (it; a particular hymn) for me. What a funny way to say that. Well, now you see.... (hope you do). ;o)

Please rejoice much in The Lord, today, praising Him for Who He is !! --
El Elyon, The Most High;
El Shaddai, our All-Sufficient One;
Yahweh Sabaoth, The Lord of hosts;
YHWH Yireh, The Lord our continual Provider;
YHWH Shalom, The Lord our Peace;
YHWH Tsidkenu, The Lord our Righteousness;
YHWH Rophe, The Lord Who heals us continually; ........

He is awesome!
He has delivered our son from having a situation that might have kept him from coming home, in about 5 days, for a good visit with us!
He has delivered our son's "stuff" ...... from ruin!
He has shown us we need to be in prayer continually! (duh!) ;o) (laughing at myself)
He has shown Himself strong on the behalf of those whose hearts are mature toward Him!

He is still doing mighty, kind, merciful, loving and good things for us, His children, continually!
We need to thank Him continually, and praise His Name forever!

And He is (if you're a true believer in God's Son, Yeshua the Messiah {Jesus Christ}) fighting your battles for you, today! And His Right Hand and His Holy Arm have gotten Him the victory! So, He cannot fail.
And He is loving and blessing you today, in a mighty way!
Look for His blessings!
As we open our eyes to what great Good things The Lord is ever at work doing, on our behalf, we will soon see we've been ungrateful, while He was "doing good" for us.
Let's be more thankful to Him! He always does good for us!

Keep looking down .... from your heavenly vantage point, where He says He has you seated "in heavenly places in Messiah Yeshua." (in Jesus Christ) We must choose, daily, to abide in Him, and let His Words abide in us!, so we may give glory to His Name, in all we do!

haShem Yeshua
( that means "in Yeshua's Name" )

... kept by The Power of God ...