Monday, October 5, 2009

another update on our son's car

By God's Mercy, our son has a new car -- new to him, and working well, though not perfect.

Life continues to be used of The Lord to remind me of my own imperfections. Cars, and people, don't have to be perfect, from what we humans "think" the word "perfect" means (by definition), to be used to do much good. God wants us to see that if we don't look, think, act, speak or live "perfectly," we can still do much good, if only we will (as fully as we are wiling to) live, for our Dear Lord, in submission to Him and His Word and His Will.

The word "submission" means we are lining up our life, as we live it daily, and and our plans, thoughts, words and actions, "behind" The One Whom we are following.

If I call myself a disciple, or follower, of The Lord Yeshua (Jesus) The Messiah, I must also realize that includes an attitude of full submission to Him, in every way. If not, then I did not make a full commitment to follow my Lord, but maybe I only committed (in my heart and soul) to follow Him "when it's convenient" or "when I *feel like it.*"

So, if I chose to admit I do believe that Yeshua (Jesus) came to earth to die in my place, why did I not also choose, as I grew in Knowledge of Him, to re-commit my life to living fully submitted to Him, to His Word (His commands), and to His Will?
In my case, I have, but (at times) slip back into wrong thinking.
This indicates a "stronghold" has been built in my soul, with my permission (though unwittingly; I was not alert to what was going on, ... and it occurred without my conscious permission; nevertheless, it did occur, and does affect my thinking and my actions), giving the enemy of God "ground" to affect my thoughts, attitude, and actions.
This can easily be "stopped." I just need to pray to my True Lord (Who is ever Patient, Merciful, Loving & Kind), telling Him (agreeing with His Truth) I realize I was wrong, mentioning specifically what I did, and then asking Him to forgive me, ... then, asking Him to build in my soul His Truth. (from His Word) I can mention a particular verse He has brought to my attention, that day, as a thought (of His Truth) from His Word, to focus on. It might be a Truth statement about His character, which I desire He build in my soul, to replace the wrong thoughts and attitudes which had been affecting me, ... because of that former stronghold that was there.

Anyway, as our son drives this car, he is (again) using it to do good, working for a ministry that teaches many, affects thousands across this world, ... as well as helping those who are in prison and in the military, as well as their families. He also uses it to come and visit us, and this time of year we celebrate his moving from one age to the next year's age. ;o) We thank God for this son, because God is using him to bless our family in a mighty way.

And we thank God for allowing him to receive a car to use, for serving those he serves, in ministry. (and others, who are in business) God is good! He knows our needs better than we know them. He may have us wait, as our son had to wait, for this car, ... but He is not ignoring us, or making us suffer. Most of our suffering is of our own making. (from my understanding, anyway) Some of it is meant as an attack to discourage or hurt, or even destroy our faith, by the enemy of God, of course.

The Lord only allows as much "trouble" or "suffering" as He knows we can, through His Strength, Help and Grace, glorify His Name through, with the deliverance He will bring to us, ... once we've gone through a (temporary) time of suffering.

Our son has been very patient, during this "trial" of suffering, which was not entirely of his own doing. God did allow it, because He knew He could us it to both encourage and edify those who know our son, as well as others who read (before) about how his other car was "destroyed" by spring rains that came so fast, and with so much volume, that that car's intake valve became water-logged. (which led to his former car's "death") Then, The Lord allowed another person, who dearly wanted to provide a good car for him to own, ... to never be able to finish fixing a car he hoped would work well for our son. Our son invested a sizable amount of money (from our limited resources) in this other possible car. (when one has very little money, any amount of money, over one's bill-paying resources, can seem quite sizable) That never worked out.

We all saw that was something God was allowing to happen, not for evil, but only for Good. It was something God now has used as another lesson in both humility and trusting belief. Forgiveness was another exercise we needed to "give," because there were some involved who, though they tried to help our son, simply were not allowed, for reasons we do not understand, but God knows about. As God continued to allow things "not" to work out, over quite a few months' time, we did realize that (and never lost hope that) God would work something out for our son to, again, have a car he could own and use.

So, now, it is a blessing to me to be able to report to you that God has not only done miracles in providing (as YHVH Yireh / Jehovah Jireh, The Lord Who continually provides for us) a "new" car for our son to own and use, for ministry work he does for Him, but God has also chosen to allow him to register and license it, and get other coverage he needs, to keep it "under authority." Hallelujah!! God be praised!! May His Name be glorified by all these things He continues to do, to uphold us, carry us through, and show others His mighty Power He uses on behalf of His children, ... to show the world that God is, indeed, alive, working in and through submitted men (and women), and ... though we don't always do our part, or honor Him with all our being at all times, He is ever Faithful, and does His part completely!

Yeshua (Jesus) is Lord! He is Faithful and True! Let's praise His Name together, for He is Good, and His Mercy endures forever!