Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is anyone else grieved? What are you doing...

... about how you feel?

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But ... what are you all doing about your dread-filled feelings, that so many have and are expressing on blogs and websites, regarding our nation's and our families' futures. The truthful information and predictions are quite foreboding, quite negative!

We have our Hope in Heaven, in The Lord Almighty, and in His Word, and the promises we know are shared in it, by One Who cannot lie, Who is (completely) faithful to keep His promises, and keep His people (His children, His own, His saints, all true believers) from the evil one!

The Lord is still on the throne, and (as a matter of fact) He is using (and going to use) what's been going on, what's been "planned, for many decades, in the secret societies" of rich, elite men around the world, ... all of which God must give permission, must allow, though it grieves His own Heart of Love to see anyone (who fears Him, who understands Who He is, who reverences The Almighty, El Elyon, The Lord God we worship, serve, believe in and trust in, through our belief in and allegiance to His Son, Yeshua {Jesus} The Messiah, The Anointed One of YHWH God) suffer wrongfully, ever.

The Lord is "with us." That's what Emmanuel means. That is one of Yeshua's (Jesus') Names!

The Lord is able to deliver us from harm, from lack, from drought and keep us alive in famine. He is YHWH Yireh! -- The Lord Who continually provides all we need. (for me, I must adjust what I understand to be my 'needs'!!)

The Lord is fully ready and willing to answer all our prayers that agree with His Will in motive, in trusting belief (versus doubting, as we ask Him for anything, or about anything), and in heart (desire -- do we desire His Name to be glorified, and Him to be praised, or His Plans on this earth to be forwarded, ... or do we just want our selfish will, or even just want something we want, rather than asking Him what He wants to occur?).

The Lord is ready, any time, to give us what we ask for, if we meet His simply, yet profound, and just and wise and righteous, qualifications as shared in I John 5: 14-15, 17-18 (the entire chapter is well worth reading!), and in John 14: 13-14, John 15: 7-8, and John 16: 23-24.

The Lord is able to heal us, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and He is able to restore our broken relationships, with friends & family and even employers and others we are acquainted with (but are not close friends with).

The Lord is able to fulfill all His Will, all His Counsel, and bring to fruition all His Plans, which are always for our good, though "as they are being worked out, on earth" we may not understand why "so many of the details" and "small moments in time" seem to be so painful, so much of a struggle, so difficult to figure out how to deal with, without wondering "why me, Lord?" or "what are You up to, Lord?"

The Lord knows what He is doing --- in the case of what's going on in Washington, D. C., and across the United States of America, ... with regard to whether or not anyone, any more, in any political leadership position, in this country, will truly, fully uphold and defend (and even "comprehend" what's in) our U. S. Constitution. He knows "why" He is allowing evil men to remain in positions of authority over us, or some of us. He knows "how" He will take care of each of His true children (saints, true believers in The Lord Yeshua The Messiah). He knows "what" His plans are to do us good, even though we may suffer, in word, or in deed, at the hands of evildoers, who honestly believe they are doing God a service, to mistreat us, falsely accuse us, or treat us wrongfully.

He will be with us at all times, if we truly belong to Him. Do we have His Holy Spirit dwelling within us? inside us? If so, then we -- in truth -- have nothing and no one to fear. Are we doing all we know to do, to follow The Lord YHWH?

Are we seeking Him to learn "what else" He wants us to do, to bring Him glory and praise, through how we live, each day?

Am finding that the most important lessons in life are not learned through textbooks, but through living real life, helping a person in need, listening to a sorrowful or suffering heart one is willing to share with us, in conversation, ... in seeing opportunities to help someone 'in need,' in any way The Lord enables each of us to help. Are we doing what He would have us do?

Am I (oh, now it's personal; it always is personal, with God, Who sees how we respond when He presents a service opportunity to any of us, as His children) making myself available, to serve Him in any way, even in ways I don't think I am qualified to serve Him in / through?

I'm evaluating some priorities, this month, as many of us are.
I'm looking deep inside, asking God to reveal hidden motives, and, as David asked YHWH to do, in the last verses in Psalm 139 (verses 23 and 24), I ask Him ...

"Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me (test me, to see if I am pure in heart toward You -- my version of what this phrase means), and know my thoughts (YHWH already knows all my thoughts; perhaps David means "make me aware of my wrong thoughts that do not honor You, Father."): And see if there be any wicked way (a course of life, a mode of action) in me, and lead me (will I follow Him faithfully, loyally?) in the way everlasting." -- Psalm 139: 23-24

Cry out to God, if you lack money / income!
Cry out to God, if you are suffering from a disease, or pain, or some emotional trauma!
Cry out to God, if you need Him to "act" or "manifest" His Help, His Healing, His Peace (you need to be filled with) or His deliverance from some situation that He does not endorse!

Then, choose to receive His Grace (what He uses to enable each of His children to desire to and do have the power to "do" what we call His Will), each moment, especially when you are tested, and begin to grumble or complain, as I do, at times!
And choose to "do the next thing" as Elisabeth Elliot Gren has shared, in her devotional book entitled _Keep a Quiet Heart_, by Elisabeth Elliot. -- Whatever "the next duty" you must do is, you should do it. If we do what we know to do, in practical activities (what we see must be done, on a daily basis), then God takes care of the rest of what needs to be done by Him. He is faithful to do His part, that relates to our daily lives! If we doubt this, then we can go back and read in His Word of the many times He did all that was needed, to keep His people alive, ... for any campaign (against any enemy) that God told them to go up against, ... or even in famine, The Lord took care of widows who had no real source of income but Him, and His daily provision for each one. There are more true stories in His Word, the Bible, that reveal to our sometimes clouded eyes, that He is able to give us the strength to do what we should.

The real question is: are we looking at what that "duty" is? Or are we distracted by some "thing" in this world, that has taken our focus off of Him, and onto "that thing?" Then we've made it an idol object. And an IO is leaving out one part -- the U -- God is the U in any IOU (these are American abbreviations; not sure if others in other lands use the letters IOU in this way as we Americans do). God is the ONly One to Whom we owe our attention or our skills / giftings / abilities, in service, or in taking time to try to accomplish any task or project!

So, I must ask myself: is what I want to do ... something that my Father in Heaven has told me to do, or wants me to do?

If I evaluate what my priorities are, for today, or for the coming month, or year, I must first examine my own heart, to see if my motives toward my Lord and Savior are "righteous" and honoring to His Name. After examining my heart, each night, or morning, in prayer to my Lord, to God my Father, ... then, I must also take time to listen to His Holy Spirit, Who speaks to me through His Word, in my Bible. Doing these two things will begin each day with a much more correct perspective on "life on earth." ! God is able to help us, but we tie His Hands, so to speak, and prevent Him from helping us, ... in a real way ... if we ignore His commands He's given us through His Son, Yeshua The Messiah. They are taught in The Word, from Genesis 1 to The Revelation (given by Yeshua) to John (the apostle) 22.

II Timothy 3: 16 (in Rav Shaul's / Paul's letter to his disciple in the faith, named Timothy) "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in Righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect (fresh, complete), throughly (thoroughly) furnished unto all good works (fully enabled to "accomplish" the good activities, endeavours that God would have, or lead, each believer to do)."

Yeshua's commands do seem to be concentrated / taught in the New Covenant (most call it the New Testament). However, "Sh'ma Yisrael, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad," does mean "Hear, O Israel, The Lord our God, The Lord is One." And in His Word, all that is written therein is to be used (by us) to learn from, to teach (others), and to use in correcting ourselves, and to enable us to better understand, and do, what He leads us and expects us to do.

If you wish to learn more about what Yeshua has commanded us to do and to know that He wants us to do, please visit:
Learn what Jesus (Yeshua) commanded each of us children of God to do! It will inspire you! It will encourage your heart!
If you choose to enroll in the Daily Success scripture meditation program, through that site, you will receive daily emails, to share with you truths that will transform your life, and will bring you "good success." ... as mentioned in Joshua 1: 8-9.

As you do the same, I will be 'working on' choosing to think right, live right, and do right. God is able to enable you, and me! We must plod on, willingly, cheerfully, and lovingly. Our Lord Yeshua did, while He was on earth, homeless, alone (in more ways than one), and listening to, and following God's leading, ... in much prayer, in fasting, in suffering, in rejoicing, ... in a loving, living response to His Father in Heaven. He just asks us to follow Him, in doing the same. And He promises He will enable us to do "greater" things than He was able to accomplish on earth, in His short time of ministry (only 3 years), before He laid down His Life, on the tree, and died, and then was resurrected on the third day, according to the Scriptures. Will we be busy about doing our Father's business, as He was?
Let's try our best, because He is "with us" to enable us to do it. He promised! (if we are willing to cooperate with Him, in it)

Today, my goal is: to yield my rights to The Lord, and my expectations to The Lord (in prayer)