Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goals -- more like guideposts, or hopefuls


Since many of us do not reach our goals, as we had hoped we might, we wonder, sometimes, if we should not "set goals" for ourselves.

But I do have several goals for 2009 --

1. to read through God's Word more than once
2. to fill my mind with as much of God's Word as I can, through memorization (in song, usually), so I have more to meditate on, according to God's ways, as King David did
3. to pray more diligently, fervently, sincerely and perseveringly -- keeping track of prayer requests and answers to prayer
4. to sew more -- one garment per month, Lord willing
5. to finish "drawing out" the simple planner The Lord has reminded me I need to "produce"
6. to do a good job of teaching calligraphy, for the coming 3 months
7. to do a good job of teaching art history and drawing, in pencil and charcoal, over the coming 2 months 'plus'
8. to find ways to obtain financial backing for ministry pursuits
9. to prepare for and plan out (with The Lord's enablement) food-preparation methods and "instructions" ... to share with others in our community and nearby communities, to enhance good health, to promote healing from bodily ailments and to encourage ladies that they do not have to suffer from ill health, just because they are growing older
10. to continue to pray more, study in The Word about, to discern, and seek Godly counsel for all The Lord seems to compel me to consider doing (or are they simply 'my own ideas?')
11. to have a heart sensitive to The Lord's Voice, through His Holy Spirit, attentive and alert to Him, above all
12. to fulfill my teaching responsibilities, with Peace (Shalom) and Grace, from The Lord
13. to serve my family with Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness and Self-Control ... which includes Creativity, Flexibility, Availability and a heart of gold
14. to receive, from The Lord my Righteousness, a more positive outlook (in me) toward "life's odd circumstances that come up from time to time," and more tongue-control, for me to use to edify, uplift and encourage those within my sphere
15. to look for opportunities The Lord chooses to bring before me, to do good for others, to serve in my community, and my family's "believers' congregation," for God's Glory and to be used to bring more souls into The Kingdom of God's Dear Son, Yeshua the Messiah

... there must be more, but these are what I have recorded, so far ......

Shalom to you all!