Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Practical Ways to Save Money and ...

... enable your family to "have more" of what you want (deep inside):

1. For happiness, be sure you look to The Lord Almighty for what you ask --
Contentment is found in making oneself aware of what one's resources are, and what one is able to do with them, as well as what others have done, before us, or for us, and how that is benefitting us, now.
Contentment also has to do with our being willing to look at and really "see" (with a heart after God's own Heart) life from an eternal perspective, which is revealed more and more as we read / study His Word.
Contentment has more to do with my relationship with God, than with what I own, or have, or want. If I am already abiding in Him, as fully as He enables me to, then I am content with all that He allows, and all that He gives me. If I am not doing "my part," then I find I want more, of many things -- time, resources, books, things, fun, ....
Contentment is a state of mind: if I am focusing on, and asking The Lord to show me, what He wants me to accomplish today, then I can be content that what I do "get done" today, was pleasing to Him, though it may seem to me that it was not "enough." He is not as hard on us as we are on ourselves, in expectations! We must realize He is full of compassion, full of mercy, full of Love, full of ... Peace, and always ready to forgive, hug, hold and ... comfort us, loving us with an everlasting Love that we still do not understand, this side of Heaven. ;o)

If I ask God for anything, it might need to be strength to endure, or a kind word for someone who is unkind, or a willing heart to accomplish a particular task or duty He's given me to do, or a right attitude toward those who oppose themselves (as He says, in His Word), or a helpful heart to those who need help, if only I will open my eyes to see.

If I ask God for His help today, am I asking Him to do the part I don't want to do? Or am I just asking Him to enable me to do it, with a sincere smile?

Contentment has to do with "stuff." If we are letting God "stuff" us with His far-reaching, enduring, tolerant, peace-loving, kind-hearted Love, then we can choose to be content.

Contentment can become a regular event in our hearts, that continues, as we continue to "die to our selves, our wants, our desires," and as we take on His desires, His-Self, His wants, and let Him "live" His Life of mighty exploits through us.

a. (a practical application of what to do, to be ''happy'')

While on earth, you may choose to write down all the people, all the happy memories, all the good things you have observed that God our Father in Heaven has done for you, with you, through you, and to you, ... that has so encouraged your heart. If you "journal," be sure you read some journal entries you've written, that have to do with answered prayer, or blessings you realized were orchestrated by The Lord (as they all are)

2. For getting work done, make sure you made a list of what you needed to do, each day.
Make sure you, then, checked off what you accomplished.
You may find you need to write a new "to do" list each day (as must of us do), or else you may choose to use a white board, or a wipe-off board, to just erase what was "finished." --

b. (a practical application of what we can do to "get our work done")

Check to be sure your goals are not too high: some of us are high achievers. We set goals that are quite high, even for ourselves. We expect quite a lot from others we know well.

Check to see if your goals, for yourself, are a bit high; and think in terms of what you have seen you are able to accomplish, by a certain time goal, and then, write those down.

c. If you write down your commitments on a blank calendar, and also you see it looks quite "full" to the eye, ... please re-consider what you and your family / your children are involved with, with respect to sports teams, or events in the community (that you are involved with, participating in), and look at commitments you've made to help with church projects and, perhaps, home-education-related activities, such as co-ops.

Are these activities physically 'draining' you?
Are you trying to do too much, just to please or help others?
Are you allowing yourself to say "no," when you should?
Are your children considering how "all the running around" affects mom, and the family's budget? Are they merely "thinking of themselves?" (and not their parents' valuable time) (and not the cost of the activities they want to be involved in)
Are we training our children to be selfish, without realizing it? Are they already unkind or ungrateful, in their attitudes, when we must say "no?"

d. Am I listing "priorities" for each day, on a master list, and referring to it, daily, to "stay on track?"
The Fly Lady's "notes" and "lists" are quite helpful, for many of us, though some items in her house are not in some of our houses (I have no extra room called a dining room, in this house, for example). You may wish to use whatever ideas "apply" to your life and house and duty lists you have, ... from visiting her site at:
There are other sites that share many helpful hints. If you search online for forums of moms who offer helpful household hints, or lists of "chores" that must be done, in most households, you will find the help you need. I don't need to re-invent the wheel here, by listing all the stuff we have, at our house, to do, to keep it clean, or to make sure meals are prepared on time, or to make a way for those who have allergies to breathe in less dust, each week...... ;o)

e. Maybe this should be listed first, but are we, as moms, eating right, getting enough rest (as much as our life situation will allow), and getting enough proper exercise, as well as some interaction with other moms, even if some of it is through online forums, or email moms' groups (better yet, begin a group, in your home, or at your church, for moms to meet, while dad, grandparents, or a friend watches our children, just for fellowship and to pray together and encourage one another)? Be sure you take care of your health. Find ways to prepare foods that will give your body more nutrients than they would, otherwise, get. This will build up your energy, your health, your brain's ability to think right, and your emotionally-balanced heart / mind. You will, then, be "suited" to do what you are expected to do, by your family. ;o)
If you need some ideas on this subject, please visit:

So many have shared very practical, real to life, solutions to how to take care of our bodies, our health, our body's chemical balances, hormonal balances, but we must have the tools we can "get our hands on" and "let our eyes read" and "our minds think about," in order to benefit from what others have found to be true.

For example, I used to follow some of the ideas in the Hallelujah Diet 'program.' Never was fully convinced it was a "be all and end all" program I should follow, rejecting all others. But ... I did try it, for a good while. However, have found that others, such as Dr. Jordan S. Rubin, and Dr. Roger Billica, and some others, known as "functional medicine doctors," have already shared much, in books, and through other resources they have produced. We just need to find and read them, so we can benefit from what wisdom they have gained.

In another post, I will share some very helpful book titles, for you to read. These are life-savers!

Keep looking down! -- from your position in Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus)!