Monday, January 21, 2008

Websites The Lord Has Led Me To / Dec. 2007

Below are quite a few websites the Lord has led me to,
over time. They were shared on "A Quiet Heart
Journal." Hope they will help you, also.
Dec. 1, 2007

Websites The Lord Has Led Me To

It's a great day ... in Yeshua! He is my Life!

Jeremiah 33: 3 John 15: 4-5, 7-12, 14-17
I Corinthians 13 Ephesians 1: 15-21 and
2: 1-10 and 3: 14, 16-21 Colossians 1: 9-14

Websites the Lord has led me to:

Below are websites the Lord has led me to find, through other sites,
or through someone's recommendation, or through another home
educating mom who recommended them: Not all the sites I have
bookmarked on my computer are listed here.
If you have a question, please contact me. I will try to help you find
what you are looking for, if you ask. ~ Kathy ~

Okay, here we go:

Had hoped for a long time to type up a list of websites the Lord
has led me to find. They are both helpful and also inspiring for
moms who home educate (and all moms) ... and some have
fun games, online, for children to play. (educational games:
... educational in some way; good for practice at quick thinking,
and responding with answers) Some websites are also
especially for young ladies or young men.

Hope to continue to add to this list, so if you do not find
something that helps you, or that you did not already know
about, then please return here, and look again, to see if
I have added any new posts with new websites that might
fill a need you have in your family or life.

Grace and Truth Books

Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, TX

Answers in Genesis

Crown Financial Ministries (Larry Burkett's former ministry)

Solve Family Problems (Dr. S. M. Davis' site)
help for families and for relationships

National Home Education Network

Teach Magazine

The Utmost Way Magazine
a home education online-only magazine
(our family's main website)
with many links to other sites, a research library,
articles on What They Don't Want You to Know,
links to modest clothing sewing ministry,
links to Utmost Ministries,
to a Biblical Approach to better Health,
links to Frameable Media,
links to Utmost Designs website design business,
links to an International On-line Homeschool Book Fair
open all year long, no entry fees, no parking fees,
just lots of websites to go and find what you need
to meet your home education needs

Bold Christian Living (Jonathan Lindvall)

Anne's School Place (Anne Elliott's webpage with
many links and helpful materials)

Home School Enrichment Magazine

Home School Digest
quarterly journal for family discipleship

An Encouraging Word (magazine)
An Encouraging Word is a quarterly publication
designed for Christian women of all ages.

The Wisdom's Gate (a resource for home education
materials by the publisher of The Home School Digest)
The Wisdom's Gate Catalog offers many great
resources (books, dvd's, cd's, and mp3) on
Homeschooling, Preparing For Marriage, Character
Building, Biblical Worldview, Revival, and more!

Crowned With Silver (magazine for moms, and
older daughters, at home) "for the modern
Christian woman with an old-fashioned heart !"

Young Ladies Christian Fellowship

No Greater Joy (than that my children walk in Truth)
Michael and Debi Pearl's ministry site

Devonshire Apothecary
Nancy Levy
Texas "herbal" for over 30 years
many wonderful and health promoting products
books, essential oils, bulk herbal teas, dried herbs
teapots, tea cup and saucer sets
tea infusers, tea balls, tea spoons
too much to list here
or call (512) 442-0019

Bulk Herb Store

Phil and Linda Yoder's Kitchen Specialties
and Granary site

Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly)
supports American sovereignty, American identity,
the U.S. Constitution, opposes radical feminists,
supports traditional education

The Foundation for American Christian Education

Ornament Publications
many good materials for teaching Godly
character and games that are wonderful!
We love all that this lady offers!

Visual Manna (an art and teaching ministry
of the Jeffus family)

Mister Art
They call it: The World's Largest online discount
art and craft supply store

Five In A Row
(Jane Claire Lambert)

The Home School Mom

Homestead -- Rural Living Principle and Practice

The Family Homestead

Heart of Wisdom Publishing
a Biblical, more Hebrew method of education,
using the Bible as the foundation

Titus2 ministry (Steve and Teri Maxwell)

Keepers of The Faith (Nancy Zakula)

Brothers and Sisters

Grace Notes -- Mally family blog of conferences
they do for home educators and families

Brothers and Sisters site
Mally family ministry to brothers and sisters

Bright Lights (Mally family ministry to young ladies
ages 10 to 13)

Tomorrow's Forefathers
(Mally family ministry to families and fathers)

Graham Family Ministries blog (for families who are
discipling their children, keeping a home, building
relationships, and much more) -- a link the Mally's like

Majesty Music / Ron Hamilton's and
Patch the Pirate's music and
character-building stories

His Grace Works
Planners for Christian women and young ladies

The King's Daughter
Encouraging the young woman to be "all glorious within"

Home Educator's Family Times

The Christian Homekeeper (trademark)
Sylvia Britton (her blog)
Has some good links on it

The Urban Homemaker
Good site for helpful ideas on homemaking

Ladies Against Feminism
Wonderful resource for information and advice for
moms and older daughters at home

Biblical Womanhood

Noble Womanhood

Homeschooling Family to Family
A network of those who are ready to help those
who are new to home education

Institute for Excellence in Writing (Andrew Pudewa)

Systematic Mathematics

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
A great resource for home educators -- with a way
to have a blog so you can share what's going on
at "your schoolhouse" !

Homeschool World (Bill and Mary Pride's online magazine)
Articles, help, advice, many good links to get
information you need for your home education

Education PLUS (Inge Cannon)
Many helps for home educators, and help with
high school transcripts

The Sycamore Tree
"making home education easy since 1981"

Cindy Rushton's (for homeschooling subjects
''teaching made easy'' books)
Rushton Family Ministries

Institute for Creation Research

Dinosaur AdventureLand
and Creation Science Evangelism (Pensacola, FL)
Dr. Kent Hovind's ministry

The Link -- Your Source for Homeschool News
& Information

Homeschool Gazette
An encouragement to home educated youth, and
a way to provide families a place to share and learn
from one another
They share creative writings from many talented young writers.

Home Education Magazine
homeschooling information, support and resources

Homeschool Central
They call it: "all the resources you need"
many links there

In Balance Music (online radio you can download
to play daily on your computer)

Mantle Ministries (Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler)

Vision Forum (Doug Phillips)
good articles and audio teaching CDs

Mike McGroarty's Gardening Newsletter and site
organic gardening ideas -- great site!

The Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett
advice on organic gardening

Texas Gardener (if you happen to live in Texas)
... many generally helpful ideas

Miracle Mountain Ranch Missions
Lew Sterrett's ministry to youth and adults
Information on his "Sermon on the Mount" video series
that relate to our walk as believers and our relationship
with our Lord Jesus Christ

Poppa's Hook
an indispensable tool for those who cook or grill or fish ...

Living Waters (Ray Comfort)
Hell's Best Kept Secret (Ten Cannons of God's Law)

Revive Our Hearts (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)