Monday, January 28, 2008

New Ways our Lord is upholding us as we journey

The Lord upholds His children, as you all well know. ;o) He carries us along in His loving, everlasting Arms! He fights all our battles "for" us!

As you know, we have begun a ministry, full time, called Life in the Bible Institute. We still have "the vision" for that, as shared by Michael Dante, "the President." We are a non-profit (no kidding!), charitable organization, approved by the IRS, as a 501(c)-3 "teaching" ministry / charitable organization. We depend completely on God, to provide, uphold, enable and qualify us all, who contribute to this ministry.

The latest "news" is that, after we all gleaned what our understanding hearts could glean from "the President's" reading (this week) of the book _Prayer: Asking and Receiving_ by John R. Rice, and after we prayed specifically about some needs our family and ministry have, God proceeded to do three things:
1. He enabled us to believe, beyond sight, for the upcoming financial needs of this ministry and family, and He began the next morning providing, through one widow we know, a gift that has already helped us,
2. He then allowed us to meet another home educating family who, later that evening, called to ask if we could help them with a banner for the church where the dad is an associate pastor. We trust that that could provide some ... financially, though we can only arrange these banners through a local printer, who gets most of the benefit from us offering the service to design the banner on our computers, and then pass the "work" onto him.
3. The Lord then had a man at church who works as a contractor ... ask "the President" if he was available to help him do some remodeling work, in someone's residence, not far from where we live. We trust that that will also provide some ... financially.

We consider all of these God's provision, in a special way. Bills come due. God provides!
He is amazing! He is awesome! He fills us with "wonder!" He is truly The only One we need!
Hallelujah! Praise to His Holy Name! He always comes through, and when we pray specifically, He does mighty wonders that even the skeptics have to admit could only have been done by Him!
He is God Almighty! The Provider! The Protector! The All Sufficient Saviour! He is The Lord!

We are thanking Him for this new provision.
... one more:
4. The next morning, after all of that other stuff happened, a businessman called to ... see if he could "connect" *our President* with some companies that have "jobs" he can do from home.

We will see. We are already clearing out as much of our stuff as we can, to get ready for an upcoming move. We may soon live elsewhere. Stay tuned, for what God will do next.
He has given us an amazing amount of "financial backing," let's say, through gifts and donations from those who know us, in the area, over the past several months, especially in December... when it was needed most. I won't list each amount, or who gave us gifts and donations. But God has them all on His list! And He has some big rewards for those folks, because we happen to know that they gave like the Macedonian congregation (the believers) who gave sacrifically to Paul, to take their gifts to the poor believers living in Jerusalem, ... long, long ago. And God abundantly rewards those who give out of their lack of abundance! And they gave cheerfully, saying to us that God had prompted them to give.

The Lord likes us to give to those who are in need, and we must do that, even if we think we are in need. Right? He loves to provide extra, to each of us, just so we can do that. God is so good!

... keep looking down! ... from your position up in Heaven, since you are seated in Heavenly places in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ)! Dr. Timothy M. Warner put that phrase in a book he wrote, along with Neil T. Anderson, entitled _The Beginner's Guide to Spiritual Warfare_. It is available through the ALERT bookstore, if anyone wants to read and learn from a copy of it. It's very helpful and enlightening. You may know of someone who is not as aware as you are, of "things" that come as a result of "spiritual warfare." If you do, please pass on the title of that book to them, so they can begin to learn more. They will thank you for it, later. And God will do the work in them that He may already be doing in you! Hallelujah! God is pleased, I believe, when we pass on to others the helpful advice or information we have been given, by others!

Let's share God! He is generous! He wants everyone to come to Him!
Have a super-great day, asking and receiving from our Heavenly Father, all that He has in mind for us to receive! Ask, seek, knock ....

... going back to asking now ......