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David Barton's work to help us understand ...

Below is an entry from "A Quiet Heart Journal" about our friend, Mr. David Barton. He has a library of over 7,000 original works, many of them penned or printed before the Civil War ! A statistician and researcher, David has quite a few videotapes and audio tapes on which he shares about America's Godly heritage (that's one of his titles, also), and about how public prayer was a part of the daily life of every man who held public office, as well as facts like this:
It was written into most every state's state constitution, in the United States, that every man (women did not hold public office... until after a U.S. Constitional amendment was added, less than 100 years ago! Our nation is over 325 years old!) taking his oath of office was required to, before signing and "taking his oath," acknowledge publicly that he believed in The God of the Bible, The Creator of the world, and in Jesus Christ, and in The Holy Spirit of God Almighty (the same God the Jews / people of Israel worship), and to say that they have a personal belief in Him. Each state used their own wording, but I believe I have captured the basic idea the documents have on them. It is amazing! Wonder why my public school teachers never taught me this!??

David shares much more. Eye openers! And they are true. He has proof, in written form. Check out David's website (shared below) and learn more about our "real history," that some (including Hillary Clinton) in the U.S. do not want you to know. I did not learn this while in public school, and public college, for over 14 years! Why? David has found many answers to questions you may have, too!

Have you ever looked online, and done a "search" on to look for and read the state motto for every one of the 50 states? Someone sent me a print out, once, that lists those! They are actually quite enlightening and encouraging to read, if you are a believer in Ye'shua the Messiah, or if you call Him Jesus Christ. Either way, He is Lord and Saviour, Redeemer and King! Try it! You might be as amazed as I was, when I read them.


Jul. 7, 2007

David Barton's work to help Americans
understand our national heritage


It's a great day ... in Yeshua! He is my Life!

Jeremiah 33: 3 John 15: 4-5, 7-12, 14-17

I Corinthians 13 Ephesians 1: 15-21

and 2: 1-10 and 3: 14, 16-21 Colossians 1: 9-14

We feel very privileged to have heard someone speak in person, whom we think of as an amazing man: David Barton. He is from Texas, though that is not why. He raises cattle, but that does not draw our attention to his words. He is a statistician, but that he uses only to show changes in how Americans choose to live out their belief systems. Here is part of what has kept us interested in David Barton. He has read many old, original and reprinted copies of books and writings of our Founding Fathers. He now owns over 7,000 volumes of books, as many as possible are originals.

You can learn more about what truths David Barton has discovered and shares with us all, by visiting his website at: David Barton is asked to come to Washington, D.C., by our nation's legislators about once every month. He has done this for quite a few years now. The reason? They realize he knows the writings of our nation's founders so well, that they ask him for advice on "what" was the original intent our Founding Fathers had in their minds when they established the laws of our land, and other such requests. He has taught about these things on audio tapes, audio CDs, videotapes, and now on DVDs, so that most anyone can also learn what David has learned.

Please visit David's site, if you want your children to know America's history well. We have found no other man who has gained so much knowledge of America's true history than David Barton. He is the first one to re-publish a book telling the story of how George Washington survived as the only remaining officer on the American side in the French and Indian War battle at Monongahela, near Fort Duquesne (the city we call Pittsburgh). He was shot at well over 17 times, had bullet holes in his jacket, in his vest, and in his hat. But in a letter that he wrote to his mother and sister, as he tells this, he gives the credit for his life being spared to God Almighty. And 15 years later, the old Indian chief who was in charge of the indians fighting "in those woods," hearing Washington was to pay a visit to that old battlefield, traveled a long distance just to meet the man whom "God would not let die in battle." Amazing! This story is in David's book, entitled _The Bulletproof George Washington_, by David Barton. You can learn more about, or order this book, through David' site at:

I needed to look something up the other day, and found that it could take days to go to all the wonderful, educational links David has on his site, and the writings by our Founding Fathers in places such as the National Archives, the University of Virginia library, the Yale Law School library, the University of Chicago Press, and the Library of Congress. And that does not include his historical document section, his historical writing section, and his "issues / articles" section of his website!! David keeps us learning! We love it, because God gets all the glory in all these writings from America's "leading" men!

Our nation's founders even urged voting citizens to be sure to elect only Christians to pubic office! I could go on, but you now see why we want to share with you a website that has inspired us to learn more about America's true history, but more than that, to let you know about a man whose life is now given to passing on to all who will listen, the heart behind the establishment of our republic.

I like the quote that reminds me our nation is *not* a democracy. It was written by Benjamin Franklin, who was one man we know who was not a true believer in Jesus Christ, but who was thoroughly schooled in the teachings of both God our Father and of Jesus Christ, His Son.

On leaving Independence Hall at the end of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Franklin was asked "Well, Doctor, what have we got -- a Republic or a Monarchy." According to Dr. James McHenry, a Maryland delegate, he replied, "A Republic, if you can keep it." So far, so good. --

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... now, I must return to making "flannel cakes" from a recipe in our book we bought while on a historical vacation in Virginia. Flannel Cakes, back then, were pancakes, in this case containing corn meal, which are quite filling. I will share the recipe and the cookbook's name in my next post. Happy pancake-eating! ~ blog owner's note ~

... from far east Texas, ;oD , where we are having a sunny day, after weeks of rain, thunderstorms, and windy days that have removed as many old, dead branches and tall trees from the area as they can manage to accomplish. We have a new appreciation for God's mercy on us! We usually experience very hot, humid, high-temperatures in June and early July in this part of Texas! We live about two hours west from the Red River in Louisiana, and about two hours east from Dallas.

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