Monday, January 21, 2008

Cookie Baking adventure

Below is an entry from June of 2007, from my "Quiet Heart Journal" that shares what we got to do, just because we walk a different road, and The Lord allows us to live a creative and fun life, because He lets us do it. He loves us the same as He loves all His children. But here is one story about something we did, one day. Hope it will inspire you and encourage your heart !


Jun. 8, 2007

Cookie Baking "adventure"

It's a great day ... in Yeshua! He is my Life!

* Jeremiah 33: 3 * John 15: 4-5, 7-12, 14-17
* I Corinthians 13 * Ephesians 1: 15-21 and
2: 1-10 and 3: 14, 16-21 * Colossians 1: 9-14 *

As some Fridays go, we made plans in our minds for a yard sale we hope to have tomorrow. After we finished our Learning Life Lessons studies for "school" today, we began pulling together some items we've been wanting to sell. My second daughter (an adult living at home, serving God to the fullest) knew she wanted to offer folks Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies -- yum!

She keeps her favorite recipes in a small, 3-ring binder. She realized we'd need more chocolate chips, so she suggested we walk to the local food store since it is so close. Outside, we began seeing signs of an impending, thunderous Texas rain storm. We figured if we hurried, we might make it to the store before it hit. ha! Well, it took the four of us (who, after much thought, decided we wanted to go) soooo long to decide, that by then, the rain was coming down almost in torrents. I said we'd better get in the van and go that way, instead of all of us riding through the rain on our bikes. :o) My 13 year old son rode his bicycle, while two of us rode in the van, near him. The other one stayed at the house with two more adults to have fun with our youngest sailor trying out their rain storm boats in some newly-made "Lego man boats." (made out of styrofoam egg cartons)

We took the back road in this small, country town of 1, 300 friendly folks, to get to this store. The back road takes us past a field where two horses like to pass their afternoons. Across the street from that field is quite a few acres where a small herd of beef cattle like to graze. Otherwise, there are woods filled with overgrown underbrush. Is that a word? Anyway ... It was fun watching the water trying to find places to escape alongside the roads we took, seeking low places where it could form small, fast-flowing streams, which (from a birds' point of view sitting on the ground) must look more like huge rivers fit for white water rafting expeditions. ;o) We made it to the store and back just fine, with my son enjoying splashing through the wide 'rain streams' as we made our turns from one street to another.

Back at our house, she began working quickly to mix the ingredients for fresh, home-baked cookies. yeah! Our youngest son joined in to help her pour in the various yummies into the bowl. Our two youngest children had a hard time not stealing the cookie dough every time she walked out of the kitchen, before all the cookies were finished baking. She had to almost hide them ... as usual ... so there will actually be some left tomorrow morning, when "the sale is about to begin."

Will let you know how it goes. The last time she baked cookies, she sold about $15 worth right away. Wow! God sure encouraged her with that! Hard work done with a cheerful heart of love does pay off! And the cookies I ate that day sure were yummy! I baked an extra batch, to help.

Lesson? Diligence and industriousness are not lost in America. They are still character traits alive and well among those whose children have been taught at home, like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison. And God is teaching me patience, while I wait for my "cookies" to be "done." Children are like fruit; they ripen with age. Father, help me raise my children so they desire to please You! hee hee! Help me show them patience, so they can see You shining!

From Proverbs 8: 32 - 35 ...blessed are they that keep Wisdom's ways. Hear instruction, and (choose to) be wise, .... Blessed is the man that heareth (receiveth) Wisdom, watching daily at My gates, waiting at the posts of My doors. For whoso findeth Me findeth Life, and shall obtain favour of the Lord YHWH.

Our Father shares His Life with us and teaches us, if only we will "hear" His Wisdom! Lord, help me keep my ears open to hear You, as You do, for me, when I call to You! ~ Shalom!