Wednesday, July 14, 2010

some news notes & some personal notes

IRS: Obamacare Has Us Doing Things We're Not Remotely Qualified For, Burdens Small Biz
BY Mary Katharine Ham
July 8, 2010 11:05 AM


Sens. Coburn and Barrasso Release 100-Day Obamacare Check-Up
by Connie Hair


Press Conference: NFIB Joins Lawsuit

Fla. Attorney General Bill McCollum and NFIB Small Business Legal Center Exec. Dir. Karen Harned discuss NFIB joining 20 states in challenging the constitutionality of the healthcare reform law.


( Note: these last two links will lead you to a site that offers you a way to "take action" regarding the UPS "bailout" attempt, which is UPS's way of using legislation regarding the FAA to have a negative effect on FedEx, as a corporation. I believe that is illegal and wrong. It all has to do with unions. Unions and how adamantly opposed I am, personally, to them in any form, ... is one reason why I am thankful my Lord & God, The Almighty, allowed me to be born in Texas, a former Republic, a nation of its own. Texas does not 'have' unions, as some states allow. I am just thankful for that. It does not mean Texas is better than other states. It simply means I do not see the benefit of unions in any state in what we call the U.S. of A. And the laws in Texas also reflect that same viewpoint.)

... and that note and the various events that have gone on, over the past 2 years, and more, also lead me to make the following statements, though I realize some may not understand "why" or may think I am going pretty far "out of reasonable bounds" in saying this.
... but I just feel led to share it here (since this is 'my' blog), even if only for the few who will "try" to understand my "heart" in what is typed, below, here, and who will pray for many, like me, who have the same, basic beliefs I have, and whose hearts are quite broken over the evil being pushed upon us by evil leaders in our country, and evil leaders all over the world. They are men and women who are "of the world," though I am only "in it," by my Lord's decree and Plan.

... please understand, that if you do not agree with what I share, here or anywhere, you can still "love one another (aimed in my direction)" and pray for me.

You can still study God's Word, and see if your allegiance should only be with The Lord Almighty!

You can still pray for God's Might and Power to continue to work actively in your soul and life! (and in mine)

You can still pray for God to bring the kind of deliverance He has brought to the people of Israel, in many positive ways, over many centuries!

You can still abide by the original intent of the men who were willing to die, when they signed the Declaration of Independence, so we (the people) could be a nation that glorified God, and whose leaders would (were meant to) only be true believers in The Sovereign Lord Adonai, The Controller of the universe He made and designed to be His, and His alone, believers in His Son, Yeshua The Messiah of Israel.

You can still trust in God, and be loyal to Him, His Plan for all people, and for this earth we live on, ... and continue fulfilling the responsibilities He has given you to do, without being disloyal to your fellow Americans, by praying fervently and with a zeal for The Lord of hosts, Y-hw-h Sabaoth.

You can love your brothers and sisters in America, and across the world, by seeking God's Face, by believing every Word God teaches you to understand and know, and by living out His Plan for your life, regardless of how others, around you, choose to live, looking only to Yeshua, The Author and Finisher of our Faith (our trusting belief).

You can still "love" me, and others like me, by getting to know The Lord of all better each new day He gives you, until you see Him face to Face! (in Heaven)

... okay, now, for what I wrote, that might shock some, and might be used by others to condemn me, but which I hope most will try to understand I believe I needed to write here.
Wrote it here just so some would understand that, when push comes to shove, some of us "will not back down" from our belief in The Great I AM, El Elyon, nor will we back down from our full support for Israel and the Israeli people whose God is The Lord (for God's chosen people, that is), and for The Word of God, which is our Life and our necessary "daily food."
We will not stop learning how to speak the Truth (of The Lord) in agape Love, though that does not mean we will only speak what others want to hear, but will do all we can to be faithful to speak the Truth in agape Love, as our Lord commands us to do. .... We are not perfect, from a human viewpoint. We are just "forgiven!" Thanks be to God, The God of Israel, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

(Here [below] is my main message; like some "pastors" in the U.S. of A., I had a long introduction before even getting to 'the meat' of what I was intending to share, here. Maybe it's a 'southern' thing. Sorry. Yes, I do tend to use far too many words to suit many people. Am learning. Thank you to those of you who are able to remain patient with me!)

Many Texans, in state or currently living out of our native state, as I now am, ... may be seen as odd to others (and some have not set a very good example of what I, personally, believe the heart of a true Texan is like), but many will be working to urge our fellow Texans to, once again, oppose those (in the current administration in Washington, D.C.) who try to "hold it over us" as did Spain and Mexico, in their time (when Texas was not yet a Republic or a state in the U.S.), or who wish to "use us" to bring in income or commerce (via NAFTA or NAU, both of which I am opposed to) they want to use for their own personal, evil agenda, or their evil plans contrary to The Good and Righteous Plan and the perfect Will of The Lord God Almighty, The I AM, El Elyon.

We are not unAmerican. We are faithful to what the men believed, who founded this country! But the current government administration is not! And the man in The White House is not legally an American citizen. I learned this through the (audio) testimony of his own grandmother, because she was there at the hospital when he was born in Mombasa, Kenya.
He was the son of a man who had dual citizenship in Britain and in Kenya (who already had another wife in England, at that time), and of a woman who, by all available information, was anti-American, herself, and a rebel at heart, but who was an American citizen herself.
In 1961, a mom's U.S. citizenship "does not" guarantee that her children are automatically U.S. citizens, no matter where they are born. She was "under a U.S. law, in 1961," that said that, at her age at the time of her son's birth, her child had to be born within U.S. borders to be a legal U.S. citizen.
BHO was not born within U. S. borders.
(Yes, I realize some will not want me to share this. It has been shared, over and over, on several websites, and through video sites on the internet. What I am sharing is not new. I just believe it is true. I believe we should all have an opportunity to know 'the truth.')
So, from all that I have read, about all of this, from all viewpoints, I can only come to the conclusion that what I am sharing here is the truth, from my personal perspective and from my level of understanding.
If you wish to disagree, or do disagree, kindly do it on your knees, before The Lord Who is The Controller of the universe, and rules over all men and women who have ever lived on this earth. He always hears and answers the cries and the prayers and supplications of His own children. If you are one of His children, He will hear your prayer and He will answer you. He promised that, in the book Jeremiah was told to write, in Jeremiah 33:3)

I belong to The Lord Almighty, through belief in, trust in, and knowledge of His only-begotten Son, The Lord of all lords and King of all kings, Yeshua The (True) Messiah.

I do not plan to support any form of a U.S. government that turns its back on YHVH God, and on Israel, by decisions made by its leaders in government that are against Israel as a people, or against the Jews and the Christians in America, or in any other nation in this world. True believers in The Lord Yeshua The Messiah are always pro-Israel and pro-Jew, because we worship the same Creator and Lord, and we study and live by The Word of YHVH God.

I am glad for anyone who wants to know, to know this, ... that my King and my Lord and only Sovereign is not related to the U.S. of A., but He is The Lord Almighty, The King of the universe He made and He still holds all things together, in it.

I owe all my allegiance, all that is in my life and what my life is, to Him, alone! He is The Only One Who has the right to give me life, or to take it. When I die, I will return to Him, Who gave me life on earth, from before I was seen on earth, while I was in the womb, being formed by His Loving, Merciful Hands!

I am a lady of Peace / Shalom; I do not wish to, nor would I, fight except in The Spirit of God, through Spirit-led, spiritual warfare prayer. I mean, I belong to The Lord of Sabaoth, YHVH Sabaoth, El Elyon, Whose Name is also YHVH Shalom, The Lord Who is (our) Peace.
I wish only to be known to be independent of all ties to the current administration of the U.S. government, because I have no beliefs that agree with what the current U.S. administration is doing to go against the commands and the teachings of Almighty God, The Lord YHVH.

I wish to be known to have my allegiance in and with YHVH (Whom some call Y-hw-h), my Father in Heaven, The God of Israel, and The Messiah of YHVH God, Yeshua (Who is also YHVH God in the flesh, and Who was raised from the dead on the third day after He died, and He lives now and forever, and is active in my life. And my Teacher is The Holy Spirit, Ruach haChodesh, Who is also YHVH God.

... for those who wonder why I feel led to share this, ... just trust that some, who are willing to lay down their lives on our behalf, on the battlefield,
... either standing by a "church" pulpit,
... or on their knees at the side of their children's beds, praying,
... or holding a weapon that can end someone's life (under military jurisdictional authority, operating under "orders"),
... are all willing to give their lives for more than just their own families and themselves, and those they love and know personally.
They are willing to die for others (for you and for me), because there is One Who died in their place, long ago, yet He lives, now and for ever.
-- They are, and I am, willing to die for (and being faithful to) The One Who bought (redeemed) you and me (if only we will accept His free gift of deliverance from eternal condemnation for our sins and transgressions against The Almighty God, YHVH) -- Yeshua The Messiah.
He (Yeshua, God's Son Who came in the flesh, to live on earth, suffer & die, and then, rise again, on the third day after he died, according to God's Word, which is Truth) fought for you and me, in much prayer and entreaty, before The Throne of God Almighty.
He (Yeshua) then suffered much grief over those who would oppose Him and His Father in Heaven, and who would reject Him, for all eternity.
And then, He gave the last measure of His Strength, while saying: Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

He (Yeshua) also said (while hanging on a Roman execution stake, outside the walls of the city of Jerusalem): "into Thy Hands, I commend My spirit."
And, I must say, with my Lord, that I am entrusting my entire life, as I have done already, but am sharing it here, to The Hands of The Lord Adonai YHVH, Elohenu, The Lord of all, and Yeshua The Messiah is One with The Father YHVH. I can do nothing without Him.

And He (Yeshua, God's True Son) has chosen me, and ordained me, that I should go and bring forth fruit, and that my fruit (souls for His Kingdom) should remain: that whatsoever I shall ask of The Father in Yeshua's Mighty Name, He may give it (to) me.
-- I only share my version of this verse to show that He chose me, and has ordained me, to do His Will. If I am unfaithful in doing that, then I have failed to fulfill and do what He has commanded me to do. It will not mean He has failed. He is ever True and Faithful. And He will fulfill all His Will.

When I fail Him, He is ever Faithful, and He will bring me, draw me, back to His Heart, in Patient Mercy, and in Mighty agape Love, through Grace, and through His Righteous Will, so I can, then, begin to walk with Him more closely, afterward.

When I fail Him, He is still ready to forgive me, as I repent, confess my sins, and forsake my former wandering ways, ... agreeing, again, with His Truth.
Admitting to The Lord that we were / are wrong does not make us weak. It shows our Strength can only be found in The Joy He gives us. When we let our Strength be "in Him," He makes us meek, one whose strength is under His Control. When we are weak, He shows Himself to be Strong. He is our Strength, our Rock! (for those who believe in The Lord Messiah Yeshua in His Blood Atonement He did in their place, to pay the sin-debt each of us owed to God, our Father, Who made us)

May each step you take be taken in a way that is drawing you and bringing you closer to His Loving Heart, in fellowship with Him, and for His glory and praise!
And may others see Yeshua (Jesus) in you!

This is my heart, folks. (not all of it; just a part of my thoughts)
I just hope others will not take offense at my words.
But if you do, please first take it before The Lord in sincere, heart-felt prayer.
Please do not attack me. My Lord takes attacks of that sort as if they were made against Him, personally. I dwell "in" Him. I abide "in" The Lord Yeshua, The Messiah of God Almighty.
These words only reflect some thoughts that are in my soul.
If they are not in yours, that is fine. You must walk your path. I must walk mine.

I have been misunderstood before (and am not real good with words), many times, ... and I realize I will be misunderstood again.
But before I die, which might be 52 years from now, at age 104 (hee hee!), or before I am taken up into the clouds by my Lord, Who redeemed me by His Blood He shed in my place, ... I would like to leave this "note" as part of a legacy my own children may read, one day.

Of course, I do believe that, when I am "taken up (caught away, in the Greek)," that all my (our) children will also be taken up / caught away, ... to meet The Lord in the air, and then, we shall be "ever" with The Lord YHVH / The Lord Yeshua! Hallelujah! Am so thankful to The Lord, The Lamb of God, has chosen to redeem all six of my (our) children! Praise His Name!

Maranatha! Come quickly, Lord Yeshua!