Saturday, July 31, 2010

your health freedom


The link, below, should take you to the Health Freedom USA website of the Natural Solutions Foundation.
It will alert you to what is being promoted by those in government who would like to use what they are calling "a vaccine" to maim, kill, or damage you and your health.

(I realize I am using strong language. This is quite serious! Have been following information shared by the Natural Solutions Foundation, for some time now, and they are being targeted by some, in our nation's government, who *do not* want the truth that NSF is sharing, to get out to everyone in the general public, in America, or anywhere else.)

In order to make wise, informed choices, regarding our health, I am sharing this information with you, ... because I do care that your health may soon be, again, in jeopardy. (potentially)

Do not do all that some folks tell you you have to do.
That is simply not the truth, by law, in the U.S. A.
We "still" have a choice.

And after someone in government begins telling us we will be prosecuted, or jailed, or imprisoned, or killed, ... we "still" have a choice.
Yeshua did.
He chose "eternal Life" for you and me!

Many, who were told they would be killed, during WWII, were not.
Many, in other countries, who are threatened with death, or torture, ... are sent Mighty, Powerful Help, and Deliverance, from Heaven above! Not all are sent that same help. Some must suffer horribly, or are murdered, by those whose hatred is actually against The Lord Almighty, The Maker of Heaven and earth.
But God uses all things to draw more men and women and children to a saving knowledge of His Son, Who came to earth, to live, suffer & die, to make full (complete) atonement for your sins and mine, by the shedding of His Blood, through His death on the Roman execution stake. Then, He was raised from the dead after He had been in the tomb for 3 days!
He is now alive, and is able to help those who put their full trust in, and they believe in, His Name, and in His Redemption He bought for each of us, through His atoning sacrifice, as The Lamb of YHVH God.
Yeshua is His Name. He is The Messiah of YHVH God. He is The Promised One of The God of Israel.
John 1:1-18, and John 3:3, 3:5, 3:16-21, plus John 6:27, 32-33, 35-40, 44, 47-48, and John 8:12, John 10:1-18, and John 12:24-26, 12:44-50, and John 14:6, 10-27, and John 15:1-17 will be of help to you, in learning more about The Messiah of YHVH God.

If you already know Him, then I rejoice with you!
The angels in Heaven rejoice over one sinner that is converted (to a saving knowledge of Who God's Son truly is) and now has eternal Life!

Please, choose "Life" for you and your children and grandchildren!
Go to for more information on how to be born again.

Please, also, choose "life" and "good health" for you and your children and grandchildren!

The link, below, will take you to an "action" opportunity, in which you may (first) register, and then, submit a very simple message to your Congressman, your state Senators, and ... at times, the message is also sent to the men in The White House.
After you are registered, you will receive future alerts, by email newsletter.
Then, you need only put your zip code in, in a box on the "... salsa. democracy in action .org ..." link page you are re-directed to.
Then, a message page will come up.
Then, all you do is choose your subject, and type that in.
Then, you may edit the message.
Then, you may send it.
And, in some cases, particular Congressmen, or Senators, or The White House, may expect you to share a bit more information, such as your "title," like "Mr." or "Mrs." ... or which "topic" you are writing them about, so your message can be sorted, to be read by the appropriate "aide," most likely.

I have used this system to alert my Congressman, and our two state Senators, and also the man in The White House, in the past.
It is a very easy system to use, and one that I truly believe has been very effective in making "those folks" aware that we are quite aware of the things they are doing, to go against several of the "God-given" rights of legal, U.S. citizens and their family members!


For more helpful information, regarding the safety of vaccines (immunizations) being administered within the U.S.A., please visit the site below: