Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ministry Websites

Living Waters (Ray Comfort)
Hell's Best Kept Secret (Ten Cannons of God's Law)
and much more to help you as you "go out" and "share"
the Truth you have learned, with those who are in a
dying world of suffering, hopelessness & destructiveness.
Great soul-winning training information & practical
materials are offered through this site.

Revive Our Hearts (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)
Many helpful archives of her messages available
on this site. Too much to list!
(this is a ministry site for ladies)

Miracle Mountain Ranch Missions
Lew Sterrett's ministry to youth and adults
Information on his "Sermon on the Mount" video series
that relate to our walk as believers and our relationship
(this is a site with much Godly wisdom for men, but there
are messages, and ministry & learning opportunities for
everyone on this site)

the Life in the Bible Institute
This site is for everyone, especially the serious
student of God's Word, or the one seeking answers,
and is not sure if they can trust God's Word to hold
the answers they seek after.
This site has free video seminars on it, to view or
download, to view later.
It also has a link to a site for doing "research" on
educational topics -- just ... look for it under The Open
Word Base Project. A great way to find out "where"
one can read about things like the mathematical
concept of "pi" in God's Word, about the springs
of the deep ... and how long ago those were discovered,
and much more. Too much to list here!
This is the link for the Open Word Base Project site.

Mantle Ministries (Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler)
"Little Bear" Wheeler shares some wonderful resources
with us all on his website! I realize it is used for educational
purpose, but ... I consider it also a ministry website.
Hope you will be blessed by it.