Saturday, June 6, 2009

... for those interested in news about the Third Temple

"Temple Institute announces manufacture of golden sensors"
(this is the title for the actual article on the "Prophecy in the News" website) (UK)

Written by Chris Perver

(posted on) Thursday, 04 June 2009

Chris Perver shares that Rabbi Richman is announcing that the making of two golden censors (British spelling is sensors) for the upcoming Third Temple, to be built in Jerusalem, has been completed.
(wow! I am excited to hear this!)

These censors are to be used by Jewish priests who will be serving The Lord, according to what they understand should be done, using information that has been passed down to the men dedicated to the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, for generations.

The Temple Institute is in charge of the making of the instruments to be used in the Third Temple. And they have "reconstructed" many of the "instruments," already.

We should pray for these men, who do not yet realize that The True Messiah, Whose Name is (in Greek) Jesus, (and in Hebrew, it is) Yeshua.
We can pray The Lord will bring them to a saving knowledge of His Only-begotten Son, Yeshua (Jesus), so they will know The Truth, as we do.

** To read more of this story, please click on the link I shared above.
A close-up photo of the sensors (British spelling of censors, I believe) is next to the article Chris wrote, which is posted on the website, at: "Prophecy in the News"

The article contains a good amount of information about some other aspects involved in the journey toward the rebuilding of The Jewish Temple.