Friday, February 13, 2009

I prefer seeing ladies wearing long skirts / dresses, with lengths near their ankles, full skirts, and petticoat-like half-slips...

Men prefer ladies who wear skirts or dresses. They naturally like to see ladies wearing truly feminine-looking clothing. Most men will admit that they also prefer ladies, whoare not their own wives, or who are "in public," wearing clothing that "covers them," covering their arms at least to the elbows, and covering their knees, and a bit more, as well as not being so tight-fitting that the clothing leaves no question about the lady's "inner form." (underneath)

Whatever happened to ladies dressing modestly? (the dictionary definition of modesty is good enough to define what that word means) Why are women not ashamed to dress in clothing that leaves no element of doubt as to what their "parts" look like, in shape and form, down to the detail!?? What has happened to our understanding that what a woman wears, especially in public, but also at home, can and will defile a man, through his eyes (seeing her, if she is scantily clad)? Do we, especially in the USA, have no fear of God? Do we not realize that we will, one day, answer for and pay the consequences for what we've chosen to do? -- this applies to our thought life, our words, and our actions?

Just as we would teach a child to be "sufficiently covered" ... at least as much as I have described, in words, above, if we are wise, ... we should make sure we are helping our daughters, our growing girls, and more so, our older daughters / young ladies, to cover themselves sufficiently, so as not to entice a man, young or old, to rape, or even to think a wrong thought about these ladies. If we do not teach our daughters, and our granddaughters, to cover their bodies sufficiently, we will reap what we've sown, and we will be held responsible for the results in their lives!

Are we willing to condone under-dressing, any longer, in our society (in the USA)?
Are we willing to "make a statement" that is wise, regarding this topic?
Are we willing to be "seen" as "old-fashioned" or "odd" or "out of touch with the culture," but "wise" in the Eyes of our Lord, Who designed these bodies to be used to give glory to His Name, and not for our own selfish pleasure, or exploitation, due to social pressure (from those who act foolishly, and do not realize what "seeds" they are "sowing")?

I am willing to be criticized. However, if anyone wishes to change my mind about this information I've tried to share here, it is true that I will not be changing my mind about this. A person's personal convictions are given to them by The One Who made the person. Please, if you wish to express your own personal understanding about this topic, you are welcome to email me to express your own opinion or understanding about this topic. If you do not know my email address, then perhaps you do not know me well.

It will do no good to express opposing opinions in response to this blog post, hoping that once you "submit them," they will, then, be immediately "displayed." (they are being moderated) My convictions stand. The Lord does not change. And this teaching has never changed. I did not write it. He did.
(However, in this particular blog post, yes, I did write these particular words) I do happen to agree with what He wrote, and I do take what some may call a "very conservative" viewpoint about what The Lord wrote in His Book, The Word of God.

And, yes, what I've shared only expresses my version of what I understand He shared, in His Word, long, long ago, to the best of my ability to "express" what I mean, regarding what dressing modestly means. (I read both the KJV and the Geneva Bible versions) And, yes, I have looked up the meanings of the words used in the Bible in verses that express how women should be clothed. (both Hebrew and Greek, besides doing some cultural studies about modest clothing; God does not change; His standards should remain just as high as they were in Biblical times. This is not "old-fashioned." It is just plain wise to do -- to honor our Maker! He killed an animal to clothe Adam and Eve, when they were "in the transgression." He knows how we should be rightly clothed!)

I can only trust that those who read this post will honor "free speech" by respecting me in sharing my own understanding of what women would be wise to wear. These are, indeed, my expressed opinions / thoughts.

We ladies are not on this earth to attract attention! We are on this earth to work, to serve, to do our duties, love our husbands and our children, and teach our posterity to think and do what is wisest in God's opinion.

If you disagree, I will respect your opinion. I just think it is just (as in "right") to share something I have found to be true -- men do prefer to see women dressing in obviously-feminine clothing, and that means ... in dresses or skirts. And most men will not appreciate seeing a lady who dresses immodestly, ... unless their own lifestyle and behavior, and the company they keep, indicates that they are not wise, honorable, noble, or upright men, themselves.

Below is one website that also offers some thoughts on modesty, for ladies. (and girls)